Is AT&T Causing You to Consider Dumping the iPhone 3G?

There are more lawsuits about substandard iPhone 3G reception on AT&T than you can shake an accelerometer at, and as we mentioned the other day, blog-star Om Malik has just publicly broken up with his iPhone 3G due to what he considers to be lousy reception on AT&T. (He tried a BlackBerry on AT&T as well and had the same problems, so he clearly blames the network).

Are these just nuisance suits and link-bait? Does San Francisco suffer more than anywhere else? Do all networks have lousy reception for someone somewhere? Or is AT&T really the weakest link in the iPhone 3G value prop?

How's your reception on AT&T? Is it making you re-consider being an iPhone 3G owner? And if you're on another network, Rogers, O2, Orange, etc., do you have problems, or is it just the US?

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Is AT&T Causing You to Consider Dumping the iPhone 3G?


I get fine reception around my home area. I'm not sure if it is an AT&T or iPhone issue but often I will have full 3G signal, then I look down 3 minutes later having not moved and it's on EDGE. I go to the settings and toggle 3G off then back on and it goes back to full signal. This doesn't happen that often and is pretty random.
I haven't had any calling issues with my iPhone either, no drops and callers sound fine. 3G speeds around DC are fine also.

Since I have a 1st Generation iPhone, I can't comment on this directly. Obliquely, however, my Treo Pro works just fine on the AT&T network. We've just gotten limited 3G in our area and don't have good indoor penetration. The EDGE takes over quite smoothly, when I go indoors. I'm trying to decide on my upgrade path: To go with a 3G iPhone or to go with a FUZE. I'll be watching responses with interest.

I have rogers and ever since 2.2 my reception and dropped calls areboth great. Itdoesnt get as many bars as my krzr k1 but the sound is fine

AT&T is definitely the weak link of the iPhone. The device itself is great but the network is erratic at best. Sitting in the same place all day, I see it vascillate between Edge and 3G many times, but most of the time it is on E. I live and work in NYC. Sometimes my phone says 3G but when I do a speed test the results are single digits. In Manhattan, it is rare that it ever goes to 200 kbps for me.
In my apartment, where my former Sprint service had no problems, AT&T's signal is hit and miss, mostly miss. Can't they do better? I love Apple, but if this keeps up, I will find myself back with Sprint and a new Palm Pre as soon as it's released.

I live in San Francisco and have an iPhone 3G. I love my iPhone, but my AT&T coverage is nothing short of terrible. I can barely make a call from my house (in the heart of the city) and have the exact same problem in my office in the middle of the financial district.
Meanwhile, my data service comes and goes like the wind. I've only seen 3G service once inside my house and at work, I often get full bars of 3G service, but when I try to use it, it acts as if it has no service at all.
If I didn't like my iPhone so much, I would drop AT&T in a heartbeat. It frankly sickens me to pay for their expensive plan every month, knowing what lousy coverage I can expect for my money.

I meant test results in double digits but believe it or not there have been single digit results too and that is with using two different testing applications.

I'm using AT&T in Atlanta, GA. I live in the metro area and have excellent coverage. Several areas that previously had "edge", now has full 3G. I've always had excellent coverage and rarely have my calls dropped.

Here in Chicago my service is top notch. Unlike Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile... In my house none of those carriers get more than 1 bar.... With AT&T I get full bars - even in my basement. Going to AT&T a little over a year ago has been the best move I could make.

Chicago here, Swiss cheese coverage. Even with latest updates, full bars on 3g can be misleading. Given a better option, I would dump AT&T in a heartbeat. Was I spoiled with Verizon? They weren't perfect either but I wasn't as frustrated. Dropped calls and mediocre data- coverage, are the bane of the iPhone experience.

Iphone is worth the crappy AT&T service I knew that when I switched from VZ... But if the iPhone ever goes to VZ I will be back

I switched from a WinMo HTC 8525 to the iPhone 3g and have noticed significant signal decrease! Ironically I have yet to have a dropped call. So, I'm noticing the signal change as well.

