AT&T Responds: iPhone 3.0 MMS and Tethering

iPhone 3.0: Tethering Hero

We'll just pass then the mic and let you tell us what you think in the comments!

Regarding MMS:

We absolutely will offer MMS on iPhone 3G S in late summer once we complete some system upgrades that will ensure our customers have the best experience with MMS.  These upgrades are unrelated to our 3G network.  When MMS is ready, we will let customers know.

Regarding offering a tethering plan:

We plan to offer one but we don’t have an announcement to make at this time.

Joe Chandler
Executive Director
AT&T Corporate Communications

[Thanks to Phil for bringing this one home!]

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AT&T Responds: iPhone 3.0 MMS and Tethering


Why don't they mention the fact that all exsisting iPhone 3G users can't upgrade without paying an extra $200! WTF!?
This didn't happen last year!

02 to support MMS and tethering on 3.0 Release Date!!
Same deal as AT&T tho you will have to wait till contract finishes or pay to upgrade!!

Time to realize, people! Apple is not trying to offer the best phone it can every year. It is simply trying to get you sheep to buy the “coolest new phone”! Iphone 1 could have easily had all the features that iPhone 3Gs has! At&t is not going to lower their prices, they are making too much money of you sheep! Palm Pre still out deuls iPhone 3GS, no argument! Why not give iPhone 3GS multitasking ability, if it has twice the speed and RAM of 3G? Why offer a new OS that gives more than just search? No, they just take the old and add a few tweaks and call it ‘iPhone OS 3.0′! You fanboys will never learn. Sprint’s Palm Pre is the clear winner!

Apple probably does not have enough production capacity to upgrade existing iPhone users at this time. It will be hard enough to meet the demand of new users.

@Andy - why should us 3G owners qualify for an upgrade? The reason that 2G owners like myself were eligible is because we paid full price for the damn thing when we bought it. There was never a discount given for the original iPhone... they did not begin subsidizing until the 3G was available, and that discount was given to 2G owners because they never were eligible for a discount in the first place.

How to force customers to upgrade year after year!
That's what the title of this post should have been.
BTW not only will 1st gen and 3g not get MMS, but that kewl App store App that made it possible for both to be able to send MMS ISendMMS will most likely not be included in the 3.0 apps to come
Wow who taught Apple and AT&T how to treat faithful customers? I think they learned from the old communist block. I guess next we can look forward to secret squads of black special forces busting in our doors in the middle of the night for having Jailbroken devices.
Looks like it's time to look into the Right to Repair act. Those drafting have already thought of including computers and other hand held devices. Write your reps if you don't want to dragged off int he middle of the night!

AT&T sucks, period. There choice to screw customers this time around with the iPhone 3GS may be their biggest mistake ever- If I were Apple, I'd drop them ASAP.
I'm making it my missions to get #attsucks to the top of the trending topic lists (even tho technically, it already is at the top)

Have they said that MMS will not be available on the 3G and only on the 3GS? I would think that if that were the case, they would have excluded it at the March 17th event like they did the 2G. I highly doubt it will be 3GS exclusive, especially since other countries will be offering it from the jump.

I can't imagine how much complaints they received about this today.
But wait a minute, if I have any 3G phone with MMS, can't I use it on AT&T today??

@Daniel I only agree on MMS, iPhone 2G uses EDGE and both it and the 3G models have a limited processor and 128 MB of RAM, thus making some of the features just not as good as Apple would approve them, so no video and no voice commands, but as I can use Skype under 3G on my jailbroken iPhone, I'm sure this is only a matter of time.
Same thing for tethering, but I guess it'll be pretty hard to jailbreak 3G S, since the iPod Touch 2G is still pretty confusing to jailbreak.

I think AT&T is struggling with their inept programmers. They have been working on this stuff for a while and they're still not ready. For example the at&t iphone app actually asks for your phone number...

The best part of the keynote was the macbook changes. The iPhone 3GS is a POS. Not worth fooling with an upgrade. They should have delayed until they had a phone that showed some real progress.

@Chris - I understand that, because I too had a 2G & I just read a whole article about that. But still, I don't like the fact they don't mention this from the beginning. I go to pre-order the 3G S, and then at checkout I see $499 and it annoyed the hell out of me.
But is the only official difference between the 3G and 3G S is the Camera/Video and Voice Control? 3G will still have MMS right? (Maybe I can live without Video and Voice Control...)

Bullshit AT&T. You should be ready to go immediately on both fronts once Apple releases 3.0. Extremely unacceptable! I was putting up with all the shit AT&T threw at me such as sky high pricing and poor network development. Not any more. You fucked me on my 3G experience and I will be hard pressed to buy another iPhone once my contract is up. This is the reason why our economy is crumbling. Businesses offering shitty products for premium pricing. It's the reason people stopped buying American cars and why businesses falsified financials so they could continue raping the public.

Here Here Dan. Apple needs to seriously get the iPhone onto another carrier and create some competition. ATT's complacency is awful. How can they not have some sence of urgency to keep up with Apple's innovations? ATT dropped the ball before, and they are doing it again. Shame on you ATT.

ok people i understand you are upset about upgrading costing so much. But the first gen iphone wasnt subsidized. Technically you shoudnt even have had to put a 2 year contact on your head. But the 3g was and at&t shelled out money from their pocket so you can have that phone. But you havent fully paid at&t back and you are asking them to shell out money so you can get another phone? Why would they do this. They havent gotten the money they put out for you yet. When your 2 year contact is over then they have their money. US law doesnt let them put a +2 years contact on you. Otherwise if they could then they would just extend your contract by 2 years and give you the phone for that money. But as it stands now 2 years is the max contract anyone can put on you. So At&t will not give you money to get anotehr phone. Its money our of their pocket.

I can somewhat swallow the upgrade cost. It's the same with other phones/carriers. But not being ready for MMS & tethering is "Extremely unacceptable!" Late Summer!?! WTF?!? Did they just figure out that 3.0 was hitting next week? Wow, how about that "F U" to us from ATT. Just awful.

Oh, I think technically they probably close to ready on both fronts, after all they certainly should be. The problem is they haven't quite figured how to suck even more money $$$ out of your wallet without taking a public flogging for it.

Talk about att hitting it while the iron is hot. They are so pathetic i am not going to upgrade an i will just wait untill the next iphone which hopefully comes out on verizon. Then i will be able to get 3g in my area instead of being 70 miles away in Indianapolis, In. which is the closest att 3g

Oh I guess AT&T must have just found out about the existence of OS 3.0 this afternoon at the keynote. What other excuse could they have for having no tethering news to announce at this time?

Why is AT&T delaying rollout of iPhone tethering, MMS?
The truth is at the very bottom.
Its just the Opt-Out that has to be removed from EVERY plan for MMS to magically start working. Then they have to make sure their MMS trap is shut down. Worst case, they might need to send out another Carrier Update.
No additional equipment. Not upgrades. I expect MMS to actually be available at the time OS 3.0 is released (just my wild guess).

