AT&T Gets their iPhone 3G S Pack On!

AT&T (via MacRumors) has posted a video of iPhone 3G S getting dressed up for its big debut tomorrow morning. If you ordered from them Empire, one of those just might be yours!

TiPb will be in line tomorrow. If you see any of us, say hello! And make sure you join us here on the blog and in the forums so we can all share pictures and updates on what's come to be the yearly Super Bowl of gadget releases.

Is it tomorrow yet?

Rene Ritchie

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iphonemilk says:

Someone needs to take this video and add a Song to it =)
Question is.... which song? I can think of like 5 right now on the top of my head. HAHAHA

kyle with bluetooth says:

if you're ready to stab someone in the eyes because it's the day before iPhone 3g s is released, and you just can't take it any longer, there's an app for that, but it only runs on the 3gs... sorry... and no stern.

Andrew says:

Well at least we know they have nice working conditions lol

spidesol says:

i got an email just now from att saying that my iphone just arrived at my store

andy says:

hey.. i people have started getting iphones..
check out this

Tony says:

Just got confirmation my phone shipped out today for delivery on Monday

Tony says:

i guess my plan to plow my car in to my local att store tommorrow morning, while yelling delivery is now bitch is ruined!!!!

King Rich says:

STOP n' Back it up - tune in around 45 sec
That might be your phone that someone just dropped on the floor!

Dyvim says:

Not my phone- I ordered mine from Apple!

Omari James says:

King Rich
LMAO - I soooo Caught That ! Lucky I'm waiting a while to get mine.
I might get the new one the end of July.

WaitingInSeattle says:

If the chick around the 1:11 mark moved a TAD quicker...I might get mine tomorrow as promised :P

Jazz says:

Lovely 32gig white 3GS shipped yesterday and is already to be delivered today at 3pm....YES YUP!