Apple releases new iTunes Beatles commercial, Covers

Apple has released a new iTunes TV commercial, this one focused on the Beatles and called Covers.

Let iTunes take you on a journey through The Beatles, from Please, Please Me, all the way to Abbey Road.

It's a well executed, visually interesting commercial, and just in time for the holidays.

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple releases new iTunes Beatles commercial, Covers


You just a grumpy old man with no friends or family because they don't want to be around an old fart who is on the rag 24/7. Go off to pasture and die so there will be some social security left for the rest of us.
Have a nice day....Loser...

They were only the greatest band ever. And it's not like all of their music was drug-induced. You've just exposed your lack of knowledge and the narrow confines of your mind.

Yes, Guest, people still care about the Beatles. Financially, they are still one of the highest grossest groups in the world, and three of their albums are in the top ten downloads on itunes. The Beatles franchise is worth billions. There are no contemporary acts in the world that financially compare.