AT&T MMS Network Outage Already?

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Boy Genius is reporting that AT&T MMS seems to be down for some users in some states, and what's more:

a quick call to AT&T’s customer care line revealed that there is a known latency issue with MMS in all states with no estimated time of repair.

So how about it? Are you experiencing any delays in sending or receiving MMS? Any outages? Either way, let us know where you are, and how long you've been having the problem.

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Reader comments

AT&T MMS Network Outage Already?


No problems sending, but I haven't been able to receive any from any other carrier. iPhone to iPhone is good, but can't receive any from my brother's bberry

"Are you experiencing any delays in sending or receiving MMS? Any outages?... let us know where you are, and how long you’ve been having the problem."
He's NOT asking to let us know IT IS working withOUT problems.

I updated to the new carrier file this morning and I have not yet been able to successfully send or receive MMS...I am in South Jersey.

I take that back. I sent one 15 minutes ago to another iPhone and they haven't gotten it yet.
Not good in Tampa, Fl

How ironic. I'm in southern New Hampshire. I got a text message this afternoon from AT&T that MMS is now available for iPhone users (it's actually been activated for about 4 days for me already).
My son who has Verizon sent me an MMS. I didn't get it (at least not yet- who knows what the delay is). I sent him one and he got it immediately.

Living on Long Island and just returned from milford connecticut today. MMS has been working great all the way from Connecticut to Long Island.

No problems here. Been using it all day, sending and receiving both on and off network, without a hitch. Heck, I'm probably the reason for the latency!

I was sending some to my family last night while in Miami and it was working fine. There is a slight delay, though, which is to be expected compared to SMS. I sent a 34 second video which took significantly longer (a few minutes at the most).

Oklahoma - I can send and receive from non-iPhone friends but cannot send nor receive from iPhone friends.

It's taking anywhere from 1-5 minutes to send an mms in Michigan. Sometimes it fails to send at all.

If you were more mature, you wouldnt have commented back. Ohio mms and services have just been sluggish

A friend in Philly (I'm in Maryland) just updated his iPhone and sent me a test MMS no problem. I sent one back no problem. This was no more than 30 minutes ago. Network seems fine to me.

im using a 3g with a 1st gen data plan does anyone know if this is a problem i heard mms is not available for the 1st gen iphone but does that mean the hardware only is incompatible

Nothing yet, get the red exclamation when sending, received 2 with the old "click here and use log-in and password" to see your MMS. Then I received one that just had the file name. All of these from iPhones. When i tried to send one from my wife's LG, it took forever to send and I never saw it.
Wichita, KS

iPhone to iPhone seems okay (takes up to 10 or 15min+ sometimes) though my g/f hasn't received a pic from me yet (she's using a Razr). Another friend who's on AT&T with a basic Nokia flip never received anything either.
My sister has an iPhone as well and she never received one of my MMS messages last night.
Overall, I would say it's terrible right now... I'll give it time. I'm located about an hour north of Philly.

New Orleans, LA and I still haven't sent a single MMS (updated around 45 minutes after it was released). Help :-(

Sometimes when I send try and send a regular text it fails to go through so I shut down my phone and restarted it again and it worked happend to me 3 times already.

Northeastern PA. is looking good now.
Tested to Verizon, AT&T non-iPhones and Sprint. Sent video, text and video, voice memos and pictures. All sent and received without significant delay. (under 5 minutes.)
I do have an issue with receiving GIFs...the sound comes as a separate attachment. Is this normal?

Att's mms has always sucked, before my iPhone i had a blackberry that had mysterious "delays" sending MMS no surprise now my iphone is the same. i got a pic which took about 30 mins to receive from another provider

Both my girlfriend and I have 3GS's and is has yet to work in Iowa. We were able to update the carrier file just fine but not a single message has gone through yet.

3G jailbroken 3.0.1, 5.0 carrier file, DFW area.
Now sending and receiving almost instantly from all carriers tried.

Should Iphone/Att/Apple compress files before sending mms? Takes 5 minutes or so to send (if not failing] a picture. Some have been received, others lost? Sucks, if not better in a few days, its email for me. Sad excuse for MMS.

