Apple says iMessage and FaceTime down for some users

Apple says iMessage and FaceTime down for some users

iMessage and Facetime are both down for some users. According to Apple, the outage started just a little after 3 PM Eastern Time. There is not yet an ETA on when the issues will be resolved. For more information, check Apple’s system status page.

Are Facetime and iMessage out for you?

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Apple says iMessage and FaceTime down for some users


Yeah except BBM is down like once every 4 years. Seems more common on imessage. Without imessage I cannot communicate via text with my company because they are to cheap to pay for texts. Lol

Yes! Sooooo annoying. Was working earlier this morning, but towards afternoon it was just saying "call failed" or whatever it says. And when I turned FT off and back on, it would take forever to "verify"...lemme check now (5.08pm currently NY)....ok STILL well as iMessage.....I sent a message to my brother and it's still with the white send icon at the wonder one of my imessages to another person sent late as I noticed a late "fwoop" sent message. Hope they are updating somehow. Hehehehe.

ok should be back to working now. 5.39pm NY.....or not. but my verify went through and an iMessage went through, but still had a FT call fail twice. hmmm.

Good to know I'm not the only one unable to make an uninterrupted FaceTime call. I was cursing my phone carrier prior to this!

Yep, down in the UK (Cambridge area) and also in Melbourne, Australia. We've failed to talk for the last 45 mins or so. Some messages have gotten through, but facetime fails every time.

I'm not having an issue. I hope the people I've sent messages to receive them. A few people I have not heard back from.

My LTE data went out until I restarted. That fixed the data issue, still no iMessage though. Raleigh, NC iPhone 5 on Verizon.

Used it last at 4:45P EST FL. Worked ok, then went down right after that. Started sending as text green message. At 8:08P seems alright showing blue.

I am just now getting around to reading this article. My iMessage was nonresponsive and did not work just as stated here. However, I could still send as a regular text message instead. So it is not like I was at a complete loss. I only could not see the status of my text message to whomever it was going to. All is good now, thank God. Leave it to iMore to know exactly what is going on.

I've been having issues with iMessage for a few weeks now. Mostly with just certain contacts though. I keep trying to stop/restart the service and it works again, but only for a short time before they start being sent as text again.

I've checked the system status a few times and it was all green each time I checked.

Anyone else experiencing anything similar?