Apple updates iBooks for iPad and iPhone, adds notes, bookmarks, PDF support, sync

iBooks for iPhone

During the WWDC 2010 Keynote today, Steve Jobs announced new features for Apple's iBooks app, including the much-in-demand ability to take notes, the ability to tap and and bookmarks, and support for the PDF format. Jobs also announced that, while it's only been on the market for 8 weeks, iBooks already accounts for 22% of the eBook market. They also repeated that it would soon be available for the iPhone.

The iBooks app is now available as a free download for iPhone, so you can read your favorite books anywhere. On iPhone 4, the high-resolution Retina display renders every page beautifully. Vibrant colors, rich illustrations, and crisp, sharp text make reading a pleasure. Turn pages by tapping the right or left side of the screen or by dragging the page corner (just like a real book). Jump to a different part of the book by visiting the table of contents and tapping a chapter. When you’re finished reading, iBooks bookmarks where you left off. It syncs with iPad, too, so the story you started on your iPhone can be finished on your iPad.

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Alphonso says:

When is the iBooks update for iPad coming out?

Pink says:

Any word on mobile me?

Chris says:

It's nice they have all thses updates for the us , but can't even ad paid content to the ibookstore in Canada

jasonact says:

Anyone know if iBooks will run as a universal binary app? Or will there be separate iPhone/iPad versions of the app?

Donald says:

iBooks does not show up as an application for download in the App Store from my iPhone 3G. Be clear!

Donald says:

iBooks does not show up as an application for download in the App Store from my iPhone 3G OS 3.1.2. Be clear!

Christopher Avinger says:

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