North Carolina Slow Slow Slow, takes forever to send a picture. Is this because i'm on edge, not 3g. Pics taking 30 mins and up to 2 hours. GO ATT !!!!

sent pics to verizon, tmobile,att, boost,sprint ,with no problems, only got one pic sense yesterday(boost mobile)

Mother recieved pix on Verizon but when I tried to send an email to mutiple numbers, they didn't get it... ATT SUCKS...
@fastlane ....shut your hole!

If it does work R8der4life, it may not be worth using unless your in a 3g area. Edge here and the load time for a picture is aging. LOL Good luck

Mine has never worked...I have a 3gs and whenever I go to send, the bar never goes the whole way over. I just updated my friends (3g) and it works fine.

carefull mike….you may anger Fastlane!!!!!
Sorry, I don’t fight with children.
Ummmm yeah....sounds like it....Moron

Near Myrtle Beach, SC (but on edge) I can send them... But the recipients haven't gotten them. Also.. I have yet to receive one from someone else.

no problems sending and receiving for me in atlanta. Girlfriend received a picture and text combo message and she has an old flip on the verizon network.

Extemely slow and have to try several times in western KY. On edge network, little over a week now, no Improvement

In Columbus Ohio. Hasn't worked for me at all yet. AT&T said the network could be down for up to 72 hours. This was yesterday evening. Way to go AT&T! You never let me down!

TEAM #Fastlane @fastlane
I've been sendN MMS since Thurs night ,and I'm on OS 3.0 wit 4.0 carrier file oh yeah JAILBREAK RULES!!!!

On Long Island. Have been able to send without a problem. What was interesting is that I have only been able to receive MMS from Verizon users who have a Curve. My sister has the Tour and has been trying to send me pics since yesterday without any luck. Waiting on a MMS message from my sister in law who has an Omnia.

In far NW Phoenix.My 3G on 3.0 can send but to iPhone and T-Mobile but I cannot receive from either. My wifes 3GS on 3.0 cannot send. it goes to 90% and just hangs and bnever times out

Doesn't work at all here in DC. Not Friday or today. I called AT&T today and they said they had a national outage for MMS. They said it will be fixed tomorrow.

Cleveland, OH iphone3gs 3.1 sending to 90% then times out with error 9 out of 10 times

Only delay was AT&T notifying me via text about 20 mins ago that MMS was now available for iPhone. Umm... Can you say "a day late" AT&T???

I keep on having to restart my iPhone to get back any service. I get some for some time and then the whole AT&T network won't work. Here in NE PA.

3G unlocked with ultrasnow - Jailbroken with 3.1 firmware, just updated carrier profile to 5.5. Can't send or receive MMS. Any ideas?

I have a jb iphone, did the early release of carrier 5.0 and everything works fine, does anyone know if i should get the carrier update 5.5? Is there any difference?

The mms is awesome whenever I get signal. AT&T's having a horrible problem with the towers in Baker and Zachary Louisiana. Terrible.

Was working last week when I manually changed the carrier file, but now that it's officially launched, I can't send any at all. I updated via iTunes to make it all official but no dice.
I'm in Northwest CT

Not working here at all in Chicago.....Called AT&T and they stated a service ticket was put in on the problem and should be resolved shortly....Yeah Right!!!

After you update reset you network settings then reset the phone when I did both those after the update, I was able to send mms instantly before the resets I would get the red exclamation.

AT&T sucks so bad, I think I'm going to cancel tomorrow. What do you think, you had 2 and half years to get this ready. And they still can't get it to work,, not working here, in long island new York

Working great for me in Tampa Bay area of Florida. Takes approximately eight seconds to send a photo. Receives quickly. Got a text from AT&T at noon today explaining the new service and how to update my iPhone LOL. Had it up and running Friday afternoon..

in Northern California we are having no luck. We wait how many months and pay overpriced rates and what do they do? The Fuc! it up way to go ATT. Come on, you think they would get it rite the first time. On top of it they want to charge us even more to tether. Let me bend over for you AT&T.
Well if AT&T was like Apple they might give people affected by the delays some sort of compensation. Wait it's AT&T, they are just out to take your money.