I just bought the new iPhone 3G (S) didnt pay any upgrade from my original 3G I bought last year... was 199 for the 16gb

@ Robb how did u do the pre order because it is making me pay the full price when I do the pre order

Don't forget the 3G iPhone was half price because of the data plan going from $20 (2G) to $30 (G3) over 24 months!

I just ordered mine from the apple site, which linked back to my at&t account, and the price was $212 shipped for the the 16gb model...
And I bought my original 3G the day it came out.. I was surprised it didn't charge me full price too.

@robb - I got my 3G the day it came out too, and on it tells me I qualify for the update on 3/12/10.

Screw this guy and screw AT&T, there is no excuse! We've known about MMS coming with 3.0 since March! Which means AT&T knew long before that, and every other phone from AT&T has MMS and has had it for YEARS!
Do they have to get out the horse and buggy to turn the wooden wheel which runs their network?
EVERY other carrier will have MMS capability on the 17th, AT&T has no excuse, none, they are probably just trying to figure out a way to charge us even more for MMS. When it's finally ready 4 months from now in the fall they can say it's a "new" feature and charge us 50 bucks a month for unlimited MMS messages.
It should be ready on the 17th along with 3.0, the only reason it isn't isbecause of choice, AT&T is choosing not to give it to us, and for that they can go to hell. I want to switch to Verizon or T-mobile, hopefully one ofthem gets the iphone or something comparable real soon.

Can someone explain to me the difference between sending a MMS on a generic (i.e. samsung) 3g phone verses the iPhone 3g?
They have unlimited messages of ALL kinds of messages, why screw us over? I'm actually on that "unlimited" plan.

There is no difference, AT&T is just full of ****.
My 5 year old Samsung could send and recieve MMS messages! On ATT!!

Whoopty-Frickin-Doo.... Figures that we still get screwed out of MMS on the $phone. Now it's "delayed" till late summer. I sold my 3G and Im back to using a Blackberry Curve. When 3Gs does become available and I can afford to pay (the full price), I'll probably just get a newer better, FASTER Blackberry! What a disappointment.

AT&T REALLY dropped the ball on this one. It's not like they haven't had adequate forewarning that MMS and tethering were coming. And they're not ready yet? Really? I hope heads are rolling at AT&T, but probably not. AT&T is definitely the weak link in the iPhone experience here in the U.S.

There's an article on that discusses the reasoning for MMS is because there is an "MMS opt out" code on everyone's account that they have to disable. Oh, and data+tethering plans will cost $70. Sorry, can't provide URL because copy/paste isn't out yet. ;-)

That makes no sense, AT&T is up to something, it would take me about ten seconds togo into settings and enable mms.

I use to own an iPhone 2g but today I upgraded to the 3g. Mainly because I wasn't impressed by the 3gs. I know that others may feel different but to me it didn't have that wow factor. Faster speeds that I can't tell exist because of the coverage in my area. The 3.0 mp camera plus autofocus is a goodstep up but it still doesn't have an flash. The 32 gbs to me is the best selling point but it wasn't enough to sway. Voice commands and a compass really........ C'mon apple. I done with the carrot on a stick games that apple plays. I loved my 2g and hopefully the experience will be the same with my new 3g. Thanks for the great coverage of WWDC TiPB. If they wouldve came out with something totally new on the hardware side I wouldve been on the boat but they didn't so I'm missing this 1. Plus by the time this contract is up, 4g (lite) should have all the kinks worked out. My 2 cents.

This "update", add / remove from plans is a load of horse s*. I just sent a MMS to my wife from my Bold. Seemed to work just fine. I can TXT too. IM is up and running. I don't pay extra for any of it. I have a crappy old RAZR phone that sends MMS. So the latest and greatest iphone can't yet?? You have to be kidding. Lets put a phone on sale and not let some functions work until "late summer" and "we will let you know". I know this is an Apple site, but do you guys remember all the stupidity ATT had with releasing the Bold?? Was delayed. Could not say when the release was. Missed 2 release "dates". All of you going out to get this phone now better not hold your breath waiting for it to "work". And don't beat me up. I have a 3G too. I carry the Bold because of cr like this.

@carolinamic: You say that the next one should have the kinks worked out. People said that when the first gen device came out, and it wasn't true for the 3G when it came out. Don't buy something and expect a future device will do what the one you have now won't. Buy something that does what you want now.

It's not AT&T. I talked to a rep last night and he said that it's in the contract from Apple. Apple told them to opt- out MMS. Because Apple felt that email was the way to go with MMS. Then he said it would takes weeks to provsion everyone's account. Also he told me that if I get it before the 17th I could call in they would manually do it. Then he said if you get the right rep you can talk them into doing it.

Per AT&T, MMS will be enabled on 3G and 3Gs. Additionally, the $299/$399 price marks are valid as long as you've surpassed your one year upgrade mark. If you recently bought an iPhone 3G you are stuck until you've had it at least one year. For me, I will have to wait until 07/29/09 before I can upgrade.

What if they get all the people to buy the 3G S and then later announce that they will be charging for MMS and you HAVE to pay for the MMS like data.
That would be very sneaky but I doubt that's the problem.

AT&T is garbage. I hate their service. Most bars in most places my ass. Their calls get dropped all the time. Worthless company! I am mad I am stuck to a contract still. The iPhone isn't worthy your shitty service AT&T! AT&T should stand for "Americas Terrible Telephone"!

When AT&T gives us our bills this month lets all send them a letter that says "To ensure our contract obligations have the highest amount of quality, we are delaying our payment until late summer"

Here's the problem AT&T has with tethering on the iPhone:
The DataConnect plan for laptops is $60/month, and is not unlimited (you pay for over 5 GB). It is data-only, no talkie time. The iPhone plan is basically $30/month on top of your voice plan, and it is unlimited data.
Tethering your laptop to the iPhone cannabalizes their DataConnect plan. They lose $30/month to start, and no data overage profit. And just think of all they'll be losing when pirate 3G-to-Wi-Fi hotspots start showing up everywhere, competing with the official AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots...

Actually, it is a relief that AT&T won't allow me to upgrade my 3G to 3GS this summer at a reasonable price. I love my iPhone so much that I was kind of looking forward to forking over $300 and upgrading and continuing with another two-year contract.
Now while waiting until next summer, I will hope and pray that T-Mobile or another top-tier carrier can get their hands on the iPhone (or hey, I've been a Palm user for many, many years, the Pre).
It is comforting to know that my days with AT&T are limited.
Just sign me,
Fed Up

I agree with everyone's complaints about At&T. I was with Tmobile and only wish the Iphone could be used on their network without having to modify hardware to do so. Their coverage and speed is inferior to Tmobile while charging greater fee for service. And I was really disgusted to see that as an existing AT&T customer, I would have to pay $499 to get the iphone3GS. Other than the improved camera, I am hoping the new 3.0 OS will suffice with it's features....oh, wait, AT&T can't support those new features.

How come when we are late paying our bill, AT&T calls us up to pay our bill...but when AT&T can't deliver MMS or tethering, we have to be patient and wait when AT&T gets their act together.
How would AT&T feel that the check will be in the mail at the end of this summer?

Don't upgrade to the iPhone 3Gs, because next year your AT&T contract ends and just in time to dump AT&T in favor of Verizon!

