Apple releases iTunes 10.1.2, compatible with CDMA/Verizon iPhone

Apple releases iTunes 10.1.2

Apple has just released iTunes 10.1.2, a minor point update that claims to provide "a number of important stability and performance improvements." Unless they're planning to update it again in the next few weeks, might it not also include support for the Verizon iPhone and iOS 4.3?

Once you've installed it let us know if you see anything else new!

UPDATE: Sure enough, eagle eyed readers point out CDMA iPhone 4 compatibility is mentioned in the release notes. Why not jsay Verizon iPhone 4...?

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Reader comments

Apple releases iTunes 10.1.2, compatible with CDMA/Verizon iPhone


iTunes isn't notorious for breaking JBs. Thats mostly iOS updates. Since this doesn't touch the OS, I'm fairly certain it will be JB safe.

It did finally show as being available after I got home, so I downloaded it. I haven't seen anything different yet.

Por que no iTunes 10.1.2?? WTF?! I hate when they release a new version of iTunes, and they neglect to include EVERYONE's accounts. It's stupid

When I went into iTunes there was no update but you check for software updates on your mac it appears currently downloading now...

They usually don't roll it out to everyone directly so there is not a ton of people downloading it at once. Mine popped up last night. Who cares, it doesn't change anything in iTunes for anyone.

Maybe 4.3 will be going to GM next week? Apple's taken to updating iTunes the week before they release the GM.

Why the verizon iPhone? Apple is a world wide company. Verizon isn't the only carrier using the CDMA iPhone. iTunes is used in other countries as well. That's why it says CDMA iPhone and not just verizon iPhone.

"Why the verizon iPhone? Apple is a world wide company. Verizon isn’t the only carrier using the CDMA iPhone."
Wow... really? I must have missed the incredible flood of announcements from all over the world, the dozens, nay, hundreds of carriers with CDMA networks who will be carrying the iPhone now.

For those checking for updates, if you don't see the update available - check it again right after. That's what worked for me.

To clarify, the reason that Rene mentioned that it's odd that it doesn't say Verizon iPhone 4 and instead CDMA iPhone 4, is because Verizon, for the moment, is the only CDMA network in the world offering the iPhone 4. I am sure others are to come, but the comment makes sense for now.

Guys stop fighting. One love. Go to iTunes if you don't have an update popping up, Help-Check for updates. It found it for me. Downloading now. Thank you for your time.

Verizon probably wanted a (tm) and their logo after it if Apple had mentioned Verizon.
Besides, it's not really relevant. It's for the CDMA iPhone, which Verizon happens to be using. Better to stick with product specifics.