Apple Yanks "Explicit" Option from iTunes


We are sorry to pass on the news, but Apple has yanked the "explicit" category that was spotted earlier today within the App Store submission software, iTunes Connect.

An iPhone developer tipster told Gizmodo s/he verified the removal by contacting Apple via telephone and were basically told it was something Apple was considering but not to expect to see the explicit option back anytime in the near future.

So it looks like explicit content has seen its day in App Store -- just another reason for some of you to jailbreak, eh?

[via Gizmodo]

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Reader comments

Apple Yanks "Explicit" Option from iTunes


For a company that deservedly prides itself on focus to the point where senior executives publicly brag about how sharp they are, the App Store has been one right-hand-doesn't-know-what-the-left-hand-is-doing snafu after another.
If you are going to assign yourself sole proprietorship of all software running on the platform, you have go to do a better job than this.

Good for Apple. There is too much smut out there anyway. I applaud Apple for keeping a higher standard for the app store!

If they'd figure a way to jailbreak the new 3Gs without needing to tether it to a computer I'd totally go back to jailbreaking. And no I don't steal software.

Open Cydia.. search.. search porn, xxx, or anything similar. Not a single result. HMMMM.. No reason to jailbreak there. Don't get me wrong I'm jailbroken but Safari provides pretty much the same functionality either way dude!

Well, there's Steamroom or something like that which serves up the porn, but that's all I've seen. I jailbreak so that I have choice more than anything else. I miss having haptic feedback, inline spell check, sbsettings, etc.

Apple make the damn songs 99cents again I hate when it says you have 20cents left WTF APPLE.....

Why does anyone care go on safari lots of sites and all free . Go to pornhub you can download a bookmark that let's you play free video . Those stupid apps where all crap .

because this is just another one of those chances apple has had to be more open and what do they do? The crush any hope of freedom with their dictatorial, controlling attitude...

Yeah Im going to jailbreak my iPhone so I can rub one off. Why do people feel the need to make their porn mobile?

No matter one way or the other how you feel or understand the desire to have adult material on your phone or anywhere else it's not your decision or anyone elses. It IS the decision of the adult who makes that choice. I personally don't have the need or the desire to have it, but the option and choice should be mine. You people are condoning other adults parenting you and telling you what you can and cant watch or hear like you are children. Just because you might agree morally with a decision like this, you are still letting others legislate your rights. Stop being lemmings and wake up

I'm glad they didn't put explicit material on the app store. Keep porn off your iPhone-- and on your laptop where it belongs!