Let me just say this. In America.. the mobile providers place adverts saying "more bars" and "less dropped calls". Well.. such ads in Europe (at least my parts) can only be laughed at. I have NEVER had a problem with service quality.. NEVER.
When I am here in America... California right now... Seattle sometimes... the service is disgraceful. The problem IS a carrier issue and American carriers are horrid!
Just my observations.

It's all a matter of whether or not your service provider has a tower and is optimized exactly where you use the phone the most. Home=sucks. Work(upper loop)=sucks. This what makes my AT&T experience seem sub par.

I have the iPhone, and have fabulous reception and coverage in Minneapolis. It's not dropping calls or switching to the Edge network at all. I guess like all cellular providers, some areas are better than others. I've been with AT&T since 1996, and they've been great for me.

O2 is amazing in the UK, voted the best network so many times! Best connection and no more of them updating things on iTunes.

All the talk about AT&T's spotty 3G coverage certainly does make me hesitant to purchase the iPhone 3G. I'll probably still get one...from the maps AT&T provides about 3G coverage, Boston seems to be pretty well covered.
For what it's worth, most people I know who have an iPhone turn off the 3G whenever they're not using the internet.

I really don't like AT&T but most of my issues seem to be on the 3G network. Calls will drop with five bars pretty frequently. Much more reliable on Edge but come on, it's Edge.

I have the 3g i also blame their service maybe att isnt the right co for iphone i get cheap reception i hate when im on an online app and it goes down cuz of the service feels like im on dial-up but the only reason i switch to att just 2 months ago cuz it was cheaper than my former service provider verizon but i guess its true what they say "things are cheap for a reason"

Mine is perfect at work and at my home it's perfect as well. I rarely make calls at my home so I use wifi when I'm home. No complaints at all. I guess in southern California you gave good reception for att?

I live in the St. Louis area and the reception is great. I used to be with vz and had either 1 or no bars at work. I have full 3g now when I'm at work. At home full 3g as well. No complaints here.

I get full signal in my apartment, and only rarely have to reset the radios. There are quite a few locations in the Phoenix AZ area where service is reliably(?!) spotty, so I've just learned to avoid them or warn my caller than they're about to drop. To be fair, I use the iPhone more as a data device than a phone, so my experience with placing calls is fairly limited.
That being said, I'd probably dump the iPhone if there was a viable alternative. Yes, Verizon's service is wildly more reliable, esp in Phoenix, but I don't like any of their phones. The G1 on T-Mobile is a good start, but I'm waiting a for a few more iterations of the Android lines. Work will saddle me with a BlackBerry soon enough, so I'm even more unlikely to care about the 3G signal on my iPhone. Perhaps I could just unlock the iPhone and hop over to T-Mobile, but I like my visual voicemail enough to care about losing it.

I'm currently use an iPhone 3G on the Rogers network. I live in Ottawa, ON but have also used it in Montreal, QC, Toronto, ON, and Halifax, NS. In all of those cities I've had full bars and great reception with the 3G network.
I don't plan on trying the 3G reception when I travel to the US, primarily because my carrier charges me an arm and a leg for data usage when internationally roaming.

With AT&T, I've not had anywhere near the coverage issues that I had with Sprint. Friends don't let friends get Sprint. AT&T works fine in the Midwest for the most part. And I don't get all the people that want to jailbreak and jump to T-Mobile. I've had T-Mobile. Sure their customer service was great, but their coverage wasn't as good as I have with AT&T.

I live in boondocks in Florida. My reception is just fine.
I recently switch from the original iPhone to the 3G. It is really fast.

@ boxerconan
I really think the major issues are in the cities. When I am out in suburbs of Long Island, the ATT service is very fast and reliable. In NYC and I mean all the boroughs, ATT service is very spotty with erratic speeds.