Have been able to receive MMS successfully from Verizon phones (including those who are Blackberry Tour users). Now have to wait and see if video works.
Long Island, NY.

Worked great at RDU airport in North Carolina. Also working well here in Los Angeles.
I know a lot of people won't agree with me, but I just want to say I don't think AT&T is as bad as people make it out to be. I've honestly never had a problem with AT&T, and I've been all over the country with them since they were Cingular.

I am in St Francisville, La. It takes forever to send mms and then the recipient may or may not get it. Not too up on technology:-( If anyone can walk me through something that may help I would be grateful!!!!!

I've sent numerous pictures of my genitals to to all my male contacts and no one has said they've received them yet so I guess still MMS in Uranus.

I actually agree with Fastlane! You were suppose to post if ur mms wasn't working. By posting bunch of bs posts u r just annoying people. It would be nice if ONLY people who has issues post so we could see if there is a solution for there issue!

All good in Jax, Fl I sent a picture if the words "mms biatches" to all of my g1 toting friends who have rubbed it in my face since day one

Instead of throwing obscenities at you, I'm just going to point out the irony of the excerpt of the post that you quoted earlier.
They asked if people were having problems, which leads to a yes/no response. They didn't say that only people with MMS problems should post, only you did. Further, they said to let them know "either way." So you're wrong on all counts.

@ Andrew
"delays in sending or receiving MMS? Any outages? Either way, let us know where you are, and how long you’ve been having the problem." EITHER WAY if YOU HAVE DELAYS OR OUTAGES! How long you've been having the PROBLEM***
read and analyze carefully before posting!

St Louis Mo. Family has 5 iPhones. After some I initial problems with red exclamation point we r all up and running with no issues

Of course it doesn't work in Michigan, or at least in my area of michigan! No MMS, no 3g. If the iPhone wasn't so awesome I would dump att yesterday!

Fifteen minutes outside Philly in South Jersey and it's never worked. All I get is red ! repeatedly. I called AT&T and they fooled around for 40 minutes before telling me it was a network outage and was going to take a few days. I will continue to investigate as my brother and SIL live ten minutes away and their MMS works fine. This random outage thing is ridiculous.

With all of the b$&@hing going on............guess no one could help me!!! Made me laugh though!!!

I'm rockin the red exclamation mark in Atlanta, GA as well. Have not been able to successfully send an MMS yet.

For everyone experiencing red ! When trying to send mms. Try resetting your network settings. Go into settings>general>network>reset network settings. I did that and it's worked for me since.

when i first tried it on friday it took 6 or 7 tries to get the first pic to send. since then, no problems. receiving mms was never a problem. got one from a friends t-mo blackberry within seconds of it being sent.

No problems in NH, still haven't tried receiving from another phone or carrier, but iPhone to iPhone is working pretty good lol

I can't even get mms here in Michigan because they didn't release it here until the 26th so I have to wait till tommarow to get it as I have no pc right now. I tried to get it on the 25th and AT&T tolde it was a problem with my phone but then I got a text Saturday telling me that it was just now avalible

I finally got it to work! I called AT&T twice to get it resolved. For those who still are having problems, call AT&T, ask for Tech Support and have them look at your provider and network settings. The woman who helped me made some adjustments, had me reset ny iPhone network settings and now it's working beautifully.

@Brandi i think u shud turn 3g on bcuz im in NC and i send em in like 20 seconds but im in raleigh so who knows.. Wat part r u in?

Ok so just spoke to At&t about not being able to send or recieve mms from phones other than the iphone and they said and i quote
"Sir at the moment we are aware of this issue and we are working towards a resolution. We do not have an exact date as to when it will be resolved but when it is you will recieve a text message"
I guess they figured that if they allow us to be able to send from iphone to iphone it will buy them some time to get their s**t together.

Only received 2 pics so far and they were from a boost phone, I guess all my friends like email better. But still having no problems Spring Valley N Y.

I have been able to send & receive MMS between our iPhones and with my work Verizon BB Storm. Someimes a delay but they have all gone through fine.

