Apple releases iTunes 10.4, 64-bit, Lion-compatible

Apple has released iTunes 10.4, with 64-bit support and Mac OS X compatibilit

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Reader comments

Apple releases iTunes 10.4, 64-bit, Lion-compatible


So, where's our PC rewrite? I want a 64-bit version of iTunes for Windows 7 that doesn't use 500MB+ of RAM and take forever and a day to load up unless you're running an i7 w/ 6GB+ DDR3...

Yes, Mac's are all that and a bag of chips, doritos-style.
This is indeed a big day for the Mac and OS X. I was worried about lack of connectivity on the MacBook Air haha...What a kick in the pants, as when you hook up the Air to the new ThunderBolt Cinema Display, besides the three USB ports, you get a ThunderBolt, a FireWire 800 and an Gigabit Ethernet! HAHA...All over just the ThunderBolt cable. Now I GOTS to have that setup! Because the Mac...IS all that.

mac's sure as hell are not all that you ain't never lied.I would never pay for that overrated crap and get less

Horrible idea for them to release these today instead of yesterday. Their servers are clogged and I only got 1mb downloaded within 5 mins.

Omg! That is such an amazing deal!!! How did you do it again? What malware infested scam site do I need to visit in order to get an Xbox 360 for $30???

I tried downloading it and got a message that the signature was incorrect and would not be downloaded.

iTunes 64 bit Windows crashes my graphics driver almost everytime I use it, close the app and the fucker re-opens wi my screen all a gay baby blue ha

Got it downloaded and installed, but now it won't connect to itunes at all. Hopefully it's just server overload and not a problem with the new version.

After Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player I'm completely done with this worthless iTunes garbage that hogs damn near the whole system while it runs. As for getting a Mac? Why so i can run 5 programs without running into compatablity issues? Save any rants Mac fans you can have it. I use Adobe Creative tools and they run better on PC. period.

Get over yourself. If you're getting even acceptable performance out of an CS on Winbloat, it's because you've thrown enough money and time to go to the store and buy 5 macs.
No you don't need a mac. You don't need to throw away the vast amount of useless information you've absorbed to counteract all of the crazy problems you get with over-coded software bloat. All of the stupid hardware tricks to eek out a little more performance that approaches what you were initially promised when you bought the component. Yes, on those rare moments when you and the PC are on the same page, it's a fine day. But some people actually have a life.