Works well in the Omaha metro area. I was hesitant to purchase due to rumors so I kept my old phone and tested both in places I go. Coverage was similar everywhere. Doesn't work in a few buildings, or the military bowling alley in a factory basement, but overall coverage is good (even 3g) and reliable. There are a few dead areas the store was nice enough to warn me about.

Huntsville, AL. AT&T is the only game in town worth talking about. I occasionally get offloaded to EDGE during rush hour, but I had to dump sprint when I got here because the coverage suxx0r.

I use Orange in Krakow, Poland. 3G coverage is spotty but ok. General phone coverage is excellent. I can't recall the last time I had a dropped call. There is poor coverage only in the apartment complexes that double as concrete bunkers.

I had Verizon for years with dropped calls only when I was on a remote stretch of deserted freeway in the middle of nowhere. Once I got my iPhone and switched to AT&T, dropped calls and a lack of signal became a normal aggravation. I live in Los Angeles and also spend time in San Francisco and San Diego -- and all three of those major cities do not have consistent AT&T 3G coverage.

I personally have 5 bars and edge almost everywhere. I've only had 3G once, and it was for 10 seconds. I love AT&T, and my iPhone.

The absolute worst service I have had. I came from Sprint with a Palm after my contract was up decided to go with the iphone. I had no sevice issues on Sprint and the network was fast. I love the iPhone but inside my house the reception is horrible. Dropped calls left and right with little to no reception at home. Call quality is very shaky and yes I would actually consider paying the ETF fee and go back to Sprint. I live in the Austin, TX area.

Answer to the original question, would AT&T's crappy service make me dump the iPhone? No. I was on Verizon's network for years with reliable service, but never loved the phones. I have seen a noticeable difference in cell and data (3G) availability with AT&T, but for now, usability of the device - which I use for for non-3g things quite a bit - is worth it. I will say that I have the luxury of wifi at home and work, so I don't notice coverage issues as much when I do need data. If I didn't have that, I'd probably hate it more. Because the coverage, even around big cities, is pretty bad.

My iPhone 3G had TERRIBLE reception issues here in Chicago - dropped calls weren't the exception, they were the rule. I couldn't even connect to call out unless I tried 3-5 times...and I'm not exaggerating. I switched back to WM/Treo Pro and I almost never drop calls (same location) and I always connect on the first try...blame the iPhone, not the network.

I worked for AT&T up until about ten years ago. They're the nastiest, cut-throat employer in the country (and if you don't believe me, just wait until you have 15 or 20 years in and making top dollar - say goodbye to your job). I signed up with Sprint and stayed for 11 years just to avoid ever being a customer of AT&T. But when the iPhone came out, I had to swallow my pride and get it... even if it was serviced by terrorists.
But I have had very satisfactory service, so far. I wasn't even affected by that midwest outage last month or so... and it's cause was just mere miles from me outside Detroit.
I'm not giving up my iPhone... ever!

It's kind of funny to hear others have trouble in the Chicago area when I have had ZERO issues. Perhaps it's actually some sort of hardware issue with certain phones. None of my phones suffer from dropped calls or poor reception in this area what so ever. I guess I am one of the lucky ones...

I don't know what it is like to have less than full bars here in The Netherlands.
Sometimes in the train i get only edge but that's about it.

I use my iPhone 3g in Maine and have great reception. It's much better than verizon or uscellular. I wouldn't give up my iPhone for blood or money!

I usually get pretty good service. Except when I'm on a few back roads where I get NO Service. And there's no 3G in my area. Only EDGE which I hate. Closest 3G is an hour and a half away.

Western Chicago Suburbs - reception is fine except in an area near a local shopping center where I always seem to drop to Edge. Doesn't bother me enough to switch. Apple may lose a customer if they manage to make jailbreaking illegal though.

I have absolutely horrid service on 3G hear in NW Phoenix. I have unlocked my iPhone and now run on T-Mobile. While I miss 3G in the heart of Phoenix I am am on WiFi at work at home and work so it works for me. It also saves me ~$60/ month

I have wifi in my house but always pick up 3g in Central NJ. Ditto Fort Lauderdale, FL. Absolutely no dropped calls lately.

