Apple Puts Some Snap Into MobileMe/Windows Outlook Sync

Good news, Windows PC users: Apple's MobileMe News blog has just announced that they've finally put some shove into their Windows-side push:

We've recently improved the performance of MobileMe syncing with Microsoft Outlook on Windows. Contacts and calendars automatically sync whenever a change is made in Outlook, and likewise when a change is made on the web or from another device. To take advantage of this improvement make sure you're using iTunes 8.0.2 and MobileMe Control Panel 1.3 and that you have "sync" set to occur "automatically" in the Control Panel.

Anyone out there tried it yet? How's the performance?

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple Puts Some Snap Into MobileMe/Windows Outlook Sync


Quit flaming before they ban you. God! It's people like you that make websites NEED mods! Thank you TiPb for giving us this thread.
I have tested this on my old PC (run a MAC of course) and it works a little slow but ok.

This is so obviously in response to gmail synch it's ridiculous. Apple was clearly throttling performance to windows users to tout better performance on their platform. Now that google synch is a better (and free)solution for windows users apple had to kick it up to make mobileme worth it. And microsoft gets a bad name..sheesh. Apple is ten times worse with this sneaky crap.

I have to agree with the doubters on this one. I tried SOOO hard (like dozens of hours over multiple days, ripping my hair out, reading blogs, contacting support, wiping iphones, restarting at least 10 thousand times, etc.) to be a mobile-me convert and I was completely floored at the absolutely botched launch that I will never go back NOR can I ever imagine paying for the service. Google Sync may be limited but... it worked the very first time flawlessly AND it took me all of 10 minutes to set up. BOOM - all done and completely reliable. OH - and it's free.

A nice improvement. True, it probably should have worked like this from Day 1, but better late than never. A new Calendar event added in Outlook on my PC was on my iPhone in well under a minute (and in the cloud in even less time).
Thanks for the tip on this one!

Sorry Apple, but Google is going to make MobileMe obsolete if they get Gmail on board with their new Google Mobile Sync. How will they justify charging for something we can get for free, oh and the free one works.

I've gotta agree with sting7k and drlocke on this one. I tried REALLY hard to shoehorn mobileme into my situation only to come away angry at apple over it. Until MobileMe can seamlessly sync (and by sync I meant the Trifecta of mail, calendar, contacts) with Yahoo and Google they don't stand much of a chance of adoption by those outside of Mac users. Google Sync definitely isn't perfect mind you, but it's free and and in combination with OggSync (at 1/4 the MobileMe subscription price) it does what MobileMe fails at for Windows users. I'd like nothing more than to join the Mac world and drink the kool-aid, but Apple (as with just about everyone else) is doing what's best for Apple. If you're on a Mac, it'll just work. If not, then not.

I think people feel mac is pretty much useless except for the very small crowd that worship it, and Adobe suite on Mac is incredible. After windows 7 mac launch Mac lost much more of the important people, like the people that work and pay taxes and don't blog from there mothers basement.

Tried syncing with outlook - no deal. Support has no idea why not. I finally needed the sync and couldn't live without, so I "converted" and accepted mobileme into my life. Now mobile me won't sync. All you people who blindly think apple is perfect are just as naiive as those who blindly follow gates. Buying new stuff isn't the answer. These people need to do quality testing before releasing new software!