Apple Posts iPhone 3G S How To Guides iPhone Help and How-to has posted up a large menu of help and how-to articles for the iPhone 3G S (and a few features aside, the iPhones 2G and 3G as well).

Reader Kagan, who sent in the tip, points out that if you dig through the contents, you find little gems like 11 home screens allowed with iPhone 3.0 -- which we saw in the beta, but is nice to get official confirmation.

If you find any gems of your own, send them our way!

[Thanks Kagan!]

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Reader comments

Apple Posts iPhone 3G S How To Guides


Under the Mail category, It reads that to email a contact you have to go into Contacts / select contact / scroll down / select "share contact". I currently don't have that option on my current iPhone 3G. I'm hoping this makes it through with iPhone OS 3.0

i filled 11 already and yes I could delete them but I don't want to, just make it unlimited apple or as many dots as can fill the bottom.

It actually has been confirmed that you can add more than 11 pages but you have to add the apps via iTunes and there subsequently won't be an icon on those apps existing on those pages over 11.

this is new too -- even though these headphones are on the ipod touch now...
"The headset included with iPhone features a microphone and an integrated button that allows you to answer and end calls easily, and control audio and video playback. The headset included with iPhone 3G S (shown here) also has volume buttons."

also - i dont know if this was known before but:
you can now shake the iphone to shuffle to a different song

Yeah, they announced that in March. Only problem: if you're dancing while listening to your iPhone, and shake-to-shuffle is enabled in settings, you'll start skipping songs :)

lol. Nice picture you just put into my head. I would love to catch someone dancing to their IPOD!!!!

I'm not gonna lie TiPB, it was awesome to have all my friends e-mail me and call me today (on my iPhone of course) to excitedly tell me they saw my name on your site. Thanks for posting this article and thanks for being in existence so all of us fanatics can get our iPhone news in one place up to date!