Apple releases iTunes 10.2.1 (Bug fixes?)

Apple releases iTunes 10.2.1

Apple has released a point update to iTunes, 10.2.1. Coming less than one week after iTunes 10.2 -- which enabled iOS 4.3 syncing -- and without explanation, we can only assume it's "bug fixes and performance improvements".

Get it via Software Update or Apple's iTunes page. If you notice any changes, let us know in comments!

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Reader comments

Apple releases iTunes 10.2.1 (Bug fixes?)


Yep. Bugs fixed. Home sharing got disabled with 10.2 remote App and Apple Tv home sharing no longer working. Now fixed with 10.2.1. Has Apple been bitten by MS Bugs ??

Got the French version of Itunes and after this last update, the language is now in english even if the preferences are french......bug !!!

The policy that Apple follows about never making release notes available really stinks.
This time "new in this release" are identical for two consecutive releases. That is just not possible. In reality it is trying to make reality look better than it is.
Admit that 10.2 was bogus and let the world know what you fixed. And get a fix out for the language problem introduced in 10.2.1
Apple is not working as a serious software vendor

No problems whatsoever on my end w/ 10.2.1 on iMac 11,3. All iOS devices sync flawlessly, streaming by way of Home Sharing, works as well and iTunes doesn't ever seem to crash. All devices are jailbroken and iTunes is heavily used on a daily basis.
Maybe y'all should do a uninstall and complete re-install. Same with OS X updates. It's always better to do the so-called Combo update instead of the slimmed down update that shows up in Software Update.

Since the new 10.2.1, i can no longer sync my Outlook Calendars Contacts with my iPhone 3GS (OS 4.3). It's very erratic, only 1-2% of new meetings shop up. New contacts don't show up.
Same sync problem at work (using XP Professional) and at home (using Windows 7, 64 bits). IT'S TERRIBLE.

10.2.1 has a bug still ..... now cannot access itunes music collections located on external drives. Previous versions allowed this.

wow itunes always erases my playlists. This software is not intuative. Huge disconnect between hardware and software here. Get it together apple