AT&T iPhone MMS Carrier Update Now Available via iTunes!

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The AT&T Carrier Update (v5.5), required to enable MMS on the iPhone is now live and can be installed via iTunes. Just plug in your iPhone and if it doesn't pop up immediately, hit the check for updates button.

Note: You need to be running iPhone 3.1, so if you haven't updated your firmware yet, do that first.

Once loaded, reboot your iPhone and then head on over the Messages app and you should see the new (for the USA!) camera icon on the bottom left.

For more info, see Apple's support article on the matter, and TiPb's iPhone MMS Walkthrough from earlier today!

Then let us know how iPhone MMS on AT&T is working for you!

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Reader comments

AT&T iPhone MMS Carrier Update Now Available via iTunes!


In San Antonio, TX....everything is working good. I've sent several pics and video's and I must say it gives the iPhone another step above the rest.


Getting Error up until about 1 hour ago...what can all be sent besides pics and vids? Can you send more than one pic at a time?

Los Angeles California is having problems with mms I called AT&T and they told me BS that all AT&T phones are having problems and that by tommoro it will start working now for that I'm going to try to keep in touch with the manager of AT&T and tell him WTF or CEO f**k AT&T they suck!! If any body is having problems in California plz post a comment here..

10:04 in NJ outside Philly. No SMS from AT&T saying it was activated. Have the new carrier file, but have been getting red ! for the last 5 hours.

Chicago is good to go. 3.0 3gs jailbroken with 5.5 carrier file. Thanks everyone well thanks everyone who helped with this. File would not download until I tried it in firefox then bam mms here I am.

Calls would hang at "calling" for minutes, and would sometimes not connect until a power cycle is done!
Called ATT, talked to a nice rep, saying they were having some tower problems in the Sacramento, CA areas.
MMS would work, but very-very slow! Signal would go from 1 bar to 5 bar, to "Searching". My Edge and 3G would fluctuate randomly. Phone never moved, you could literally watch this happen on the phone as it rests on the arm of the couch! Crazy!

Could care less about mms. If you have a non iphone data plan,
this update breaks your cellular network data.
So just went to get the us_att.mobileconfig from a site and my data plan works again. What a bull crap that they want me to pay an extra $10 to have the same data plan as I used to be having for a long time now.
Boooo ATT.

After waiting over an hour for the phone to boot up the second time, I realized I hadn't run the last iTunes update. Did that, restarted my phone while it was plugged in and it finally came up. Not sure if that was directly correlated but it worked!

In Cleveland: The first 2 hours worked great! But last 8 hours have the RED! and seem to stick at 80% then fail!

Los Angeles here. Update went fine. Rebooted and still unable to send or receive. "Message send failure"/red ! instead. I guess the network is overloaded.

Im down in san diego and when i try to send a message i get a red exclamation mark?
whats up what am i doing wrong?

Apple/AT&T have had to deliberatly keep it from us iPhone owners. I you bought a hybrid car but the manufacturer withheld the great gas mileage, would you be happy?!?
For all you douches you say that we should shut up about finally getting the MMS we deserve, F**k you. I still don't have MMS on my jailbroken 3Gs but I'll wait. I just don't want to hear you palm pre/storm owners hoping in here bashing us for having better smartphones then you.

When I plug in my iphone it does nothing, so I clicked "check for updates", and it comes back with "the version of the iPhone software (3.1) is the current version. Does anyone know how to get past this?

It doesn't work for the 2G!!!! That's crap! I've had phones that weren't even close to the power & design of this phone! I'm so tired of paying more than most people would ever pay & getting half the service! I'm not going back to a contract; if I knew how to get my phone on the BOOST network I would! I guess if anyone knows were I can get a 3Gs in the box for around 250; give me a holla!

You can edit the carrier.plist inside the ATT_US.ipcc and check a boolean value called "GroupModeEnabled" to turn this feature back on.

DFW area.
3G on AT&T with jailbroken 3.0.1, carrier file 5.0.
MMS still working, though there is a slight hang right before it sends. Reception quick from AT&T, varies with other networks.(First one from T-mobile took 5 hours, but that was several days before official rollout)
5.0 still has the tethering options showing. VVM works. MMS sends on 3G and WiFi. Having no other issues.
Should I really update to 5.5?

Just an FYI
For those who claim an mms = 4sms and so forth, this is not true. I've checked my bill statement online and it shows an mms as 1 message.

If you are getting the red (!) that means ATT hasn't removed the opt-out code yet. Most likely you are towards the end of the "rollout". If I understand it correctly even after the codes are removed it could take a little while.

Here's a funny story for you. I just got the message from AT&T about mms and have had it for a day already

I just Found out that the iPhone 3G can RECEIVE, VIEW, SAVE, and EDIT video. The only thing you can't do is send it. I haven't been completely shafted!