I agree AT&T is up to some fishy business. While using 3.0 I see that a few of these features are absent. WTF? End of the summer! They need to have this stuff ready now because I'm on it. Well atleast by the 17th. Funny thing is my wireless bill is slowly creeping up and AT&T can't explain why. We are all being charged for something!

I can't stand AT&T-my service has been horrible and the only reason I keep them is for the iphone. As soon as there's another option I'm switching. My calls are constantly dropped, I can't access my voicemail.... And, it's not the phone. Same things happening with a new phone, as it did with the old one.

AT&T needs to react quickly. However I think Apple has some blame to share. They are making millions on the iPhone. They could bring the price down a bit.
MMS - When I talked to Apple about sharing pictures they told me it was easy. Just send it with an email. Skinny pointed that out.
Apple and AT&T are making tons of money. Time to reward us with some decent prices!

I have a alpha version of 3.0 running on my iPhone... It is very disapointing. There is not even any options for mms at this time in the settings, no mms icon, nothing. IMO there is nothing noticably worth doing the firmware update. I was very excited, now very disapointed.

ATT... I have been with you guys for more than 12 years as a wireless customer. Going through the Cingular change cost me more than $200. Then upgrading to iPhone, cost me another ungodly monthly increase. The service has always been marginal. From what I am hearing the Edge network is more relaible than 3G. I wanted to upgrade to the new iPhone 3GS, but now not only are the phone's ridiculously priced, there is a caviate in app availability, 3G still is not everywhere I want or need to be. I just don't understand why NO SERVICE in a Metropolitan area would even appear, yet this happens often and all I get from tech services, is "we'll let our team know" five months later, nothing has changed. I spend over $250/month for my family's phone service, why can't you do better with your BILLIONS of dollars. Is your infrastructure really that old or piece milled? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!

@Ray...Agree. ATT can't even get 3G up and running. What makes anyone think it will be any different with the 3GS? HSPA 7.2 will probably be even more unreliable. That's one big reason why I'll keep my 3G and decide if I just want to drop ATT all-together.

AT&T is the new Antichrist. I swear it's operated by the Bush family. Nazi bastards. Can't give us MMS on the iPhone 3G that I chose over the Blackberry Storm? Hey verizon, can u hear me now? I'm sorry!! I should have chose you instead of this communist crap I have to deal with now. I agree with everyone else on the list. What if my money showed up late this summer? **** U AT&T !!!! I'm done with your crap the day my ball and chain(a.k.a., your bull*hit contract) is off.

Ok, so I just updated my iphone, and I am just in utter shock that the main upgrades to the phone are now not supported by AT&T... what crazy witchcraft or wizardry does the iPhone do when it sends a MMS that makes it comparable to walking on water? Why cant ATT do their god damn job and make this happen, i can walk in and sign up for a 2 year contact and get a free, piece of crap phone, and it can send and receive pics and more than likely videos. so why cant my iphone??.. it is absolutely ridiculous. I think AT&T owes its iphone customers something, they seriously dropped the ball on this one, and dont even get me started on the outrageous prices for the new iPhone 3GS...but its ok, a $500 phone that still wont enable users to take advantage of any of the new features, so whats the point of spending a fortune for that one...i should have got the Blkberry Bold.

Is there any hope for the 1st gen iphone getting MMS????? Because if it only had MMS it would be perfect, but nooo....

ATT is so much bullshit why cant i fucking mms on my muther fucking phone this is what all the hype is about and you still cand muther fucking use it BULLSHIT fuck you ATT FUCK YOU!

ATT is so much bullshit why cant i fucking mms on my mother fucking phone this is what all the hype is about and you still cant mother fucking use it BULLSHIT fuck you ATT FUCK YOU!

I can't believe how AT&T keeps getting away with s!!t like this. For being the most advanced smartphone out there, it doesn't even have the simple capability of MMS?!?!?!
WTF!!!! There's MMS on a $50 crap phone! I love this phone but damn the carrier!

Are you freakin' kidding me?!!? No other carriers even have the iPhone (for now), so WTH is the point of including it in the update if we can't use it?! This is such BS. AT&T seriously sucks ***. If ANY other carrier offered the iPhone I would drop AT&T immediately.

I think we should all call and complain, threaten to cancel service if this isnt resolved soon!! DAMN ATT s_cks donkey balls!

So when everybody bought their iPhones did you not realize that it was on ATT? And what's the big deal about MMS anyway? Everybody is upset that they can't text a picture of their junk to their significant others. And tethering, just get a laptop with Wi-Fi and your problem is solved. You people do realize that these are iPhones and not Blackberrys right? I've had T-Mobile, Verizon and ATT, guess what? All three of them drop calls, have bad service in some places and still claim to be the best and have the best devices. If it's that big a deal, cancel your service and switch carriers. Then you can just go buy a Zune and them complain on the Microsoft website that it's not as good as the iPod.

You can't tell me that AT&T didn't know about the 3.0 upgrade with enough time to prepare whatever they needed to prepare for MMS to be available to it's customers when the upgrade released, and that AT&T doesn't have a complete lack of respect for their customers. I mean, come on the public has known about this for months now. Apple really should have went with a new carrier for the 3G S instead of sticking with AT&T. I was really worried when I heard the rumor that Apple was moving to Verizon with this new model, but now I wish they would have. I think another company would have been excited about the new customer base and actually put a little bit of effort into satisfying their customers. What a joke of a company AT&T is.

how is it i buy the best phone available and it does half of what others do.. i've been with apple and att for years. Maye be should let these big business assholes know what us consumers are made of. Cancel, don't renew, quit, change, go with others. whatever it takes.

I will drop ATT like a bad habit as soon as someone else gets the iphone (preferably Verizon). I have never had such shitty service, so many dropped calls, and such high fees in my life. They suck major donkey balls! Good one Me!!!

Ok .......... First off asshole ! Not everyone sends crap via mms , the point is that if you pay up the ass for a phone you expect it to have basic functions such as mms . Now if i dont know what kind of mms messages you send ? Probably pictures of dicks and shit like that beacuse obviously your a ignorant fag ! This is the best part ....... You tell people to " cancel your service and switch carriers. Then you can just go buy a Zune and them complain on the Microsoft website that it’s not as good as the iPod. " ? We should buy a zune and " them compain " ? Nice one ! It goes to show that you are a fucking idiot , and if you are going to talk shit ! Make sure you you spell your shit correctly ! Piss off you fucking idiot !

We need to make a website like, or something like that, and all the page will be will be like a 100MB picture. We will have to somehow set it up that all iPhone owners visit this site on June 21 or something at noon EST. That way it will bogg down the AT&T servers so badly. We would need a way to get the word out very quickly.

