Apple to Unleash iTunes Music Extras via App Store?

One of the last "advantages" CDs had over music downloads (like iTunes or Amazon MP3) is the printed extras they could include in booklets, like photos, art, lyrics, and other assorted bonus material.

Well, get ready to kiss that goodbye. According to TechCrunch, who bills the story as "Apple Puts One More Nail Into the CD Coffin":

Apple will make [an App Store application] available to users in tandem with the release of Snow Patrol’s upcoming album, A Hundred Million Suns. The app will add the extra features to more iTunes albums over time, but because it will be made available through the company’s App Store, it will only provide the extra content on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Release date is on or around October 27, and it sounds (and looks!) good to us! Now if only the woefully out-of-touch recording industry would stop punishing legitimate consumers and provide DRM-free, 256-bit MP3's to iTunes the same way they give them to all its rivals, they might actually figure out a working 21st century business model!

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple to Unleash iTunes Music Extras via App Store?


i like the idea of these extra features available on my iPhone; however, i feel like having a bunch of "applications" giving me these extras is sort of cumbersome. it'd be great if in the future these extras were integrated into the "iPod" app on my iPhone.

I was definitely a naysayer of Amazon's mp3 service originally, but now realize it is moronic for me to purchase music from iTunes, given that I do not necessarily want to play my music on an ipod or a computer with itunes. Apple should finally force the record companies to allow all their music they sell to be without restrictions