Attack of the iClones: Touch Diamond 2 Showdown Edition

Guessing it's NokiaExpert Matt Miller week and Windows Phone day here at TiPb, as we're linking up another great review about another interesting WinPho: the HTC Touch Diamond 2... that just happens to be put to the test against our very own iPhone 3G.

I've already gone on record (and on video!) with my thoughts on the previous-generation HTC touch experience (and I still stand by those reviews, dagnabit!), but what will someone with different tastes and perspectives, not to mention next gen HTC goodness, think when he puts them phono-a-phono?

Check out Matt's ZDNet "Clash of the Touch Titans" review to find out! (Then come back and tell us why the iPhone pwned, k?)

[via WMExperts]

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Reader comments

Attack of the iClones: Touch Diamond 2 Showdown Edition


He made a great point about the attachments and a filing system. They really need to put a Finder on this thing. I don't want to ( even though I already do ) use third party apps to store files.

I agree with the file/attachment system wholeheartedly. Although I have to say apps like QuickOffice Files have lessened the blow a bit. Coming from WM, I have learned to appreciate the ability of having access to the files on the device.
I would really love to see Apple open up the API to the Calendar and events so that 3rd party apps can interface with the calendar database. That's when apps like Pocket Informant or other event-based apps (ie. Movies tickets, sporting events, etc) could really shine on the platform.

Eventually Apple will need to allow email attachments to be saved, and that will require some sort of basic file management I would think.