I know I went to update te phone and the main reason why most ppl were so happy the we're coming out with an update was for mms. Just think. You get a plan for $80 then add the 30 on for the data then text messages. Just think how much are thy going to Fuk us with a plan with mms. What is it going to be like $25 for unlimited mms messages. There Fuking crazy. I love my iPhone and all but to spend over 150 a month for a phone/pda. It's crazy. AT&T you sure know how to stick your bar in more places.. I bet you that's the AT&T inside joke with all the CEO's ....fúù*k¡ñg šhįt¡!

i mean to start with, the whole idea of this new revolutionary phone coming in a couple years ago with all its fantastic features not being able to send or recieve these great pictures that they can take is completely insane. my old motorola piece of crap could at least do that, if the phone can take pictures it should be able to send them, its all great that its an ipod to, but honestly i wouldnt have wasted my money on it if i new it couldnt send pics, i guess i just assumed that it would be able to do that without people begging for it. and now they finally do this upgrade and i just sat here and did it just waiting to send someone my first test message, and you are freaking telling me at&t doesnt support it? isnt the iphone married to at&t? i hate it, i hate it so much

the ability to send pics has been around for what like ten years, to make a great new phone that cant even do that basic thing is ridiculous, and then finally doing it and fucking at&t the main carrier for this damn iphone doesnt even support it. fuck em im done, no more apple shit and no more at&t

whenever at&t does, or if they ever do, support mms on iphone, since i just did the stupid waste of time upgrade, does that mean i will just be able to do it, or do i have to add another service to my already ridiculous bill?
God this sucks

Keep up the calls to Apple. They really need to know we all will go with whomever they choose to carry service for future iphones! We all agree, AT&T has NO Customer Service!

This guy is a Dick
Adressing that fag ! ( jerry ) Says:
June 18th, 2009 at 4:39 am
Ok ………. First off ******* ! Not everyone sends * via mms , the point is that if you pay up the *** for a phone you expect it to have basic functions such as mms . Now if i dont know what kind of mms messages you send ? Probably pictures of dicks and **** like that beacuse obviously your a ignorant *** ! This is the best part ……. You tell people to ” cancel your service and switch carriers. Then you can just go buy a Zune and them complain on the Microsoft website that it’s not as good as the iPod. ” ? We should buy a zune and ” them compain ” ? Nice one ! It goes to show that you are a **** idiot , and if you are going to talk * ! Make sure you you spell your **** correctly ! Piss off you **** idiot !
lets all leave AT&T

Why release something that is not 100% working. I feel a bit taken for a ride. i was so excited when i final downloaded the 3.0 just find out i can't send MMS still. WTF

I have the original iphone. Bought it in Feb 2008 for $500. The in June 3G comes out and I get nothing. In March 2009 I used my upgrade capability ofr my wife to upgrade her Blackberry. Called ATT today about getting the new 3GS for the upgrade price ad they said NO - not until Feb 2010. I have 3 cell lines and 2 residential lines for several years with them and they will not allow me the upgrade price, but some douche bag off the street can walk in with $200 bucks and get the 3GS. I cancelled my service on all 5 lines - payed the money to cancel for my own personal satisfaction and went to Verizon. Screw you ATT - I will never come back!

O.K., sure you can't send pics thru MMS, but at least you can now listen to stereo music thru bluetooth headsets. I love my iPhone. It is one of the best examples of true convergence. I was ticked when I found that my iPhone, which is really and iPod Touch with a phone in it, couldn't stream A2DP. Well, now I can. Verizon is no better than AT&T, just like Apple is no better than Microsoft. The new paradigm in marketing is forced obsolecense and 2 year contracts. I feel like a dog chasing it's tail.

Between the iPhone being essentially unrepairable (Sure they will fix it, for the price of a new phone..), the finger pointing between AT&T and Apple, Apple feeding existing iPhone users (3G and pre) to the dogs, and wtf is up with calling the people who know the least about computers 'Apple Genius's', I am officially done with Apple products. I will be welcoming back the Wonderful Windows Mobile OS once this contact expires or I just can't take the POS phone any longer. You think M$ are theives, apparently they did indeed learn from the best. Enjoy going broke with your Apple prods, Im done, peace.

I'm on the verge of cancelling my contract with AT&T and going to METRO PCS In NY which has great phones and has unlimited everything for under $60 bucks. I'm so sick of the high fees and the games that AT&T keeps playing. Plus my money is hood and another company will give me decent if not better service to get it. Paying extra for what most people with cell phones pay for free is just plain ridiculous. LET's stand up to AT&T leave their business since we're not their business. Tell Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile or Metro PCS, your coming on board, then AT&T will have to step their game up if they plan to survive in the future. As well as for APPLE, please get the fuccc away from AT&T they are F'in up your business. DO SOMETHING QUICK!!!!!!! By or before summer's end I probably be with another company... Fuccc off AT&T......

I love my iPhone but AT&T is full of shit. Especially after the software update trick they pulled now. No mms on some phones, and have to pay bulk later to use it when we do get it. Like hell if you think I'ma be dumb enough to believe you or wait for some okie doke bullshit story like that this time around, y'all must be crazy. What ever y'all are smoking in those boards rooms, must be some good shit. Keep up the good work AT&T. Fuccc in up more bars, people, service, friends, family, etc in more places. Yeah y'all sure are right.....

The iPhone is being offered on verizon Q4 2009....can't wait to see everyone cancel AT&T just in time for the holidays. Merry Christmas AT&T

Well guys is either we jailbreak our phones or keep letting them screww us over I am sick of this bull AT&T have been doing this man I swear if they really do change carriers I will go with verizon that's if they have mms meanwhile let's jailbreak them I am on mines yea I'll lose warranty but fckd it is funner than just having it old boring AT&T way this is a lesson for all of us what comes around goes around let's sue them I bet will win false advertisement hit me up if your in I don't need no little bitches seriously guys

I learned the hard way with AT&T years ago with the first gen of 'SmartPhones'. AT&T wouldn't allow the features of the phone then, so why in HELL would I buy an iphone with these built-in handicaps? I alsolutely want one, but it will NEVER happen with them tethered to AT&T. APPLE... Why have an INFERIOR carrier for your superior (subjective in relation to AT&T) phone?

what the fuck man this is fucken bullshit!!!!!!!! fuck at&t i hope someone out there provides some way of pic texting without paying or upgrading to 3g s!!! just so that at&t gets fucked on this one!!!!!! they just want to squeeze every fucken penny out of the already very expensive plans!!! Thank you apple and fuck you twice over AT&T ceo you fucken douche bag!!!!!

If its just an MMS Opt-Out code, I don't see why it would take this long. The sweeps AT&T did to add the $30 iPhone 3G data package on to those people who for some reason did not have one (it is required) were done in waves, in I believe a series of 3, which did not take that long. But I do know they would need to actually build a new code for it because currently (if you look at your bill) it says iPhone text messaging package. Now it has to say "iPhone messaging" (and exclude the "text" so as to include all message types) so they do have to update their systems. But I don't know why it would take till the end of summer. That just doesn't sound right. I do imagine however that they do need to prepare their network for the onslaught of MMS that will be coming from iPhone users.

They're doing it to make sure they have the legal authority to change all our contracts that we signed for "unlimited" data (remember the $40 we pay a month REQUIRED as an iphone user) without our approval. They want to make sure they can squeeze more money out of us for MMS and/or tethering after they already charge us for unlimited data. I'll be the first to file a breach of contract lawsuit to get out of ATT unless they change their minds. I assume others will too. Hello class-action lawsuit. Go get a copy of your original contract while you can!

