AT&T Finally Unleashes the iPhone 3G With No-Commitment Pricing

Well we all you that this day would eventually come. BGR is reporting on March 26th AT&T will begin to offer the iPhone 3G with a no-commitment price as well as no in-store activation. Something to keep in mind, this all comes to us at a very steep price of $599 for the 8 GB and $699 for the 16 GB with a few strings attached.

AT&T will only sell you "one per line". So with that in mind, don't go into the store without a current AT&T phone line and expect to walk out with a shiny new iPhone 3G because that is not going to happen. These iPhones are only being sold to current customers that meet the following criteria:


blockquote>AT&T is restricting the No-Commit price to existing customers who wish to add a line, purchase as a gift, or upgrade and not eligible for the Qualified or Early upgrade price.

So, at those steep prices and restrictions do you think these bad boys will sell well? It's pretty safe to say this is not a move to make inventory room for those "new" iPhones that Rene is wanting in the worst way...

[Via BGR]


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kyleshankles says:

Hopefully iPhone HD will hit before this becomes an annoying stipulation.

zeagus says:

"It’s pretty safe to say this is not a move to make inventory room for those “new” iPhones that Rene is wanting in the worst way…"
No, its not.

Memnautikus says:

Does hat mean it'll be prepaid now?w

Hakala says:

Ha only apple knows when the next iPhone hardware will come out but by listening closely to the 3.0 preview (this is mainly to rene) one could say If there was going to be new hardware soon, apple would not have mentioned the downside to running applications in the background and how it reduces battery life significantly (there are many more reasons like this) and apple most likely if they were to release new hardware would have included this feature with a workaround to save battery life. I'm not saying there is absolutly no chance in you no what but I am saying that it is highly unlikly, rene.

Mike says:

I know that I wouldn't pay that much for a phone only because I cannot afford such a steep price.. But if I had money like that, I would.

Rajiv says:

Would be a nice price if it was factory unlocked ...

thekevinmonster says:

When the SonyEricsson X1 came out, I believe it was close to a thousand dollars. I do know that if you were in america and wanted an HTC Universal when it came out, it was about a thousand dollars as an unlocked phone.
People will pay that much. As soon as those devices were announced, users were calling me at work saying, "I have a x, does your software work on it?"

zeagus says:

@Hakala - I would think they would go out of their way to mention it; it'll make the new device all the more magical ;).

Omari James says:

I wonder if this is applied only to the iPhone 3G , excluding the new one comming out this summer.

Scott R says:

Can someone explain why anyone would go this route versus just buying a new iPhone with plan, cancelling the plan, and paying the early termination fee? All told, that approach should be at least $100 cheaper.

Ana says:

@Scott R
excellent point