UPDATED: Apple Pulled Genius for Movies and TV Shows from iTunes 8.1?

UPDATED: Macworld put in a call to Apple to find some answers, and find them they did:

"The feature isn't live yet, but it will be in the coming days."

ORIGINAL: I asked about this last night on Twitter, and now MacRumors is confirming it. It looks like Apple pulled the Genius Sidebar from Movies and TV Shows just prior to launch. Since it was advertised on Apple's website (now revised to exclude it) and the release notes themselves, it certainly appears to be a hasty reversal on Apple's part.

Was it not working? Returning Elektra as a recommended addition to your Batman Begins/Dark Knight collection? Choking on its own "reality show" library?

More as this develops...

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UPDATED: Apple Pulled Genius for Movies and TV Shows from iTunes 8.1?


So will there be a new update ?!
I already have 8.1 and even though I didn't see the genius for movies / tv shows , I assumed it was there.