I am active military and if all this is the case, I'll just get a JAG Officer to right me up an apeal to AT&T for breach of contract. I still have my original contract as i bought my iphone a little over 2 months ago... Way to go AT&T... you've really pissed off alot of people... Alot of clients, alot of business... If i were Donald Trump, You'd be fired ;) after i spent $200 to leave alltel, another nearly $400 to get the 16GB iphone, then to be screwed over again, by this cell company, F*CK!!!!

It really sucks what AT&T is doing with the upgrade price. Why not like last year? I spoke with Apple and they said it was AT&T and I spoke with AT&T and they said it was Apple why the price was high to upgrade. I can see a fee to upgrade but $200 in a economy that is already hurting! PLEASE. It is cheaper to cancel you contract and start over then to pay the $200 + $18 to upgrade. OH let's not forget if I spend over a $100 a month I get a better deal. AT&T and Apple please use Vaseline the next time so it does not hurt so much!! iphone users speak up and out!

First and formost I gotta say I love my iphone, but ATT is a bunch of Friggin Vampires and this latest stunt just proves it to be true. To not offer tethering and mms. should make them liable for suit, and Apple should be flogged for getting into bed with them in the first place. I am satisfied with the stereo blutooth upgrade but everything else that matters is not supported so what's the point in buying a new iphone? I am seriously considering T-Moble and Jailbreak as an option when my contract runs out. Thank you ATT for the expensive lesson!

All, ATT is jerking us iPhone users around. All of my other 3G phones on my family plan already do MMS with video if the phone supports it (which they all do). We iPhone users are forced to pay an additional $30.00 a month for data plan. From a network perspective there is no difference between an iPhone and a windows mobile or blackberry which already have these features and have had them for years. Why is AT&T trying to screw iPhone users? I say it is time to revolt. Jam their call center with complaints. Make them pay in lost productivity for this crap!

Thanks AT&T for helping me decide whether or not I should jailbreak my iPhone. I had MMS on my first Nokia like 6 years ago. Step the fuck up.

Pfft im using my iphone with tmobile.... ATT sucks balls... gets 0 bars where i live and tmobile gets 5.... And better customer service and cheaper plans!!!! And i already have MMS... SUCK ON THAT!!!

I would recommend switching now if u have a 3G or a 2G (not 3gs)... right now the latest 3g firmware is unlocked.... look up dev team on google if u want to unlock/jailbreak :) Screw ATT.... let them burn.

The reason AT&T has not enabled this yet is because every AT&T iPhone account (thousands n thousands) must be updated manually. AT&T could not automate the process to enable MMS on the iPhones. Once that's complete you will receive a carrier update via iTunes.

Then why release the phone yet? That was the big deal(MMS). That's like saying here is your brand new car outside but you can't use it.

Ok honestly i found this whole Iphone 3GS thing complete bullshit. Seriously if you want a video recorder on your iphone JAIL BREAK IT! And if you want MMS JAIL BREAK IT! I mean common if you void the warranty who gives a rats ass. New faster processor!!!!! OMG ITS SO FAST COMPARED TO ALL THE OTHER NEW SMART PHONES THAT ARE AT LEAST 5 TIMES FASTER!!!! Fuck iphone i have on and it sucks. Only good thing about it is jail broken free apps. Fuck iphone and its stupid ass joke with AT&T and there horrible contract. AT&T also need to lower prices because there a bunch of money sucking commies that cant realize when to stop ripping off the American public. FUCK AT&T AND FUCK THE IPHONE!

i'm so blatantly boasts that one can mms w the new software. i saw it on the 1.5 hour "look how awesome we are" get to know the 3.0 video. but one cannot. no one knows for sure that the iphone even has the capability. no one....jailbreakers n unlockers notwithstanding. it'd be another story if an iphone could use verizon or t mobile or whatever. but apple tells us how excited they are that their new crap can mms and we should upgrade to their new crap cuz it can mms has taken their ball and gone home. cuz it's their ball. exclusively their ball.

I've read every comment/complaint. I've fully researched the matter and have drawn the following wrote a check that we cannot cash. to correct the problem the following course of action will be taken: effective June 25th I will personally remove my left thumb from my arse and insert my right one. i thought it was clear on the apple website that when we said MMS we meant More Money Sh**heads. my bad.

Y won't it let me send a pic with picforfree it just shows it sends but it doesn't anyone know why?

Want competition?
Move to Australia where at least 4 major carriers (telstra, optus, vodafone and three) are competing for your iPhone dollars.
Regardless of that if you are in a 2 year contract where your phone company is subsidising the phone, there is no business sense for them to break the contract without penalty.
If you want to be without contract buy the phone from a country that sells it outright (eg and pay full price.
Otherwise if you are not willing to pay full price then you are stuck with no cheap upgrade options for the life of the contract.

I can't actually believe how much your 3G networks(AT&T) in the USA suck, we already have 7.2 rolled out in South Africa and MMS and tethering works fantastically on my iPhone 3G. I just can't wait to get the 7.2 capable iPhone 3Gs now.

I don't know what all the fuss is about. I'm sending MMS messages on my iPhone 3G 3.0 with no problems. Oh Wait..I'm on an unlocked T-mobile iPhone. LOL! It's said the vendor that doesn't have the iPhone can support MMS and AT7T can't. Did T-Mobile have enough time to prepare for it?

Sorry excuse for a company, firt put all the blame on iphone than make excuses for their inept ability. I think a class action law suit is in order..

At&t customer Service is far below standards. You can't call the corporate office in Dallas and there is no customer service. I suggest that we all don't pay our July Bill to AT&t IN PROTEST for not having MMS ready. AGREE?

I have written letters and called both Apple and At&t AND TO NO AVAIL. Neither company gives a SHITT about anything. I HIGHLY recommend that WE I phone 3G and 2Gcustomers NOT PAY our BILL until the MMS is ready....We will state on our check for One Dollar that the rest will arrive when our service is corrected and we get what we are paying for. When my contract ends, my company of over 29,990 employees is LEAVING AT&T.

Greetings Clients:
I am sorry for our lack of customer service but since we own the market share, we don't havde to give one rats asss about any of you. We have you committed for two years or more and when you switch carriers in two years, we have the President OBAMA to bail us out like he has any other INCOMPETIENT company in our county. So, Pisss on you all.

well lets see here hmmmmm only a supposed 2 and a half week wait for something i personly saw advertised in an ATT store when i picked up my 3gs today... Shame on you Steve you commie bastard you already have enough money pick on someone your on size... bill gates maybe..!