Used it all weekend, zero issues - love it, finally I have a real
cellphone - for those that live away from their families, its a breath of fresh Air

Successfully sent from iPhone to iPhone, but all attempts to send to phones on Verizon (LG Dare, Motorola V9M) all fail. Texts send and receive fine, just MMS not getting there.

i was on the phone with att on 9-27-09 for 40 mins and they kept acting like it was some thing on my part then she told me oh its a known issue and all iphone are not able to send or receive and there is no time line to when it will work

MMS takes a long time to send (2-5 minutes) and fails about 50% of the time. I know I also didn't receive one from a colleague, but when he resent it, it appeared in moments.

No luck at all here in Reno, NV. Cant send or receive MMS it just times out. My friends are hit or miss with theirs here in town.

Hey, Idaho iPhone user here, and I can only send an MMS in 1 out of 3 attempts (if at all). Furthermore, if I do get a message out, it takes at least a minute to actually send. Lame.

In California and I can send MMS to myself but cannot receive nor send MMS to anyone else.

day 4 mms running smooth as ever. spring valley NY. really cant complain about any delays or outages or anything with carrier update.

hating on at&t right now, why deliver on a promise you can't keep? In chicago and no luck all weekend long, nor today..Monday...ugh!

not working for me... im in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.. i've had the problem since the carrier update came out.. in other words i haven't been able to send or receive a mms

It said it was sending the mms but then it just gave me the red exclamation mark. high irritating! i'm in atlanta

AT&T SUCKS! POS NETWORK! In New Orleans, LA and no dice. I can send MMS and most people receive them; however, I cannot receive from anyone. Yet a buddy of mine can do it just fine. AT&T...Raising the bar...up my a**!

for some reason nothing will work on my iphone as long as 3G is turned on. messages of any kind mms or not will not send and i can not send or receive calls. also i get the cannot activate cellular data message when trying to turn on 3g connection. anyone else having simular problems?

No MMS over 3G network here. I discovered by accident that my MMS does work over Edge network, but not on 3G network. I was out in the boonies yesterday and just for grins, I tried to send an MMS to my daughter who has AT&T Iphone and only lives 5 miles away. While in the boonies, I noticed that Edge was my only connection and to my surprise, the message went through and she got it on the 3G network in my local area. To verify this, as I got closer to home, and I started getting 3G service, I tried to send again, and no luck. So I forced Edge service by turning 3G off in the settings and I was again able to send. I've been to the Apple store and showed them the problem and of course, the "Genius" I was assigned never owned an Iphone and could only offer to replace my phone at $200 since I'm out of warranty or continue to deal with AT&T's Tech Support . I;ve searched the net for anyone complaining of a similar problem, but have been unsuccessful, so I'm starting to think this is a hardware problem. My last resort is to call AT&T again from another phone so they can try to trouble shoot while I'm on the phone. This has been a slight issue since I don't have a land line at home and to timing between when my wife and I are home at the same time. AT&T has been documenting my issue but they really need for me to call from another line. All hardware issues fall on Apple and since I didn't shell out $70 for Apple Care, it may cost me more to get MMS, something I'm not so sure is worth it since I've gotten along just fine without it for over a year. Anyone still having MMS issues, try to send over edge only by forcing 3G off in the settings. I'd be curious to know if others have this issue. Did I mention that I restored to "New Iphone" and updated to 3.1 and IPCC 5.5 and without any other apps installed, MMS Still didn't work over 3G network? 3G in my area has been great for data and voice so I know this isn't the problem and I suspect hardware.

I can send and recieve with other iPhones fine, however, if anyone with a different kind of phone or carrier tries to send I don't get anything. I live in northeastern pennsylvania. This has actually caused me grief now one of those cell phone moments were it is something important and you don't respond so your an ahole. I hate AT&T sometimes.

Well.. Mine works with every network except Verizon, which is what most of my friends have. I'll send a picture to a verizon phone and they don't get it... But I'll send one to anyone else they get it instantly. So annoying; I thought I'd finally get to send friggin pictures.

