Apple Quietly Adds Browser-based iTunes Preview


AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has updated links within iTunes to redirect the user to a browser-based preview page called "iTunes Preview". So now you can send a link for a certain album to a friend and they can view it regardless of whether or not their computer has iTunes installed. Previously a link would recognize iTunes was missing and require that iTunes be installed.

These iTunes preview links can be found in the iTunes "Copy Link" feature. From there you can browse customer reviews, albums, artists, and tracks directly from the web. The only thing missing is the App Store, perhaps that is something Apple is currently working on.

So for those of you who hate opening iTunes to view a link or simply don't have it installed, Apple has just given you one more option.



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RON JEREMY says he beat you to it but still loves you first b

Drunk says:

Stealth buffs, I feel like a paladin.

icebike says:

Long overdue.
I hate it when someone sends me a link to an album or song and I'm on Linux, or some machine where I don't have iTunes.
Even when sitting on my iTunes machine, I hate waiting for that huge pile of bloatware to fire up just so I can look at or read about something.
Now if I could listen to the track samples that would be great.
iTunes store has been up since 2003. Its about time.

Drunk says:

It's like coming to work late, dodging the boss and then acting like you were there on time.

ezmac says:

Great features - now they just have to block all Palm users from viewing the site..

sean mchenry says:

Sure would be nice if they got with the rest of the world and came up with a web based app itself. Then us Linux users would buy some tunes. Hey Apple, Linux compatibility won't tarnish your reputation. Let us in!
Happy Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala user (on my HP laptop) here.