Apple Launches iTunes Store (Music) in Mexico!

iTunes Store Mexico

Apple today announced that they've added Mexico to growing list of international iTunes Stores. And we say... it wasn't there already?

“The iTunes Store in Mexico is off to a great start with music from all of the majors and hundreds of indie labels,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of Internet Services. “And the revolutionary App Store in Mexico gets bigger and better with great new apps using amazing new features, and we can’t wait to see what developers come up with next.”

So, Mexican Readers, if you liked the App Store, tell us how you feel about music coming your way...

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Reader comments

Apple Launches iTunes Store (Music) in Mexico!


I live in México, and I think the iTunes Music Store will be a success, because it has the most competitive prices in all the digital stores available.

Wit hold on here somone help. Why could you get it there already is it to do with coding the right currency or somthing. Someone please clear this up for me

Hello from Monterrey, Mexico! I am a fan of TiPB.. check it every day!
We´ve had two great things from Mac happen in Mexico in the last 5 days!
1) iPhone 3G S released to the public - Friday, July 31
2) The launch of the iTunes Store - Today
Fortunately for me, I didn´t have to wait all this time to have an active iTunes account to purchase music, movies, apps, etc. I opened a bank account in the US and signed up with it on iTunes. The only thing was having to transfer money to keep a balance.
Now I´m really happy I will be able to use my regular mexican bank account and credit cards for all my purchases.
Another thing I´m happy about, is that the prices are bit lower for Mexico. Example: a song in the iTunes store in Mexico costs $0.88
Glad to see you published this news!

iTunes is great in Mexico. It has competitive prices and better experience than others. Catalog is a few little for now (pop is great but classic or indy needs improve). iTunes store mx doesn't have movies. Movies download or rent would be great option.

amazing. limited content but it's ok. i still use my USA account for tv shows, rentals and other things that are not available in Mexico. cheers

the only thing left in the itunes store is movie rental because here in mexico we havent a similar service...

if mexicans can have a US account, does this mean the vice versa for me in the states to download the songs at a cheaper price?

11: Maybe not. You need proof of residence before opening anything here. You either have to show your "federal electoral institute" card or mexican passport, or migration form 3 (FM3) if alien, and a phone or electric power receipt (or rent contract if applicable) showing your alleged home address.

iTunes Store Mexico is the best thing ever happened in the history of music in this country, i hope it will be a good solution to decrease piracy in Mexico, people that love music like me are very pleased to have such a great service like Itunes and we are waiting for the movies!!!!!!!!