I don't have any problem using my iPhone 3G with AT&T in Miami. Full signal and very fast 3G always.

In my area of San Diego, AT&T reception is far, FAR worse than Verizon. I can recall 2 -- maybe 3 -- dropped calls in my 4 years with a Treo/Blackberry on Verizon. On my iphone, it is not unusual to have 2 dropped calls in a day. There are two AT&T dead zones near my house. Then again, I am not sure if AT&T is entirely to blame, because I have never had a non-iphone on AT&T, and I can be sitting in a "No Service" area, reboot the phone, and immediately surf/call with 4 3G bars.
That said, no, it is not enough for me to drop my iphone. If I were to depend on it as much as Om apparently does, I probably would drop it, but I do not depend on it to that degree, so I can tolerate those flaws because the iphone remains (to me) the most perfect convenient pocket internet device yet released.

I had an iphone, and soon hated the thing. In San Antonio I had up to five dropped calls a day, and it wasn't a good thing for business. I took it back and the apple store gave me another one, updated, and sure enough, the thing dropped calls all day. I was able to cancel the 2yr contract without penalty. The iphone has so many aspects I do not like and I consider it a dumb time-waster, when all I want is communication and information. The iphone is a little drain-bomb, a money-pit in the air, and if there is anything useful to be done on it, the battery will soon be dead. Updates, downloads, charge-time, apps, music, re-boots, accessories, youtube, map-squinting, checking stocks, 3g or edge, on and on, another and another time-theft. Spend one hour a day fiddling with an iphone and that is one whole work day a week gone forever.

My 3G iPhone gets great reception in my area. 5 bars of 3g in most areas (no lie) LOL I've just heard so many complaints about AT&T. I don't blame you guys, I pay $110 a month! But I don't want to unlock because Tmobile doesn't have 3G in my area and I can stand EDGE.
I live in Northern GA if it helps.

Lots of dropped calls in NYC area. On a 15 minute conversation there will be a dropped call guranteed. At&t really needs to work on their network with all this extra cash they getting

I'm in Saint Louis too, and AT&T is flawless here. Actually, they are known to have the best network in town. Apparently, the AT&T Wireless (old) & Cingular merger left our market with excess capacity.

Here's my opinion. I will not get a iPhone 3g due to dropped call issues. My 2g works damn near perfect. I really don't think it's too much at&t as it is some of the 3g phones. I will stick with my 2g edge that always works and less power drain.
Has anyone noticed a When they drop calls if it is the phone switches to edge from 3g and vice versa. I had the tilt and had similar issues so I would turn of the 3g. ?? Just food for thought.

I have great service here in Danville, VA. No 3G(as it's not a huge area) but great signal and edge service. They say we will be getting 3G service soon so I guess I will see how that works out.

The topic has been discussed everal times now, this is a US related problem, AT&T network is the flaw, not the hardware. Except for the software problems prior to 2.1 release, I get full bars and no dropped calls in Italy. And I'm on a non-esclusive carrier.

Rhode island here. I've found AT&T service to be extremely subpar in my area, altough according to the coverage maps we should be well covered. I drop at least 3 calls on a weekly basis, which has become extremely aggrivating. I even lost service completely for 3+ hours in north Conway by, a very busy town where I had great reception on verizon

I have had my iPhone for about a month. So far it's been amazing. However, ever since downloading the 2.2.1 patch I have not had the greatest service. With the 2.2 software version I had no troubles (I only go between about 3-4 areas at the moment) with dropped calls or service. Ever since 2.2.1 I have had service issues with some dropped calls and the phone switching in EDGE in a 3G area. I have a feeling this is a software issue since I did not have any issues with 2.2. However, I will monitor this until the new software comes.

