Apple Posts iPhone 3G Guided Tour

iPhone 3G Guided Tour

The man with the enormously big hands is back, baby!

Apple has posted a new Guided Tour video, highlight the new form and features of the upcoming iPhone 3G.

For those keeping track, following on a Keynote and the release of software updates (OS X 10.5.4 last night, the beta for iTunes 7.7 along with SDK beta 8 last week, etc.), Guided Tour videos are usually the next indicator that Steve Jobs is readying to break the final seal, on the final sign, of iPhone launch.

Are you lining up yet? July 11th cometh!

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Reader comments

Apple Posts iPhone 3G Guided Tour


on the "see what's new" video they show a screen shot of the app store. In that screen shot is the aim icon. So hopefully that will be available July 11th.

I thought the 2.0 update was promised for the end of June? Like... yesterday. But we have to wait until July 11th? Also, someone may have asked this already (I haven't kept up with all the comments), but what is the consensus about the best way to get the new iPhone on the 11th? Can you pre-order? If not, ATT stores rather than Apple? I don't do lines... not even for the iPhone.

I hadn't noticed the "groups" function in any of the 2.0 announcements. Also, as another poster mentioned, I love how apple "announces little things in these videos "by accident" like having AIM listed when the dude opened the appstore.