AT&T's iPhone MMS Displaying Incorrect Sender Number


Ross Miller of Engadget is giving more credibility to some of the reports of iPhone MMS on AT&T's network being a little wonky. It seems as if some users sending MMS messages are having their pictures delivered, but with the message on the recipients end displaying an incorrect phone number for the sender.

We've done some research on the issue and at the moment there is no viable explanation from AT&T, and no resolution (including the recently released AT&T 5.6 carrier file). Have any of our readers experienced this MMS behavior?

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[via Engadget]

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AT&T's iPhone MMS Displaying Incorrect Sender Number


I called att about this yesterday! My friends were getting picture mail fro a completely different number! I called the number and it belonged to someone else. I was a little freaked out about it because I thought someone was stealing my account.

It's happened to me and countless others. AT&T has no idea. Apple has no idea. At least, that's what they say. We need to get this to more news sites so AT&T gets this fixes. It's a major security risk b

I've had this happen on O2 in the UK a few times - especially when their network was up and down over the summer.

Might have seen a JB app that does this. Can send the wrong information, LOL

I have only seen this to be a problem when the number I am sending to in my phone has a one in front of it (saved under contacts) but others that I deleted the 1 is perfectly fine even after sending 100mms

Yea have this problem, worst part is u don't know who it's coming from and when u ask who it is it sends it to the number that shows so they have no idea what ur talking about. It's a huge problem all around.

My boyfriend sent me a video and it showed up a different number but when I watched it I knew it was my boyfriend cause of his voice. Hopefully this fixes soon!

I will give Apple credit, they made a decent device, however, this new problem only proves Att's network is garbage. There are numerous issues with Att's network, I do not understand why anyone would want to switch to Att. No matter how great I think a device is, it is not enough to make me switch to s crappy network.

Yes. This happened the other day. I sent a pic to a friend - who then told me that another number showed up instead of my contact info. At first, she replied with "who is this" .. the number then replied "who is this"

Add another one to the list of O2UK customers that this has happened. Looks like it's not just AT&T.

If folks in the UK are experiencing this problem as well, maybe it's GSM. I have never seen nor heard of this problem on CDMA. Aren't some networks in the UK similar to Att's? Att still sucks though! ;)

I have never had this problem but again I have T-Mobile. I have mms and it works without a hitch. It has never displayed the wrong number. Maybe it's an AT&T end fault.

I haven't had this happen yet, but I have gotten some pics come through with that green shit several times from a verizon phone like in those pics above

You all wanted and cryed for MMS soo bad!!! Now suffer the Dazam consequences!!! Hahahahahaha!  Iphone Cry babies! My iPhone this my iPhone that!!! The iPhone can't cure world hunger or give give no problems" it's a phuckin device!!!

just happened with my friend sending me a pic
and att said something with the broadband I dont know
but this is BS anyways does anyone know if the message/pic is being sent to both numbers or just yours with some random number that is the sender

@Miami Mike shi* and I thought it was the Jesus phone. Come on troller if you don't like the phone why are you at this site? Envy maybe? Every different type of device has it's ups and downs. How's your Fisher Price phone stack up? Douce Nozzle.

Mine & my wife's 3G iPhones have been doing the same thing, too. Love the phones, but I'm starting to regret switching to AT&T to get it.

I recieved three pics from a strange number I later found out was a friend... Annoying.

I sent an MMS to my friend which we both have iPhones he got it from a number that wasnt mine. Everything is updated too.

haven't had this problem, for me it's a picture never showing up, today my daughter sent me a picture of a ca she was buying, an hour later she emailed me the picture, never did did get the mms. She is in Alaska on GCI, sometimes she gets my mms pictures sometimes never, I don't get notified that there was an error or anything, we think it has something to do with her carrier and AT&T which I have.

just had this happen to me... friend sent mms and i recieved it ok, but the wrong number was displayed. i smsd the wrong number and they said they had been getting strange messages all day...

my MMS doesn't even work. message send failure everytime. and i still get the old school when i get a pic message. and yes i did the updates.

I've had problems receiving pics via MMS sometimes from a non-iPhone user but when they email no problem. And I've had no issues sending pics to non-iPhone users. Haven't tried sending or receiving pics from my friends who have iPhones yet though.

I woke up to a bunch of "who are you"s asking me about the tailgating picture I just sent them. Luckily after I explained I really didn't know what anyone was talking about one person sent me back a link to this article.

This has just happened to me with an iPhone on Optus in Australia. I've only just received a picture from a friend which was sent yesterday afternoon, and my iPhone is displaying it being sent from a number that definitely doesn't belong to her. "Who are you?" indeed!

This began happening to me today. I sent out some Christmas pictures & suddenly began receiving message after message asking me who's phone I was using. I had a friend send me the number & it's a iPhone user in Tennesee, no where near me. Fortunatley, they are understanding.


I have a 3g 8 gig i-phone and it has recently started this. I had a friend send me pictures and all of a sudden she was in a picture from a number I didn't recognize. I asked her what number she sent it from and she stated that it was sent from her phone. I sent her a picture and she said it showed a different number as well. Weird and I agree sounds like a security issue for sure.

After reading all the comments, i think i owe my Husband a very large sorry. 4 pictures came through from a different number, I knew they were from him, but when i recieved them, they came with a different sender, im on o2uk and so is he, i rang o2, and they said they have never heard of the phones doing that, I also rung the other number and kept on getting answer machine, so i have messaged them instead. This really need sorting NOW.

Hi, the same problem happened to me. I am on orange iphone and my hubby is on 02 iphone. he received pics from me on a different number and it caused a lot of touble. i texted the number n they knew nothing about it. On my phone he's in as ice 1 as i read something on a previoys reply i tried it. I removed the 1 from his name and sent another picture and he received it off my number. God knows why but it solved the problem. Maybe if people have 2 phones and they r in as 1 and 2 or something try that. It could help. Thanx stone :)

Ugh, it's happening to me now and I'm having a hard time trying to find recent threads discussing this very topic. Never happened before. On iPhone 4 JB, but I've read it happens on 3Gs and non-JB as well.
Today it's happened again for a different contact (it's been only 1 contact this past week). I've identified when it happened for one contact, right after an MMS, but this other contact was not MMS.
I reverse searched the phones and they come up as long distance out of state (LA and FL) landlines from other carriers. I've CALLED these numbers, and it actually connects to the correct contact, which is VERY ODD.
There are two things that I can say are similar between the two contacts.
1 - The problem started from their transmission. They get texts ok, mine creates a new text thread with a long distance number.
2 - In the past, I have both used google voice via web browser to text them, which saves me time.

Hi, I sent a text message to a friend and it appeared as another number on her phone. She called the number and it actually belongs to someone. Has anyone gt a solution for this? Or is their someway I can fix it? Thanks