Like every carrier, AT&T has it's trouble spots. If you live in a 3G area, you're fortunate, we don't even have it here in Green Bay, WI yet!
Regardless, the services are improving monthly.
I found out that to get the best deals on AT&T products and services, you can call 877-U-ASK-ATT and give them promo code NP2472.
I do have U-Verse and HIGHLY recommend that if it's available to you! If not AT&T|DirecTV is the next best thing!!!

I'm happy with AT&T just not the iPhone I recently purchased a nokia e71 used my iPhones sim card and 3g reception is top notch destroys my iPhone. I think the problem is the iPhone itself everybody I know with any other 3g phone on AT&T loves it

Here in Brockton mass I get full bars perfect 3g and the only time I've dropped to edge was during a real nasty snow storm. Back be for Cingular became a part of at&t when I had my Ngage (sigh) as well as other phones the reception was terrible but since the merge the networks been really strong. I won't claim that it's not still at&t's fault. If it were possible it'd be nice to see at&t subcontract the sprint and verison network in areas were they don't have enough towers. I would hope for free but I doubt it. On that note though I would be willing to pay an extra lets say $5 or $6 a month for the piggy back ride.

I have my Iphone in Philadelphia (suburbs and metro area) and never have any issues at all! I love my Iphone and the reception has been perfect since I got the phone months ago.

I have AT&T and the iPhone in Memphis, TN. I live out in the country, but work in the metro area. All over the Memphis area, I have experienced excellent 3G service. I have co-workers on Cellular South and Verizon. They get decent 3G service...outside. Their signal stinks once you go inside.

You know, I totally noticed significant issues about a week past where my iphone cut out to O signal much more often than usual. I was apt to blame network issues around the time and area (I87 in downstate NY!!?). Normally have little or no problems in those areas. Toggling to airplane sometimes worked, albeit not immediately. Updating to 2.2.1 didn't change anything.
Now I am apt to blame my replacement (refurb'd?) phone that is 2 months old. First phone had few problems overall. Now I am just seeing very inconsistent behavior.

My reception is just bad.. switch from 3g to edge problems while standing in the same spot, ive been through 3 phones...I want to switch to verizon
im in shoreline of CT 95 hway area

I live in Queens, NY and work on Long Island (Nassau). I get GREAT reception in Queens and LI. Rare get less than 5 bars. I have drop calls on rare occasions.
I can't speak to Manhattan as I am not there on a regular basis. But when I am there (usually the Upper East Side or the Village/Chelsea), I have decent reception. 4 to 5 bars.

I live about 45 minutes outside of Boston, and go to School about 15 minutes outside of Boston. I can honestly say I have NO problems with coverage. Actually back home I know a few places where my AT&T Coverage is actually better than my cousins Verizon coverage! I know it sound crazy, but i guess Boston is a good area for AT&T.

I live in the center of San Francisco and am constantly underwhelmed by the 3G coverage in the city and the peninsula to the south. I see the E(dge) icon way too often still. I recently went to Toronto on business and was really impressed with the difference with Rogers' 3G network, it was really fast and pretty much 100% available. I wish I could try my 3G iPhone on T-Mobile, or anyone else would have to be better than AT&T. That being said, there is no way I'm giving up my iPhone just to get a better 3G experience - all other phones are dead to me ;-)

All AT&T reception in my are (Southern California) is terrible even for those with non-iPhones. Dropped calls are routine (25-30%) and time to connect can run 10 to 15 seconds. I still have a 2G iPhone and call service declined when the 3G came out (it was never very good to begin with). Calls to AT&T are pointless - they just don't seem to care

"The topic has been discussed everal times now, this is a US related problem, AT&T network is the flaw, not the hardware."

Hit submit too quickly - I have a 3g capable 8525 and it doesnt have the problems the iPhone 3g does in the same areas. iphone 3g is better since recent software updates, but still something not right with it.

AT&T in new York is fine. I could not complain. I guess the 3G bands don't penatate walls really well because in some rooms in my school that are located in the middle of the builing , I loose service completely. I have nothing to complain about.