I receive a red exclamation on my iPhone when sending MMS. It worked briefly a couple days ago, but consistently fails now with the red exclamation. I live in Claremont, CA.

When MMS became available for AT&T it worked perfectly. Now like 2 or 3 weeks later I can no longer recieve MMS messages especially from Verizon customers. This is BS! I live in Chicago. THey better fix this crap!

My sweetie stays outside Houston, TX and cannot make any calls + texts come in delayed if at all. Does anyone know when this will be corrected???

I'm out in Temple city, I have a 3gs and the mms was working when i upgraded, but now for some reason just stopped... Any help?

I am at New York, N.Y and I am currently having trouble with the 3G, the stupid thing does not work.

Iphone not sending, receiving txt mesgs in South Florida and I cannot even make a call. And I can't get thru to ATT either toll free or via web!!!!

New York is having recieving problems it takes over 10 min to recieve mms from other carriers but them recieving my mms is perfect

My brother sent me three MMS'es at about noon today. Its 10:45PM and I haven't received a single one. Milwaukee, WI is down.

It works here in Wilmington, DE. but it is a little slow on the sending. Since the launch, though, there has been improvement. Initially it was slower sending and even slower to nonexistent on recieving, especially from non-AT&T and non-iPhone users.

Kind of working here in WI. I can send MMS, but not recieve any yet...I have all the updates....I did recieve one MMS this week. All others will not go through--comming from US Cellular users.....

MMS does not work in Western KY. I called the rep and they said it is a network problem and it should be resolved shortly. It's been 9 days....still nothing. We don't even have 3G coverage anyways out here...

My new replacement iphone 3gs apple gave me yesterday will not send any MMS to any one but at&t SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA

No cell service for the last hour. Sporadic txt messages in/out. WTF NO phone calls able to be made AT ALL!

Same here, NO Phone Calls, and texts take a long time to send, if even. the only thing i have is Data. lotsa ppl are having issues, all ATT iphone users

Atlanta and South Florida started around 5:10 PM. Just when I was making a closing sales call on the cell.
I stopped in an ATT store and they said yes the voice was down.
It came back on around 6:15 PM

Dammit! MMS went out last night on Halloween. I'm in suburb of Chicago. Hope they resolve soon... I'm an MMS addict now :)

Well, I think mines been acting pretty shitty for a while now, especially noticeable when sending to my friend that has Verizon, I was sent a pic from them yesterday at 3pm and I did not receive it until 8am today.. That is ridiculous.. I have had problems with them not getting mine at all or in a reasonable amount of time as well but not as bad as it has been for me to receive one.. We waited forever to get MMS cause of this network updating and now its shit..

I live in St Pete, FL and spend a lot of time in Wisconsin...but no matter where I am, I cannot send or receive mms msgs to Verizon Wireless phones!!! Works fine with T-mobile. Most my friends and all my family have Verizon and this issue is really annoying me!!!!
Any news on how to resolve this issue?

Yeah I had it for about a month. I left on vacation for a week and when I Came back i couldn't send one. I don't live in a 3g zone does that have anything to do with it? I live in northern kentucky. there are multiple cities in my area with 3g tho. It it hopeless until my city gets 3g?

I am in Michigan. i just started having issues sending mms videos and receiving mms videos from verizon people. This has happened ever since I was in Chicago and cant fix it. When I get a video it says one or more of message componets have been deleted by mm adaptation. Either the message was too large or the components were unsuitable for your terminal. I have tried everything to fix this. Has this happened to anyone before and do u know how to fix it? It is just with mms videos!Thanks,Kim

I'm in St, Louis and i just got my iPhone for xmas and i just downloaded the new software for the iPhone and downloaded the MMS update and i still cant send a MMS it says message failure and then you try again and it still says message failure. I have tried everything that everyone says to do like restoring your phone and everything like that but it still doesent work. im thinking the network is down and they are fixing it

Having problems with MMS messaging for the past several hours... have to send a message repeatedly for it to go through. DFW area.

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we have altell and use verizon towers where we live it is now 7pm mts, been without service since before 5am, says 3G but still does not work gggrrrrr!