Apple Sends Out iPhone 3G Customer Satisfaction Survey

Apple, via Medallia, is sending out customer satisfaction surveys:

Thank you for your purchase of the Apple iPhone 3G. We would like to ask you a few questions about your experience with your new phone. [...] The information you provide will be used to improve our product support. We will not use your responses to sell you products or services.

Questions include where you've gone for iPhone help (cheat sheet: TiPb!), whether you've returned your handset to your carrier for repair or replacement, whether you primarily use Windows or Mac, whether you primarily use your iPhone for work or play, whether it's your first Apple product, and general demographic info.

These questions will no doubt better help Apple understand what you're thinking about your new iPhone 3G -- and which questions they chose to ask will no doubt better help us figure out what Apple's thinking about their iPhone 3G customers... Hmmm...

Have you gotten your survey yet?

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Apple Sends Out iPhone 3G Customer Satisfaction Survey


I received one from AT&T awhile back about the iPhone. I was a LOT happier then. I'd like to receive one from Apple, not to complain, rather use my voice to create change where I see change is needed immediately.

I haven't got mine yet but I can't wait to get mine so I can let them know about the slow OS problems with 2.02 firmware. I am missing 1.1.4 so much right now.

I am a first generation iphone user and now have the 3G iphone, I have had 3 problems so far. 1. The camera opens after 7 to 10 seconds, the photo opportunity is gone by then. 2. It drops calls 3. I have down loaded 44 web apps and have had a mountian of trouble.The app starts to download on the iphone and then gets hung up the iphone crashes and then wakes up. I re-installed itunes, RESTORED the iphone , loosing pecious data, I restored from a 2 day old back-up , but all was a waste of time and loss of valuable data. The app store has problems when you buy from the iphone. Then after all that I could not get rid of the update number on the iphone app store icon even thought I had done the update. So I deleted the last 10 apps and then re- installed them via itunes, not the iphone, then all went well. BUT, then i went to download the 45th web app and all hell happened, it tried to load then went to the black screen with the apple, stayed that way for 2 hours would not wake up, iphone got hot, drained battery so I took it to the apple store, they could not wake it up either, they gave me a new 3G all is well with this one except for the camera slowness slowness slowness and it still drops calls. I have given up on the app store for now until they fix the problems, I don't have the time to be crashing and running to apple!! 4. Now it is telling me that some of my email addresses are not good. Oh! My! I did not have any of this trouble with my first generation iphone. Hope they fix it soon as I really love the iphone user kindness.. Nancy

I love my new 3G however it continues to drop calls. Also it likes to reset itself at least once a day. Does anyone really know what the issue is? I just want it fixed!
Also my phone goes from five bars to zero bars within a blink of an eye. It is almost like the 3G is unable to stay on.
When the phone is working it is a dream machine!

I loved the idea of the iphone but the reality of using it is totally different. I live in the Tampa bay area and have had nothing but dropped calls and smarta@@ comments from At&t customer service. My first month I complained to the att rep and they recomended I upgrade to the new 3g which I did, When I experienced the same issues the rep recomended I turn off the 3g because att is having problems with it.Today I have had 23 dropped or failed calls. At&t says we don't gauranty service in all areas/ We know you have service because you have made over 1000 minutes of calls this month. Her recomendation was to forward it to my office or home phone. Don't you love it. Don't do it! Don't put yourself through the pain. Maybe when it opens up to other carriers

The iPhone 3G are selling 2x as fast as the original and lines are constantly forming outside of Apple stores and other carriers
It's a great time to personalize your iPhone by choosing any accessories that suit your personality and lifestyle. Apple Stores and most other consumer electronics specialty shops carry these cases. Do a careful search at an online auction site, such as eBay, and you may find them there.
Um... check out these iPhone 3G Accessories,Maybe you will like it


I waited in line the second day to purchase the new iphone 3g. I had the original iphone unlocked using it on t-mobile, with no problems what-so-ever. I switched over to at&t, I have had more dropped calls since getting the 3g than I did total over 4 years with t-mobile! I went into the at&t store and they told me to switch to 2g, WHY AM I PAYING MORE TO SWITCH DOWN MY SERVICE? I also have the signal change dramatically from full bars 3g to no bars or "no service". I get the "call failed" all the time. at&t should be crediting peoples accounts or sending them something for this huge debacle!

I like the IPhone 3G, however there are improvements that are needed; For example, there is no MMS messaging why not hello!!! regular cell phones has MMS messaging I don't get it!! and not to mention how you can't even forward a text message, so even if your friend sends you a funny text you have to retype everything your friend just texted you and then send it to your friends that sucks!! and especially if it was a lengthy text message!! you would think you had a cell phone back when cell phones were just comming about!! Also to get a ring tone on your phne takes forever using itunes you have to first purchase the ringtone then convert it over to a ringtone and pay more money to convert it over just to use the song as a ringtone how stupid is that, but it benefits the company because more money is made that way!! Out of all my cell phone from the past this cell phone is the most complicated phone to add a ringtone to they must improve on this feature. and yes eventhough I have a phone cover the back of the phone is so easy to accumulate scratchs and nicks over time. This material needs to be more scatch resistant in the future. If it wasn't for my phone cover my phone would be really scratched up. The phone would have been a lot better if you could use shazzam or some other application or have it built into the phone where you could record a certain section or verse of a song and apply it a ringtone from a radio source or just from anywhere you could record a song that would be the bomb!! unfortunately companies try to make more money by having you to purchase songs first then pay additional price to use the song as ringtone. In a way I miss my old Jay-Z phone, I loved that phone evnthough it was lost/stolen at least I was able to record a song or verse from the radio and save it as a ringtone wow!! it was easy as 1,2,3!!!!

Balgrog 52 thank you for taking the time to say exactly what I wouldv'e said regarding issues with the iphone. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??!!!! OR rather WHY weren't they thinking?? It's a phone!! MMS TEXTING (with all features) is integral and basic I'm really annoyed I almost have to buy another phone just to text and MMS and I already have two phones one for each of the main carriers, I dont want to have 3 phones!!! Great review I just hope someone that can fix the oversight with iphone gets to read it!

The process that is used by organization to determine the satisfaction of customers. Also the process to get feedback on products/services from customers.

They are releasing a free update on the Apple website on the 17th of June for all the problems. Why buy a brand new iPhone when this update will give you almost everything the new iPhone 3G S will give you?

I have a 3g iphone and i am using for a ipod touch and it wont let me get in to my iphone it is asking for a passcode.I needing to find out how to fix this.I am very limited for funds so a free fix idea that would be great thank you.

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