I had a bad time with ATT in Albuquerque, NM.
It was to the point where I was dropping calls.. dropping gps.. Signal would go from perfect to bad from one second to another. Long story short, I sold my 16GB White 3G iPhone on Ebay =0(

I live in the NYC area and usually have some sort of 3g signal though at times it is sporadic, and will drop to edge even if i haven't moved. I have never truly had a problem with AT&T whether I have been travelling in NY, Hawaii, California, etc. my service has always been sufficient. That being said, I have also experienced service with SFR in France and KPN in the Netherlands. These two service kick the crap out of AT&T when it comes to 3G service, anytime, anywhere (in the respective country of course). But I think this is due to the maturity of the 3G network in Europe, so it really is a North American problem, not an AT&T problem, at least not totally their fault. As for Verizon, I do not like their service solely because it is CDMA. Having to go to a store to switch phones AND pay them to do that even though you already OWN both phones and are still paying the same monthly bills doesn't sit right with me. So for now, I will stay with AT&T (as if I had a true choice).

I live in San Francisco and am constantly underwhelmed by the 3G service. I also find it achingly ironic when the iPhone commercials show the phone working at 4 bars in San Francisco. Yeah right!!!
I get better 3G reception on the ski lifts up in Tahoe. WTF?
Still love the iPhone when it is working.

I live in San Francisco. Data coverage is terrible, in fact it seems worse this past week than any other time, and I've had a 3G since day one. Constantly drops data altogether, then stays on edge for a while, then back onto 3G - repeat!

I have lost my 3G service here in the Boston North Shore area. It has been on E for 12hrs

I live in southern pa. I mean i Love the iphone; its very nice. But i get no service within like 15mins either way of my house, every other provider has service here. I am getting ready to switch to vz again because at&t has really disapointted me.

live in nyc 47th street and 11th avenue to be exact.i have a storm for my company and the iphone for my personal device and the verizon network does not function at home unless is next to a window.AT&T device works perfectly fine at home,4-5 bars 3g to be exact.I think is more on lattitude and longitude of the local cell towers reading your device.but everything revolves arount verizon and at&t a wireless technician for verizon and whispers are that AT&T is trying to purchase TMOBILE.thats why we purchased alltel before they did as well

I use AT&T in Oregon. My first iPhone 3g could hardly make a phone call. Dropped calls and calls failed constantly My refurb replacement is flawless. No dropped calls. Good 3g reception. Both were running 2.2. Seems like a hardware issue to me. Just happy I have a good one now.

I live on the North Side of Chicago (Belmont and LSD) and my coverage COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE WORSE. Phone rings in my house but no one can ever hear a word I say. Text messages sometimes go from my house, sometimes not. There are 3 or 4 dead zones on if I am driving down LSD. I was a 6 year VZW customer previously and was very happy with the service. No dropped calls that I can remember in my time with VZW. I have that all of the time now with AT&T and I also have the problem where every now and then, I have to try and dial 4 or 5 times before it will even connect.
Problem is...I love the iPhone and use it for work in so many ways that I can't use other phones. Only problem is that it doesn't work as a phone.
I am going to have to go back to VZW just because of work issues and needing to be accessible, but I am delaying the inevitable because I love the device.

I live in Chicago and AT& T SUCKS! My calls drop when I'm at home, work, and in certain places on the expressway. Never had these problems with US Cellular or TMobile. I wish I'd known this before I purchased the iPhone. When I called AT&T to complain the rep told me that they are building more towers in my area and that they are aware that the coverage is only moderate. How in the uber urban community that I live in do you still need to build more towers?! The AT&T store is less than one mile from my home. Why are you selling service that you can't provide coverage for?

I live in the Upper Haight in San Francisco...literally in the middle of the city. ATT does not work in my apartment - but fine in front of my house. Will be switching back to Sprint... love the iphone though

I gave up and carry a VZ EnV-2 and my Iphone.
yes it is more expensive, but the value of my Iphone still exceeds the lack of features on VZ...I get reception with VZ so that is what I use today for calls because AT&T can't get me signal in the nations capital standing next to the towers.

