Apple Stealth-Updates Premium In-Ear Headset for iPhone 3GS


Apple has stealthily updated their premium in-ear headset with remote and mic. What exactly did they update? Well nothing major but it's an update regardless - they replaced the soft rubber 3.5 mm headphone plug casing with a hard plastic one. So now instead of the soft rubber falling off we will now start to see the hard plastic replacement crack. ;)

All joking aside, Apple really got these headphones almost perfect. And as a bonus they are now fully compatible with iPhone 3GS. Sorry first generation and 3G owners, you are still missing out on the control features.

Be sure to check out Rene's full review from this past January.

[Via AppleInsider]

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Reader comments

Apple Stealth-Updates Premium In-Ear Headset for iPhone 3GS


I got one of these in-ear headset with the soft rubber, the right side keept blown out(the side with the control) on me, exchanged for the third times since bought it. I hope they fix that problem too, rather than just replace a new cushion for your ears.

Frankly, apple headphones in my opinion are very poorly made and have a very limited life.
Genuine replacements are overpriced leading me to using originals until they break and then buying 3rd party (cheaper, better sound quality (no mike)) replacements (which generally have 3 times the lifespan).
I love Apple products but I do find quality to be average at best these days...
I love

It would be so much nicer if Apple just shipped these with the iPhones. the current ear buds are just horrible and don't fit most peoples ears properly. It pains me to see people using them.

How much do they cost and are they truely almost perfect? My iPhone 3gs is on it's way in the mail and I was hoping to get some great headphones along with it. Of course nothing looks better with an iPhone other than more apple products. Lol.

i love these headphones, ive had them since launch earlier this year, and they are clean, crisp, and fully balanced. the sound is perfect. You notice the difference right away between these and others do to the dual drivers.

I hate the hard plastic, that is the same that came with my 3GS. It is too smooth I have to use my finger nail to pull the plug out now since I can't grip the plug directly.

@Jeremy Sikora Yeah sounds like great headphones. I will have to take a test drive with them at an apple store.

I agree with Dave. Why would they change it over to hard, slippery plastic?? Rubber seems so much more logical.

Are you guys serious? Do some research and buy some NICE headphones from an audio company. Don't use headphones that Apple sources from the lowest bidder in China and marks up 1000 percent.

Next up Apple Bluetooth Headphones since the you can't use all the controls on your now because we designed it not to work so we can get you again. Lol.

The only controls that don't work on the 3G are the volume controls. Track changing, pause, accepting calls etc works just fine.

I bought these for the convenience of the controls (pause/ forward/volume/etc.) but don't like the sound quality compared to the vmoda buds. Sounds a little tinny. I will probably return them. I don't think I got the "stealth updated" type though.

AJ -
No, these are far from perfect. I can not stress how bad these headphones are for the cost apple charges. The sound quality is not good and the ear bud fall out(more than other in-ear headphones I've had)...the biggest complaint though, is def sound quality.
I'm going to try the bose, but I'm not sure..any one with alt ideas?

Of course TiPB would say these are almost perfect...they're such Apple cock suckers! They are hardly close to perfect. They sound quality is not worth more than $25! However, TiPB folks may be liking the sound of Job's dick going in and out of their ears.

I recommend the Moto s9-HD though. They are only $5 more than these and they are bluetooth so you get the added bonus of wireless with high quality sound as well. Good stuff!

To be honest, for those who are bashing, Just leave this post alone. Go put your £300.00 Shure SE530s' back in your ears and have a nice day.
There are some of us who are not audiophiles who would like to spend less then £80 on a pair of headphones, because we don't need to hear every single detail of our music, Sometimes, we just need something that do a good job at blocking out a large majority of the surrounding noise, and have added functionality (the mic/remote bit)
It is somewhat sad that my iPhone 3G can't use the audio adjustment buttons, when my second generation iPod Touch can, I will admit, but for £60 I'm really happy with the audio quality of these, They sound on-par with a pair of £80 Sony Monitors.
And to get back to the subject of this post, This change has been in place for a while now actually, I bought a pair of these last month at an Apple Store and they had this connector on them, which did take me by surprise, but so far I'm liking it, It makes me worry less about having the little matte rubber "sleeve" come off in time.

Actually the $30 Skullcandy headphones are pretty decent. I was actually surprised. I bought them in an airport when I realized I left my other set at home.
Stay away from Apple headphones.

Nice Handsfree is provide over here and it's looking so nice as well as good sound clarity in this phone...

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