AT&T talks about customer satisfaction and doing everything it can to have the most reliable 3G network. We all know that a wireless phone truly isn't 100% wireless. Every cell tower uses T-1 carriers to get your call to it's final destination. Some towers have DOZENS of individual T-1's. These run over copper or fiber optic or a combination of the two. FIber is most reliable. The copper was designed for regular telephone (POTS) service meaning 48 vdc. T-1's operate at up to 4 times that 48 vdc. Add in a little bit of moisture to that voltage and you end up with a fault and a T-1 not performing like it should and you have dropped calls.
I've HEARD that in spite of their technicians BEGGING for fiber to the cell sites, AT&T won't listen. I also HEARD that management just keeps coming up with different measures and plans to improve their technicians performance for repeated dispatches instead of addressing the TRUE cause of the dirty T-1's.....legacy, 24-26 gauge copper cable. I've HEARD that they are top heavy with "experts" that have tons of book smarts but couldn't tell the difference between a cable fault and asphalt. I've HEARD that a reliable network solves the dropped call issues. A reliable network is NOT possible without reliable T- carriers and reliable carriers are not possible without fiber. I've HEARD that fiber is cheap....much cheaper that copper. I HEAR that some of their technicians sometimes sit and wonder WTF and ask "Are they THAT blind? Why does management talk the talk but REFUSE to walk the walk?" I HEAR that if you ask questions like that, management get EXTREMELY angry. These are just things I've heard.
I have been a faithful customer to AT&T wireless going back to the days when they were BellSouth Mobility in my area. I'm not sure if it's corporate greed or what but, AT&T needs to listen to their customers and deliver what they promise. All providers face this same issue because they all lease T-1's from the local telephone companies and the local phone companies still use COPPER most of the time to deliver that service.

Yeah, It sucks that the upgrade cost is 200 dollars and yes it also sucks that MMS is not ready, however, i have seemed to get by sending MMS just fine through email. Just type in the persons cell number as the email, if its verizon it would be and they get it as a text, I mean it can be a pain to figure out what carrier they have and what the adress needs to be, but for me it is a fine substitute until mms is ready to go.

All this anticipation just to wait some more, why didnt they get all the kinks worked out before they released the 3.0 update, now all apple has is a bunch of really anxious and upset customers. im not even gonna metnion att

I'm pretty sure the mms feature will be available to ALL that upgrdd their OS to 3.0 (as it is this new OS that makes it so the device can actually have the MMS capability) . I don't think AT&T has "system upgrds" that they need to perform. Rather they have to go into eveyone's acct with an iPhone to manually remove the "mms opt-out feature", which explains why it will take so long since so many of it's cust's have an iPhone. BUT that does not explain why they waited till AFTER the new OS was released, I assume that Apple had advised AT&T of this new update so AT&T should have been prepared and made mms avail as soon as it's cust's upgrdd to the new OS.

AT&T has fastest network where I am. I use to had sprint. I couldn't beleive how slow their EVDO rev. A was. That's why I switched to AT&T. Fast reliable service. But they can't support mms yet!? Serisouly?

First it is really amazing that so many people are this vulgar. Secondly cancal your contracts if you are so angry and move on with your life.
Then when you do move on with your life you can post how RIM Motorola HTC are ruining your pathetic life and how T-mobile Verizon or Sprint is sticking it to you with dropped calls etc.etc.etc..........

Walked into Folsom AT&T to purchase the 3G-S and walked out with the 3G. Sales person failed to mention they don't have the new on in stock. My fault in this was not looking closer at the box, said very clearly I wanted the newest one, thought I left with it. Would have gladly waited one week for it to be ordered.........guess they won't get my business again. Their fault, not telling me I was getting the older model, simply admitting it has to be ordered. Guess the salesperson got his sale though. But not another sale from me.

I love the iPhone...have since they came out with it....AT&T needs to get it together....latly it's been hard to just not switch to another ph service....stop playing AT&T before you lose customers over some thing so small that means so much to other ppl

@ Candy Colson
You have 30 days with any phone to return it for any reason to any cellular store for a refund or phone exchange. I'm a RadioShack sales person. I do this for people all the time. Take it back now and tell them you want to do a Cellular Swap for the 3GS


So... as most of the people on here I also downloaded the 3.0 firmware the day it came out. What I can't seem to grasp is why "pardon my words" everyone is throwing hissy fits over a PHONE not being able to send picture messages!? Yes, I do get that OTHER phones do this and have done it for sometime, and the other carriers are supporting this feature right off the bat. I even agree that ATT is the worst company aside from Microsoft in customer service. Seriously though... you gotta wait till the end of the summer... who gives a shit. It's a PHONE, with many other capabilities that far surpass other phones that do mms. Does it suck to have to wait, yes. Does it blow balls that we all know the only reason ATT is holding back is because they are trying to figure out a way to charge all of us MORE for MMS and tethering? Of course! But if there is one thing I am mad about.... its not that I don't have mms. It's the fact that ATT advertises an UNLIMITED data plan with a data CAP "contradicting to say the least" and is planning on charging me MORE for tethering? Uhhhh.... maybe they don't own a dictionary but the word UNLIMITED is a pretty strong one! Putting a data cap on an unlimited plan is like kicking out a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet! It's really simple ATT... DON'T offer so much if you can't hack it! Sorry but if I go into an ATT store and they tell me "once the update for mms is finally here" that I have to pay MORE for my already unlimited data and text plan to send fucking PICTURES to someone....or that I gotta pay more on my UNLIMITED data plan to tether that data to MY PERSONAL laptop... heads are going to roll. It's MY data I should be able to send it where I want to what I want as long as I own it! Don't take shit from ATT, trust me I had my customer service call regaurding my girlfriends ATT dsl service outsourced to INDIA.... which still boggles my mind considering I THOUGHT I was paying for the "best coverage" and "best service provider" in America yet im getting outsourced to another country who's idea of quality of service is asking me repetitive questions and giving scripted responses?! Reminded me of a call to microsoft that took place in Inda in which the "manager" on duty LITERALLY laughed in my face about my SIMPLE issue and said he was hanging up. All the bad experiences for such a nice quality product.... Apple should consider changing carriers soon.

Well I honestly don't get it i actually install 3.0 on my iphone 3g and gailbreak it. and the MMS works perfect with T-mobile, then i just wanted see what was the fuss about ,that iphone works better on att so I change my plan to att, I'm glad i didnt sign a contract cause I might just go back to t-mobile cause its not much defrence except the visual vocie message, and 3g future.

I bet AT&T was like this at the first iphone launch..."OK 20 dollars for the data plan (required) and 200 text messages...seems pretty good considering the amount of people who want to buy the iphone." Then at the iphone 3g launch... "OK, the first iphone was a huge success. Now we need to jack the data plan up 10 bucks (still required) and we will not even include text messaging YAY!!!!!" Then at the iphone 3gs announcement we'll say that the price is staying the same and that we must delay the release of MMS & Tethering with the Iphone OS 3.0 "because of opt-out codes" but we will really be planning on how to charge our costumers extra for access to mms and tethering then making them pay more for the amount they can use YAY!!!!" Bottom line:AT&T SCREWS OVER IT'S COSTUMERS!

AT&T Sucks A**! WTF can't they get MMS done yet? Are they to dumb to even know how to do it? I get MMS messages on my BB through ATT all the time, yet, the iPhone, the most advanced phone yet can't even do MMS? AT&T, you are a joke. Your service sucks and all in all, you suck.

I truly think that AT&T are getting ready to shaff every iPhone user! Trust me on this one. I heard it from the grape vine. Sry

They absolutley will offer MMS AT&T persons tell that the information says that the update will be available sometime in August of 2009.