"More bars in more places MY ASS" AT&T wireless sucks. I I drop more calls in one day than I dropped in two years with Verizon. The inconvenience of the spotty coverage trumps the features of the iPhone in my opinion. If I could get out of the contract I would in a heartbeat.

I live in San Francisco and I have dropped calls everyday. I hate AT&T with the heat of a thousand white hot suns. Their coverage in San Francisco is so bad they should be sued for false advertising. I can't wait to get away from them. They run a horrible network and only benefit because Apple made an exclusive agreement. I either have to jailbrake or switch phones. I can't take the call quality issues much longer.

Seattle is okay, but a lot of dropped calls. Would I part with my iphone to go to another carrier? You bet! But they need better phones. When Verizon gets the Blackberry Bold, I will switch! My iphone can be used on WIFI.

I live in Lakeview in Chicago, an area you'd think would be rich with cell service. Yet, in
My own apartment in a wood frame building, I often have only one or two bars and calls are routinely dropped or the reception is terrible. If I walk more than 10 feet inside a building downtown, I also frequently have no service. My old, cheap pay-as-you-go phone got much better reception on Sprint. I think this is because the iPhone is a below-average cell phone and AT&T is a poor provider.
When my 2 year contract is up in 2010,there will be lots of other iPhone-like options. I can't imagine I'll stick with iPhone and will never use AT&T again.

Don't confuse "Chicago Area" with Chicago proper. While riding the train (Brown & Red Lines, both elevated), I switch back and forth between EDGE and 3G so frequently it's ridiculous. You would think one of the busiest commuter corridors in the city would have 3G coming out its ears. Add to that I consistently LOSE all signal between the Addison and Wilson stops. I live in Andersonville and USALLY get decent 3G at home, but it will switch to EDGE for no apparent reason. I work in the loop and as I sit 6 feet from a giant bank of windows on the 12 floor, I frequently only have EDGE. I'm an Apple whore, but had I known service would be this spotty (switched from T-Mobile last July), I might've been more resistant to the shiny, white touch-screen allure of the iPhone 3G.

@Damon...I feel your pain. I live in Edgewater and my service goes dead on the Red line between Addison and Wilson, and is very weak from Fullerton to Belmont. I will constantly have 5 bars of 3G yet cannot load a website or email. All phone calls are spotty at best, usually garbled, even with "5 bars". That "fix" they did was complete was only a software patch to show more bars with the same crap service. I hate AT&T. I used to hate VZW but they were miles better than AT&T. Cell service in this country is just atrocious, no matter where you go. I just love the iPhone...I would never go back to my old Treo, no matter what. I really hope VZW gets better phones by next summer so I can ditch AT&T.

In Atlanta I'm ready to turn my iPhone back in for a warranty claim. I'm not convinced it's the network, as the phone signal strength oscillates, switches between networks, and just loses its mind occasionally.
My call-dropping problems have subsided but this week Safari can no longer reach many websites (it can reach them on wifi, but not on 3g/edge.)
I love it when it works, but it's the most unreliable phone I've owned in years.

I live in knoxville tn.I had U.S. Cellular before I sitched to AT&T when my daughter got me a for my birthday. I love my alot but AT&T is the sorriest provider I have ever had!!!! I wish I could go back to U>S> Cellular or Verizon. Cause when i go anywere near the mountains which are all around us I cant get any signal and my friend who has U>S> Cellular is next to me with full strenght. I think AT&T should not be allowed to have the commercial saying they have more bars anywere! if thats the case they need to send some specialists to Tennessee to fix the problem here. I cant wait till AT&T loses there hold on the! I guess till then i will just leave my phone at home when I decide to go ride through the mountains unless i just want to be carrying the nicest clock around. To anyone who hasnt purchased a yet be warned you will like the but unless you live in the city you will rarely have 3G service and if your around the mountains you wont have any service! I guess they forgot the bars up in the smokie mountains!

