Apple's New iPhone 3GS Commercials Focus on New Cut and Paste, Voice Control Features


Two new iPhone 3GS commercials are now being aired by Apple, the first one focusing on cut, copy, and paste and the second on Voice Control.

While it's interesting that the original iPhone 2G commercials were targeted at "the internet in your pocket" and the iPhone 3G commercials at "there's an app for that", new features aside, we're not sure what overarching theme Apple's going for this time -- if any.

Some internet coverage has been less than kind about the new direction, however, welcoming Apple to cut, copy, and paste about a decade too late. That's a little "inside baseball", however. While many tech-savvy users -- and bloggers -- upgraded to the iPhone from Treos, BlackBerrys, or other smartphones, arguably most of the iPhone's growth has come from consumer adaption -- people who upgraded from Motorola RAZRs.

For them, and many of the close to 20 million iPhone users (2G, 3G, and 3GS alike) now able to run iPhone 3.0, copy, cut, and paste will be a decidedly new experience and one whose ease-of-use they'll likely enjoy.


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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple's New iPhone 3GS Commercials Focus on New Cut and Paste, Voice Control Features


This sounds a little too much like it's coming from the mouth of a zealot. Most everyone should be able to appreciate 3GS and 3.0, but regardless of whether or not copy/paste is a "new" experience for someone, it's still overdue. Your argument here is pretty lacking -- some people switched from a Razr to an iPhone? I have an iPhone 3G, and I welcome the new changes, but that doesn't mean that it's a good idea for Apple to -now- market copy/paste as a great new feature.
Think about someone looking for a new phone. They see a commercial where Apple publicly says that the iPhone now has cut, copy, and paste. Wouldn't that make you think, "Wow, if they just got this feature, I wonder what else they're lacking that everyone else has."
The feature is good, but not worth mentioning other than in a sigh of relief [for it to finally be here].

Yes, but let's not forget they really did take cut copy & paste to a new level compared to most phones... This cut copy & paste is apples and oranges to that of a razr, so yes they stepped up the concept...
Just something to consider...

The whole cut copy paste coming so late I don't see as an issue. This was Apple's first step into the mobile phone market. I doubt the first phones by others had as many features as the first iPhone. They could have spent more time getting every feature in the phone and not released on till 2009, but that doesn't make much sense. Vaporware doesn't make you money.
So they picked what they thought was most important and got it done and out the door, if that wasn't good enough for you all you had to do was not buy it.
Plus the cut copy paste on iPhone is a great implementation unlike some other phones.

Apple is not stating they created cut-copy-paste or even that they perfected it, just that the iPhone has it as a new feature which is completely true (although they make no mention that the 3G has it too - also I am fine they don't mention the 2G having it since that is not a phone for retail sale any longer). The people that are taking issue with this ad are the technologically adept people (or technogeek for short!) that have knowledge of other devices and don't like the general public having the same technology they have.
What Apple really should do is try to get away from the Smartphone designation for the iPhone and more to the Mediaphone description since it is definitely marketed more to the everyday person than the technogeek.
Don't hate Apple because they know what people are interested in, hate the other phone manufacturers that do not advertise efficiently and smartly!

Apple doesn't take credit for inventing these features and some people seem to accuse them of. They just revolutionized the implementation. They make it simple, stable, and easy to use.
You have to keep in mind that Apple markets these features like this because for the majority of iPhone users, it's their first smartphone. Of course it's old news to us, but exciting features to those new to the smartphone market.
Can you see RIM showing off how cut and paste works on the Storm in a TV ad?

@TosaDeac: I agree with most of what you said except for that last part. The iPhone is a smartphone by EVERY definition of the word. It's true that it's a mediacentric device, but that still doesn't take away from it's abilities as a smartphone.

Also - My Treo 680 had copy and paste years ago, but I don't remember being able to copy web text AND graphics, and paste them properly formatted into an email like in the commercial above.
Ah, progress ;)

In my mind, the "stupid" thing is that they are billing this as exciting and new for the 3Gs, when all iPhones now have it. If it is a 3Gs commercial, should it be about something new and exciting for the 3Gs?

Don't like either commercial and I saw them both last night. When was sprint doing those commercials about voice dialing with the dude in the black coat going around, 1999? Copy/paste is sweet, but really not that exciting.
Maybe they were thinking they should let everyone know that the iPhone now has these 2 features that it was always hated on for missing.

I guess what I meant by the mediaphone description was just a way to get away from smartphone which I agree is a poor term to describe the devices that are out these days compared to their predecessors. They are Netphones…nah, that's even worse. Basically they are almost pocket sized computers like you said.

Did you catch the latest commercial?
This is the NEW IPhone. It can make a call without dropping it every 33 seconds. Yes, this is the NEW IPhone, it can run for over a day without the battery dying.. well sort of.
This is the NEW IPhone.
I will quote the great Scholar Chris Rock,
A na will say some shit like, "I take care of my kids." You're supposed to, you dumb m******r! What kind of ignorant st is that? "I ain't never been to jail!" What do you want, a cookie?! You're not supposed to go to jail, you low-expectation-having m*******r!
Something a smart phone is just supposed to do!

@TosaDeac: Good points.
@JB: Why are you here? Oh, yeah. Troll. Did you happen to notice this was the iPhone blog? Are the parental controls you mom put on your computer not letting you get to HOFO?

@TosaDeac: Forgot to mention that the iPhone to is more like a tablet PC than a smartphone. I just used Logmein to dial into my AD server at the office and unlock a user account. Never had to pull out the laptop.
Also forgot to mention JB is a troll.

Hmm. Apple is late with this but I think apple is in away creating their own path. They have been going at their own pace instead of playing catch up.

C'mon Rene. Copy and Paste should have been there from the beginning as part of a smartphone platform. You're so gay for Apple. You look it, though, so make sense you would want to keep sucking Jobs cock.

Guys y do u all care anyway it's not like anyone gives a sh1t what you think so appreciate a phone which leaves any other handset sitting for every day people. I have a 3g model and it is the best phone I have ever had. I'm sure other people who are being anally retentive will argue different. I bet if u were to design a phone it would be FANTASTIC LOL finally I hated apple prior to this phone being released as it's was always overpriced and over-rated IMO