Adds iPad to Menu, iPod and iTunes Now Separate iPad

iPod + iTunes is dead on the menu, long live iPod | iPhone | iPad | iTunes. (And yes, Mac is still there too).

The all new iPad section coincides with the launch of pre-orders and pickups today, and links to all the content previously available at via the homepage. The broken out iPod and iTunes section lets Apple focus on the devices (with the iPod touch front and center) on the former, and the iTunes software and store on the latter.

So what do you think of the new navigation, cheers or jeers? And is iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTunes taking the place over?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments Adds iPad to Menu, iPod and iTunes Now Separate


I think removing 'Downloads' and putting them in Mac Applications was a mistake. MobileMe isn't Mac exclusive, and neither is Quicktime. Other than that, I like the separation of the iDevices and iTunes

@Jeremy Sag:
That's 'Support Downloads' — not the same thing as the previous 'Downloads' page.
But, not that it even matters. Moving on...