I have the Black Jack (Samsung) and considering getting a IPHONE but not with AT&T. I had been missing or not getting my calls all day today and it goes directly to voicemail. Then I can't even get into my voicemail because there's no dial tone, ring tone, or IT'S BUSY! WFT? I paid $$$ for good service like everyone else but get STINKY service even if you have the AT&T utility box outside my building. GREEDY Telecom company and then wants to raise their rates while everyone are suffering to make end meets. Oh, I forgot to mention something else to all of you. You'll still roaming signal even if its 3G and then will be charged for it too! What a joke!

They made thier $$$$ when the 2 year contracts start comming up they will be feeling like Sprint, losing customers like a leaky faucet.

Definitely about to drop the iphone, although I love the phone.
AT & T has the nerve to say the leaves are causing my weak signal at home. Of course, that doesnt explain allk th eother dropped calls, all over the place. I dont even like calling people.
Personally I think most of us shoudl file individual lawsuits in small claims, and file complaints with attorney general. This is fraud, they are selling a pproduct they know is defective. apple and att are repsonsible

I adore my Iphone but I dispise AT&T. Ive probably called their customer service about 100 times, and im not even exaggerating. I get dropped calls like CRAZY and when I called to talk to them about it they said they had no idea what was wrong and that was it. AT&T has always treated me horribly. I was with them for years, and finally switched to the sidekick when it came out and was as happy as a bug in a rug. Then then Iphone came out, I got it, and remember why I switched to the sidekick in the first place. but now Im stuck because I would never, in a million years trade my Iphone for anything. I would give ANYTHING for the Iphone to go to Tmobile. Ive tried hacking my phone a few times but its always resulted in a mess. Real bummer Iphone sold out to AT&T! :(

The new 3GS was enough for me to make the leap to AT&T - despite the reputation for lousy coverage. Sad to say, it's probably going back next week, as I cannot make calls from my apartment in the middle of San Francisco - even hanging out of the window or standing outside on my busy street. I need to go across the street to even make a call at all. Oddly today, I asked a woman downstairs who was speaking on a first generation iphone if she had service and she did when I had none - my neighbor with the 3G has my same issue, not sure what that's about. Anyway, I have no choice but to go back to Verizon. If I move I may consider going back to the iphone as it seems to have OK reception in most other parts of the city, including my office (though I also notice it switching from 3G to E randomly). It's just shocking that there can be any service issues in the middle of a city where so many tech professionals and writers live - hopefully Congress or Apple will get their act together to end this monopoly.

I can't believe people saying they have good AT&T service. Chicago has to be one of the worst places. In my own house on the top floor, with windows all around, I get barely any reception or it goes in and out of 3G, EDGE, and NO SERVICE. It's horrible. Whats really bad is I left Sprint for their horrible service years ago, and yesterday, when I couldn't send a text out or get a call to go thru, I had to borrow my friends Sprint phone, and I had no problem. The lady at AT&T customer service even admitted to me, that if I could see her screen with all of the AT&T towers out of commission around the Chicago Area, "it looks like a christmas tree" she said to me. I'm pretty much at the end of my rope with AT&T, I'd love to know more about these lawsuits, cause I'd love to be a part of one.

I've been putting up with AT&T pseudo coverage for the last two years, hoping that 3g would be better, now all my friends who have 3g have confirmed it's all a load of crap. At&T has 4 towers around me in Los Angeles. There's no coverage in my apt, no coverage on my street, no coverage in 5 major spots across town. It gets worse all the time. My contract is finally up and I'm trying the sim card on TMobile this week. I love my iPhone, I hate AT&T. They're slow, they've always lied about their ability to service their customers on cell service as well as for years on DSL. Check your speeds, they're not what you're paying for.
Oh and their new ads - you can't talk and surf at the same time on other carriers is a joke. Hell, in LA you can't talk OR surf 80% of the time because there's NO SERVICE.

I have an iPhone 4 and I love it I live in north carolina and at &t have been great with phone performance and understanding when has come to my bill