Apple releases updated iWorks and iLife apps for iOS

Apple releases updated iWorks and iLife apps for iOS

As shown at the Apple Event earlier in the day, Apple late on Tuesday released updated iWorks and iLife apps for iOS. Those include Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand - all updated to version 2.0.

The new apps have been reworked to support the user interface changes in iOS 7 and a new unified file format that works across Mac, iOS and the web. All are free updates for existing users, and free with the purchase of a new iOS device.

Pages gets more than 60 Apple-designed templates; keyboard support for text formatting options, the ability to share documents through iCloud, AirDrop, ePub export, improved non-Roman foreign language support and much more.

Numbers sports new interactive charts, faster calculation, export to CSV, file sharing with Mail, Messages, Twitter and Facebook, and more.

Keynote gains new themes, new animation and effects, interactive charts and more.

iPhoto gets redesigned, and supports the ability to order professionally printed hardbound books. You can create custom slideshows that can be controlled using gestures, new photo effects have been added, new widgets support national flags and currency, white balance will compensate for underwater shots, and more.

iMovie sports a new iMovie Theater feature that makes it easier to watch your movies anywhere. Full-screen video browsing is new, along with an adjustments bar to make audio and video adjustments easier. Sixteen new title styles have been added, along iwth three new transitions, new trailers, slow motion support, new imaging effects and much more.

GarageBand has gone free, but to use the full array of instruments and sounds, you'll need to unlock a $4.99 In-App Purchase. You can create songs with up to 32 tracks (on 64-bit equipped systems like the iPhone 5s, the new iPad Air and the new iPad mini with Retina Display). Inter-App Audio lets you record compatible third-party music apps, and you can drag and drop audio recordings to create your own custom Sampler Instruments.

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Reader comments

Apple releases updated iWorks and iLife apps for iOS


Looks like those of us with iWork from the DVD will have to buy the new version. No updates available unless bought from the App Store.

I don't think that is the case. It seems like they are working through some of the kinks.

This also works for Aperture. I have the DVD version (started with 2, got the DVD upgrade to 3) - Never "repurchased" through the MAS (As I did when I couldn't redownload the old bundled iWork package).

Checked Aperture updates in the MAS. It said 3.5, so figured maybe I'd get the update. Said the "you have this installed but not from the MAS" and would have to repurchase. So stopped.

So tonight after upgrading iPhoto, I launch Aperture. Can't open the iPhoto Library unless I upgrade. It brings me to the MAS and the $79.99 button changed to Update.

Can now get it on all my Macs...


Incidentally, I now have a permanent red 1 update on the MAS on my 2008 iMac. Graphics card doesn't support iMovie, but it keeps telling me there is an update available. Sigh... Time for a new one...


Idk if it is just me but why is Pages the only app that seems to be available to update? Do I just need to wait a bit longer? I have iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, and Numbers. iPhone 5s

Sent from the iMore App

Pages was last for me. Perhaps you got my copy?

Seriously though, you can force it. Go to the App Store, apps by Apple, and tap it (even if they old icon is still there). It will force update it.

Side note - I think Apple went overboard with green.

Sent from the iMore App

I'm a little disappointed that iWork is only free on mavericks if you buy a new mac. They're free in icloud, doesn't make sense to have to pay to use the app.

This is no different than iWorks was years ago, nor any different than the new device qualifier for iOS versions.

This is because those who bought all apps (iWork Mac $60, iOS $30 - iLife Mac $45, iOS $15 - total $150) (some) would then cry foul and Apple would have a PR nightmare on it's hands. This way, it largely accomplished the same thing. At some point, and customer will qualify - unless they are never going to buy another Apple product, in which case, Apple could not care less.

I bought them all (iWork twice actually - once when it was a download and the link went away when the App Store appeared)

I have more than gotten my money worth.

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