Apple releases iOS 6 beta 4 to developers

Apple releases iOS 6 beta 4 to developers

Apple has just released iOS 6 beta 4 (10A5376e) for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to developers. iOS 6 beta 4 is currently available to paid developers via Apple's developer portal, and as an over-the-air (OTA) software update via Settings, General, Software Update on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

iOS 6 was introduced at WWDC 2012 on Monday, June 11. Beta 2 was released on two weeks later on Monday, June 25. Beta 3 was released three week later on Monday, July 16. Now, Beta 4 has followed 3 weeks after that. While slightly longer between releases, iOS 6 is sticking to a more regular, Monday schedule than last year.

We previous looked at how many betas there might be for iOS 6, using past release schedules as checkpoints, and how iOS 6's flagship features compare to those of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Windows Phone 8, and Blackberry 10.

If reports of a September 12, 2012 Apple special event are accurate, that will likely be the date for an iOS 6 Gold Master (GM) seed for developers, with general public release following on or around September 19, shortly before the new iPhone 5 launch rumored for September 21.

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Tytanious says:

Updated, with no problems.

Temmseee says:

I sure hope they come out with an adapter that will let me use the new phone with my hunders of dollars in acceosries I already have.

BLiNK says:

even though that is irrelevant to this post yes "they" are

rpol86 says:

same thing for me, no youtube app

0pusX says:

BGR reporting that YouTube app is gone. Is that "for good" or maybe just an oversight (doubtful) .....

BLiNK says:

yeah, but now you can put Newsstand in a folder!! Yes!

cctpitts01 says:

Lol that was so mean I was actually cheering that they gave a way to put that in a folder, don't understand why they haven't already?

Sharma15 says:

Successful troll is successful haha.

kch50428 says:

Yes, it's for good. License expired per Google & confirmed by Apple. Besides, Google working on one for the AppStore.

rpol86 says:

No problem guys!!! :D

Aenean144 says:

Whoa. iMore, where's the spiffy iOS developer beta timeline/schedule comparison chart? Love seeing that sort of thing.

rj5570 says:

ok that was odd, after install and reboot, it made you walk through as if you were setting up a new phone. all data apps still on phone, but it was spooky for a moment lol

styxrtp says:

Can anyone confirm if:
-MMS functionality has been brought back on the 4S running under AT&T? (picture messages would not send in B3)
-Push Email works for Yahoo and other IMAP services? (push was broken in B3)

MILE says:

Can't seem to find the OTA update on any of my devices -- it keeps looking for an update, then times out with an error message…! :(

floydstyle says:

How stable Beta 4 is? I was wondering if some devs are using that build on their main iPhone or not.

triplecaution says:

OTA not working for me in Australia, downloading via dev portal