11am or so outside Philly. I got the AT&T message about MMS this morning, but as of yet, red ! and nothing will send. :-/

Nothing in Tucson. I can't even make a phone call myself. Phone not jailbroken, has all updates. Rebooted several times.
Since I don't have a landline I can't call AT&T. Haha. WTF should I do?

Ahh... After not even being able to make a call in Tucson for the last 16 hours or so, I finally got a text-only message sent...
...sent to my second iPhone sitting next to me...
Still haven't received it yet but hey, at this point I'll be glad if the network let's me dial a phone call!

Well, in Santa Fe, NM it installed in 30 seconds and then had message send errors for the first two hours or so, before it finally worked regularly later that evening. It is slow, however ...

MMS has worked flawlessly for any carrier I send it to! Also have noticed that text messages send faster so I'm guessing they may have updated their servers! Finally iPhone is a cell guru!

I had some errors when I updated my non-jailbroken phone. I called AT&T and they found out why. Apparently my IMEI number was incorrect. It was still showing my iPhone 2G when I have a 3G therefore their system was not allowing data to pass to my phone because it thought it was the 2G. If you are still having problems, call AT&T and find out if that is the case. They were very helpful and as soon as that problem was fixed, I powered the phone off and on and it works fine.

I have a jailbroken 3.1 3G and just updated the carrier settings using ITunes and it works like a charm!

Attention to anyone having problems with updating the 5.5 ipcc carrier file manually (to 3.0 or 3.01)
They are many directions out there as to how to do this. Including the links in this very same thread. However I would have saved a bunch of time if someone would have kindly mentioned that downloading the ipcc through internet explorer (or even safari reportedly) will not work..for me at least.
It took me since yesterday to figure this out, and if it wasn't for this one guy on youtube stressing that you should download the ipcc file under the FIREFOX browser, then I would not have mms as we speak.
Downloading the carrier update file via internet explorer will download the file as a zip which then screws everything up even if you extract. According to some posts on youtube, some safari users might experience difficulties too but i'm not sure (unfortunetly on pc).
The only way this "hack" worked for me was when I downloaded the att_us ipcc file with the FIREFOX browser. Firefox will download the ipcc file directly to your download folder as is-unmodified-which is the only way it will work. Thereafter, you can follow the directions that everyone else has been posting (executing command prompt, shift click on update button in itunes, etc)
Hope this helps someone..because If someone would have mentioned this to internet explorer users as myself a little would of saved me a lot of time!
However Now I have mms on my 3gs 3.0 and am very happy I was able to keep my jailbreak =)
Long live Jailbreak!!

I was able to get mms working without having to go thru iTunes using the Ben help link and it's awesome!

Make sure Your sim card is a 3g sim card and you must also have the 3g {$40} multimedia plan not the 2g {$30}

Does anyone have the 3.0.1 OS, and did this? Can you still tether if so? I have carrier 5.1, but would like to go to 5.5 as long as my tethering is still enabled, because my VVM doesn't work on 5.1.

I have 5.0 on 3.0.1. If you have a section in Cellular Data Network for Visual Voicemail settings, set the apn to acds.voicemail instead of wap.cingular. VVM should work then. I've heard tethering is disabled in 5.5, and since my MMS on 5.0 is working with tethering and VVM, I'm leaving well enough alone.

after being frustrated with this for 24hrs i decided to call att mms was workin on my moms 3g but not mine so i called and idk wat they did but it works now in si ny and got $5 credit

I started itunes and it said there was a new carrier file. I updated, reset the iphone, and there is no change. No mms, no change to messenger, no change to camera. Nothing different. Anyone have any ideas?

anyone having issues with pic failing to send call ATT and have them remove your messaging plan and then re add it. also make sure your phone is off during this (800) 331-0500 I just did this and now I can actually send MMS. Just trying to help anyone with issues I was very frustrated with this until now.

there is no $40 multimedia that we need to jump on in order to have MMS. Who told you that lie that your misinforming everyone with?
I think $30 is more than enough for data.

Does anyone know if any jailbroken quick text app will be already compatible with mms? Will I have the same camera button?

To everyone who is getting the red exclamation mark when trying to send a mms message, i think i found a fix and its simply. On your iphone, go to settings, then click General, and at the bottom click Reset and finally click reset all settings. Should work, let me know.

i have a jailbroken iphone,and i am running 3.0. don't want to upgrade to 3.1 for the reasons you all know. have followed some basic set up giving at the beginning og this topic. now my mms is working fine. i used to use swirlymms for mms before the update.

Orlando, FL
just updated but getting little red !.
Going to sleep..... better work in the morning or i will not be a happy camper.....

