Apple Trying to Offer More DRM-Free Music on iTunes?

iPhone vs. Big Media

According to CNet (via Apple Insider), Apple is in talks with the remaining 3 out of the Big 4 record labels who still refuse to allow iTunes to sell DRM-free music.

Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony BMG currently provide DRM-free music to rival services like Amazon MP3 as a way to promote competition to iTunes, though the lack of availability of these services outside the US, along with iTunes continued (and growing) dominance in digital music, may be causing them to rethink that position.

EMI, of course, has been offering DRM-free music via Apple's iTunes Plus service since it launched, and at double the bit rate (quality) of the regular music.

Hopefully we'll soon see the day that big music decides to stop treating their customers as de facto thieves and realizes offering quality goods at fair market prizes is the only real way to stop piracy. Or am I the crazy one?

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Apple Trying to Offer More DRM-Free Music on iTunes?


hehe wow i actually caught a typo on a major blog first... i feel special :)
Visiting 20 times a day finally paid off, i should get a free iPhone for this :]

I wanted to buy a song so bad last week... But then I remembered the hastle and limits with drm music. Well, iTunes didn't get me as a customer. I might buy songs like iPhone apps if it were drm free.

I meant that I wouldn't mind paying for it, like I tent to buy my iPhone apps. I'll pay for something good. I won't pay for drm. Do I make better sense? Maybe it's my lack of sleep this past week.