Also the prices for the MMS texting I've been told will stay the same $20 a month that it's always been the will charge an extra $20 or so for the tethering it kinda sucks but I don't need it, just get WIFI it's free!

A solution for all of you...
Get redsn0w and experience the thrill of real MMS and PDAnet tethering. Or even better Ultrasn0w, choose whatever provider you line most. Jailbreaking is the only way to get what you want here.
Plus everything I mentioned above is free, check ou the xsellize repo to get even more free hacks.

LOL Palm Pre. Yea well who cares what it can do. Look at the network it is on. Sprint/Nextel. Garbage. I rather wait for the other features to be enabled by AT&T and have better service.

I don't understand how ATT can possibly be this far behind. 5 years ago I had MMS on my Nokia phone, the one that everyone had at some point. The Iphone was released over 2 years ago and I was extremely upset that ATT did not offer MMS at that time. Every other carrier, literally every carrier supported MMS. Not only that, the Iphone's software could easily support it. I mean, I can find my exact location on a world map, but cannot text a picture to someone. Then today, I lost a number of my visual voicemails out of the blue. I understand it may be hard to keep up with Apple but it can't be that hard to keep up with every other carrier in the world. I bet Verizon is chomping at the bit to get a piece of the Iphone pie.

If MMS doesnt work before school starts, I SWEAR TO GOD!!! I WILL RUN TO THE NEAREST AT&T STORE AND BURN IT DOWN!!!

Any word yet on mms? How much longer does AT&T have exclusive rights to the iPhone? Because I'm gonnA drop them like 3rd period French!

AT&T just completely sucks! I will leave no matter what the cost when the iphone offers another carrier. Verizon has superior coverage, customer service, and infrastructure. I vote for them ASAP!

The phone is amazing
AT&T... Not so much
at least the mms isn't going to add anymore price to our plans
if u already pay for SMS then u get mms with the same package, no extra fees
but, tethering u can get with jailbreaking and it works over 3G

AT&T is using false advertising. If you walk into any store you will see a TV on the wall showing the iphone using MMS when it doesn't even work yet. I have called the company twice and they always give me the run around. MMS should be supported on all phones. POS metro PCS phones have it, and we spend 2-300 bucks for a phone that has more apps than useful features. The way you have to check your MMS is ridiculous. It is like a 5 year old designed it. Give us MMS for both the 3G and 3GS ASAP. You provide it on all your other phones that cost less and have less technology.

Here it is aug I consider this late summer. Where is mms at&t. I'm paying a ass load for my service with a exspensive ph yet I don't have basic mms on it. I can go to walmart and buy a cheap pre pay and have mms why can't I have it now with my iphone.
I like my iphone but I'm already growing tired of at&t bs, and I have only been a customer of theirs since june. This is old if your going to charge a premium then you had better have your crap togather to support it's features. No wonder people are jailbreaking there phones. It's sad they even have too. Email apple and tell them make the iphone available on other carriers.
This is a joke. One frustrated iphone owner and and at&t customer.

iphone users should start a barrage of emails demanding mms and any other feature our phones are capable of doing to be given to us now. We pay for it I want it.

Just contacted at&t they only say late summer their not sure of what date could be longer from what the rep told me. I told him it was bs.

Anyone use an iPhone with T-Mobile?
Jailbreaking & unlocking is easy, but T-Mobile doesn't support 3G and I'm not sure if push notifications will work with T-Mobile.
Get your act together and offer us MMS already.

ok, all, I'm reading a lot of inaccurate statements and incorrect assumptions here. I've been a developer of apple iphone apps since gen 1. here's the real deal:
Apple didnt send the 3GS to another carrier because they are under a 5 year contract from AT&T. 2.5 more years until it expires. Apple is working on a smaller version of the iphone (it will be named something else) to market with another carier)
Apple could have included MMS and tethering on 1st gen? no, the original OS could not have supported those features. AT&T did not support MMS in a way that would have worked with Iphone so AT&T didn't bother.
The reason AT&T has the iphone and the 5 year contract is because they were the only carrier that would take the chance on apple at the time. Sprint, Verizon and T-mobile turned apple down when they were in R&D with iphone 1.
MMS will be supported on all 3.0 capable iphones. I am atually running a beta version of the software that will be released in a few weeks and it works great.

Apple App Developer says: "MMS will be supported on all 3.0 capable iphones. I am atually running a beta version of the software that will be released in a few weeks and it works great"
Great! I expect I won't be charged extra for it. At this time, this is a standard feature on all phones and carriers.

Complete BS! I could have bought a cell for 20 freakin dollars that had picture texting! They left that off of the iphone knowing they would introduce it later! All the updates they are doing they left off the phone on purpose to keep us wanting and spending like robots! The only thing that's new are the bug fixes... Ridiculous and pure bull crap but then again....Here I am waiting for the damn MMS to come through like a good little robot... and I'll bet AT&T is going to try and charge for each picture and people will have to change their contracts to get it.... all this trouble for a computer/iPod/crapy phone...

To all you geniuses that think iPhone will go to verizon, STFU already! Verizon is CDMA! Only Latin America and parts of south America are CDMA the rest of the world is gsm and apple isn't dumb enough to make two versions! CDMA is dead and the world runs on GSM!!

@ Wesley, Actually 3G does have video. Apple pulled the app once the 3Gs was announced as a ploy to get you to buy the 3Gs. I bought the 3G Video Recorder App from the app store a year ago and still running strong. I also bought Voice Dial which is far superior to 3Gs Voice command.Example I say Joshua on my GFs 3Gs and I got her friend Heather, I say Heather on my 3G I get Heather. As for the only downfall with the Video on 3G you have to convert the video to MP4 on the phone before your PC or Mac will recognize it. As for MMS, 3Gs will have it first but 3G will get it shortly therafter.

The iPhone in every other country has MMS capabilities. This is strictly an AT&T issue in the United States. Thanks AT&T. For those of you saying that other phones that blow away the iPhone in terms of 3G speed, well you are right but it has nothing to do with the iPhone software or hardware. AT&T is also the issue here. They have said so themselves that they need to invest billions into their infrastructure in order to give customers the 3G that they deserve. Let's all prey that Verizon begins using GSM technology instead of CDMA by the time the AT&T/Apple contract has expired. The The iPhone will have a fantastic network to back up it's promised speed and abilities. Sorry if this sounds bias but I'm a mac and I'm damn proud of it.

AT&T you are bullshit. it's late summer and I still don't have mms. We pay thousands of dollars for your bs service and you can't even give us mms which every other cell phone has. I'm switching as soon as another carrier works with apple. Fuck AT&T.

I love my iPhone. I've had tons of different phones, and they've all had some bullshit to deal with. Some stupid capability it should have but doesn't or performs poorly. The same can be said of the iPhone... as with every fucking piece of technology.
What the real issue is is that AT&T refuses to give a timeframe for when this simple service (and I say simple because it's clearly available on virtually every other phone on every other network) will be available. Sure, "late summer" was a timeframe. But it's the fucking 23rd of August and I've yet to hear a thing since.