Adam from Houston-----
reset all setting fixed my problem. I can now send and receieve mms. Thanks a million!!!

for the people who are able to change the boolean command to make Group Messaging possible again like it was with the 5.1 carrier file:
would you be able to post an enabled 5.5 carrier file somewhere online? because i tried to do it myself but i think you need a mac to go into the .plist file thats within the ipcc file

Ok, the carrier setting update worked and MMS is working perfectly... BUT now my iPhone battery life is beyond bad. I burned through 15% just typing this. The battery life has never been great, but this is ridiculous. Anyone else experiencing this since updating to MMS?

Still not working for me. Reset all network settings as some have mentioned above. I guess my next step is to call AT&T to make sure they have my phone listed as 3G and not 2G.

Thanks so much Adam from Houston!
I had the explanation point since friday and gave up hope until now! Works like a charm!
Single guy Money, reset all settings not reset all network settings.

I updated my iphone tonight, and it will forward messages and do the voice memo thing but it still will not send pic messages

I was getting the red circle with the exclamation mark when trying to send MMS messages.
I just spent the last 50 minutes on the phone with AT&T to resolve.
The txt message lady (department) was not able fix it.
She transferred me to the (ANS ?) data department. They had me power on and off the phone a few times and changed some settings but were not having any luck. Finally the 2nd tear support was chatting with my phone agent and they changed something else on there end. Next they asked me to clear out and failed outgoing MMS messages, shut off the phone, and turn it back on.
As soon as I turned the phone back on I received a flood of test MMS messages from AT&T. I am also able to send MMS messages now. :)

It does not work on my older model iphone, pre 3G. I wonder if that is the issue. I followed the instructions.

I updated and rebooted and my text icon does now say "messages"...Although the camera icon never showed up next to the message bar. Any tips on why?

my perents and i both updated our phones but we don't even have the option to send a picture. my friend's updates phone can though?? what's going on apple?

I updated my i-phone 3gs to 3.1 softwear but still i dont see camra option in my SMS.. wat to do?? i hv windows..
Plzzz help me any1.. if u hv answer how can i do dat MMS update plz email me my email id is

Updated carrier settings to 5.5. on a jailbroken 3GS - MMS working fine, tethering still working, but battery life sucks big time now! Guess ATT carrier file 5.5. has a bug as before the update Battery life was not the best, but at least was ok for 2 or 3 days (now drained in 1 day)

my friends arent receiving my mms and i'm not receiving theirs! Updated and rebooted. any ideas? mms is on as well

I got mine to work fine, there were a few snags but here is what I got it working on: iPhone 3GS, FW 3.1, previsouly jailbroken on 3.0. carrier bundle 5.1.
Be sure you add the proper stuff in this menu: To get where you need to be, go to Settings -> General -> Network area. You should see a new Celullar Data Network option. Go into that area, and enter the following settings:
* wap.cingular;
* Username:;
* Password which is case sensitive: CINGULAR1;
* MMS Proxy:

Im in Michigan, working great now.

My phone says it sends pictures fine, but it won't receive them. My wife's iPhone does the exact same thing. Both say they send photos, but the other never receives them. I haven't tried sending to a non-iPhone user to see if they receive or not. Thus, not working in Utah yet.

Anyone tried using MMS without actually paying for the monthly Internet subscription bcause I'm not paying for it. I noticed that my friend after not having the Internet subscription and subscrbing again she was able to send and recieve MMS. If I have to pay Internet I think that's pretty retarded since I'm already paying for text.

Can someone clear this up for me. I MMS iPhone to iPhone fine. However, if I send to iPhone that doesn't have MMS set up it acts like it went on my iPhone but they never receive and I never get message saying it didn't send. Same issue if I send to someone on Sprint that I know has MMS working?
Is that normal?

I need help. I just bought the new 32GB 3Gs Iphone last sunday; went home update from itunes; reset my iphone; checked on the message thing and it shows the little icon for picture messaging. I was able to send pictures to my boyfriend (w/at&t service) and to a few other friends (from different network service providers); They received the picture message; When they tried sending me picture message, I DIDN"T GET ANYTHING from them. HELP HELP HELP!!!

The new MMS update has KILLED my battery life from the usual 1-1/2 day lifespan to less than 12 hours from a FULL charge!! ATT and Apple need to get their sh*t straight!! The phones sell for $199 to $599 and the product works half a$$?? My point made......

Since I got MMS on my iphone 3g, I can't send pics to anyone's (including mine) email address. MMS works fine..what do I need to do?

So i've followed the links to d/l the latest carrier update. I ran the command prompts as instructed but I still can't Click Shift and update in Itunes. I'm using Itunes on a Windows Vista 64bit. I'm on a 3G phone with 3.0 FW. Any suggestions?

I have an unlocked iPhone, got the 3.1 new software (so probaly no mor eunlocked) but do not have the original AT&T Sim Card anymore. Just a friend's Prepaid AT&T card. The apps are no longer working after downloading the new iPhone & iTunes verison - iTunes is now promting me to update my carrier setting.
First of all: Is it safe to do with a Prepaid card
Secondly: Could this fix my app not working problem?
I don't want to kill me phone!