I have had a Palm on AT&T
I have had an HTC wing and a BB Curve on T-mobile
Sprint never did anything good for me.
We have Verizon at work and their data sucks! Maybe if Votafone makes them switch to LTE it will be better.
No matter the iPhone (both 2g and 3g) has been awesome.
However untill the US carriers catch up with Europe and east Asia none of them will work to their full potential.

I heard that MMS actually stands for "Murder Mass Subscribers" and that at&t plans to use our iphones to kill us......

Now I know why Steve Jobs got sick! He must have bought HIS iPhone. What the hell Apple and AT&T??? It's August 25. I think this constitutes "the end of summer" and we were ALLLL told that the iphone 3G S and 3G with the 3.0 OS will be able to do MMS by now. Now this little reply just says 3G S. I have no problems with the network, but I am sick of having an expensive phone that cant do what my old freebie from T-Mobile used to be able to do (Send MMS). Every phone in the world can do this stuff. How can the iPhone be this inferior??? Not to mention what other people have said about not getting ANY kind of a deal for upgrading to the 3G S. Even though we have all dealt with the terrible battery life and various glitches with the 3G. Come on Apple and AT&T!! Get your act together!!! Maybe you should sell the iPhone to Microsoft. Then maybe we could get a decent phone!!!

I have had my iPhone 3GS since the moment the were delivered in the town that I live in. I have been waiting long enough for MMS and Tethering as it was promised to me by the Corporate AT&T office that I have to deal with as its a corporate account. My phone bills typically run $200-400 a month and if I don't get MMS and tethering as promised for FREE, I will cancel my account and move my phone to another carrier that has GSM, MMS, and Tethering.
AT&T and Apple need to take some lessons in marketing, when you burn your customers the will fight back. Its human nature to tell people that you have had a bad experience and if you have had a nice experience you will tell someone "Yeah they are OK" if you have been screwed by a company you will spend 30 minutes telling someone just how bad it was. I am asked all the time to go with people to select phones, computers, and other electronics...I know what I will do if the MMS and Tethering doesn't work soon.

att will probably release it the day before fall starts on sept 21.. this is unbelievable. thank god there is jailbreaking on these phones.. i would have switched carriers so fast...

I just don't see how it is fair for us iPhone customer to pay 30 bucks a month for Texting and MMS and we can't even use MMS, i think we should only be charged 15 bucks a month for unlimited texting we are getting half the service so half the cost is fair.
For example I have a 2 iPhone user household and we have the unlimited texting/mms package which is fine when my wife had the lg shine she could send MMS just fine, but now we both have iPhone I think they should cut the price in half to make up for the fact we can no longer MMS.
I think we could sue over this
I really like AT&T over verizon in my area for the fact I get a little better service.
But at least on verizon I could use my blackberry and text people, but the shit part with verizon is they control there phones way to much for me.
It like giving someone the world's fastest customer and saying we cut your processing power in half b/c you bought it from us


Been a loyal (furious) at&t customer for five years, and this constant denial to their customers of current day technology, followed by exorbitant over-charging upon availability (A tethering plan? I was expecting a tethering app!) is pretty much their MO. Sadly, things don't get too much better unless you leave the country, where the same phone is allowed to do more of what it is capable of for less money. This is a problem for the FCC, unless customers want to get involved French-Revolution-style. (Like a mob with a guillotine.) Consumer advocates are powerless, courts are inaccessible since I'm sure we all waived our right to pursue judicial resolution in our contracts, and legislators and other beaurocrats are busy taking cruises with the telco execs. We're F-ed whatever we do, unless we want to quit our jobs, cancel our contracts and go into politics. I'm off to smash my iPhone 3G S into little pieces and collect the insurance... No tethering? Seriously? Fine, I'll move to a country where I can do the things I want and the credit mark from not paying out my contract doesn't matter. I speak three languages.

Well both mms and tethering still have not been released. I wonder what Greg up there ended up doing.
In all honesty, I really am happy with my iPhone. It's very feature rich and fun to use. I can constantly find something good in the app store. However I guess my biggest disapointment is that AT&T told us it would be made available and it isn't. I'm an Easy Tech at staples and I can tell you from experience that when it comes to quoting turn around times for services and completion dates it's ALWAYS better to shoot high and never be late. If they'd released a statment that said it wouldn't be ready for 4 months then got it done in 3 people would be overjoyed. Customer service scores would go way up and in the long term this would mean more profit. The fact is however that the official statment they provided turned out to be false and so they are a noncredible company who is clearly more concerned with profit and margin than customer service and public relations. Although as I stated before I'm more than happy with my phone and what it can do, I'm very displeased with the way the company is handling itself and I can promise that currently unless the way they handle customer service and public relation changes I will spring at any opporatunity to change carriers.

AT&T SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Period. Everything about the network, the promised features and the price of services is damn right insane. They better keep the monoply on the i-phone because if they release it to any other carrier, I am leaving in a heartbeat. I will happily break my contract and pay them whatever to get out.
We need to all vote with our consumer dollars.

Well it is Sunday, September 20th.....Tomorrow is thee last day of summer 2009, which means that we will be getting mms tomorrow morning? you know "late summer" yeah right I have given up hope we got screwed and it sucks.
Buttt apple and at&t all we want to do is send pictures like a $5 cell phone can do, we really are not asking for too much here!!!

AT&T have announced that they will be releasing the full MMS capabilities on the 25th September. This will be avialble via an update within iTunes.
If you really cannot wait until then go to They are offering a fully functioning MMS application, plus free tethering.
All the best folks.

DUDE - TODAY is the last day of summer?!?! DOesn't that freakin' qualify as "late summer"?? Where is my MMS support you damn liars!!

Maybe I have been under a rock. Am I understanding correctly that the original iphone will not support MMS with this update. Do I have a 500.00 ****** paper weight ?

simple picture text isnt to much to ask for.
if BOOST phones can do it why cant this 500$ 3GS !? !? !?

MMS is finally here!.... and nobody I know can get it to work. I love my iPhone for how easy it is to use (i had to use a blackberry for a few days back in July and nearly killed myself) but AT&T really makes it lame.

Why do I feel like I'm looking at an AT&T bill after reading Chandler's two comments. I can read it but it still doesn't make sense.

Well everyone, I can tell you what Greg did...I jailbroke the phone and installed several apps that are much cooler that what Apple (sh_t) offers. One of the best apps that I have installed it MyWi and it makes my iPhone look like a wifi hot spot and it works great. I haven't tried it in blue-tooth or USB yet but don't need to. Apple and ATT suck big time...Its my understanding the 4.0 operating system has this but you "need to contact your local ATT store" yeah right...NOT

Is there a way we Iphoners can unite against AT&T data and video slowdown practices to the extent that neither work?

Sorry, forgot to mention, I told the recon rep that I was traveling while the 60k Ink Bold promo was happening(which I really was, and wasn't able to get to a computer to sign up), she transferred me to the Ink Bold cust service rep who was one of the friendliest Chase reps I've ever spoken to. She bumped the bonus to 60k for me by the end of our call. I was pretty impressed, as there were mixed reports of people getting the extra 10k bonus and some not over on FT and other blogs.