AutoCAD coming to iPhone, iPad

AutoCAD coming to iPhone, iPad

As part of their grand re-introduction to Mac, AutoDesk has announced that they'll also be bringing AutoCAD to iPhone and iPad:

The Mac version will cost $3,995, the same as the PC version, and will be released in October. AutoDesk will soon introduce a free mobile version of the software that will run on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. That version has more limited capabilities, Mr. Hanspal said. But with it, an engineer, for example, could bring drawings to a job site on an iPad, rather than on a big roll of paper, and make annotations on them.

The mobile version will be able to read any AutoCAD files, whether they were created on a PC or a Macintosh.

Any AutoCAD users out there anxious to take their work around on iOS?

[New York Times]

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AutoCAD coming to iPhone, iPad


I'm actually more excited for the iPad app (my office will never switch to Macs to use the desktop version of AutoCAD...) The iPad viewer might make it a lot easier to take some drawings home to look at over the weekend than printing out big paper drawing sets.

I have been trying for the past year to get cad on my vm with no luck. I wonder if they will start doing other software like inventor too?

This is great, my boss just got an iPad and we both just got our iPhone 4's. We do a lot of mechanical drafting with AutoCAD here and being able to be mobile with our dwg's will be a welcome feature. Hope they don't label it AutoCAD if it's just TrueView though, I would like SOME functionality aside from zoom/pan.

I use CAD daily, for about 7 hours of my 8 hour workday. It is the reason I drink at night and am an angry person. Now it can come home with me....great

AutoDesk already have an iPad/iPhone app called sketchbook that's pretty cool, I don't know about Auto-CAD though, I know it won't be fully featured so maybe it could be handy for some things, I guess I just cant imagine using it on my iPad, Auto-cad is definitely a desktop/laptop application.

as a product design engineer... this is HUGE news... although I don't use AutoCAD personally... we use SolidWorks, Catia V5, ProEngineer.... This could seriously start paving the way for the other CAD packages to go native Mac OS X!

As a student studying to be a drafter, this is fantastic. I can't wait to see what Autodesk push out in terms of Mac and iOS support.

Good news for designers, especially since even a mobile, read-only view will be very helpful in that field. It will be interesting to see what the limitations are, and which are horsepower-based, which are UI-based, and which are license-based.
It will be absolutely fascinating to see what happens when a vendor of such specialized, expensive software wants to bring out a full version for an iOS device, because that will be an acid test of the approval process. (Assuming the iPad has the horsepower to run the software; at some point, it likely will be.) Autodesk is one example, but a better one will be Avid. I have a bunch of career Mac head/film editor friends who would love to see Avid's products (at least a solid offline editor, and no, iMovie is not even close) come in an iPad form factor. However, there is little chance Avid would spend the time, energy, and money on a port without assurances it would be approved. Since Media Composer competes directly with Final Cut Pro (and, to a lesser extent, with iMovie), there is an even smaller chance the DOJ would not take notice.

YES!! i am about to start autoCAD in school this year (im in 10th grade) and i always have my ipod touch with me, so this way if my teacher sends me an assignment i can take a look at it right on my ipod! awesome! cant wait for it!

Knowing autodesk the app probably won't have enough features to actually be useful. There are a few DXF viewers out now that allow you to view and make designs portable.

YES finally, after a decade of waiting. Im a heavy Autocad product user, I have used AutoCad Architectural, 3D Max, Revit and this is good news. Almost all my other desktop programs i have can run on PC or Mac except Autocad, but not any more. To be able to view and make up cad files on my ipad or even iphone is sooooo great. Now have to do is get all new MAC hardware ;)

HOW WILL they do to add the mouse comands the important thing of autocad is the mouse will be great really be GREAT if we can use a Bluetooth mouse.

Wow, I wonder if AutoDESK will deliver cad like they did in the past to Mac; a version that would crash and require a full reboot every 15-20 minutes? Although, since Apple's OS is based on BSD, perhaps they will make it function properly. Time and loads of money will tell.

This is great news for me. I would love to be able to carry around all my plans on my iphone just in case if I ever need it at the job site. Having annotations would just be a bonus.

Why on gods green earth do we need autocad on a ipad or iphone. I can see all tge rfi and deltas marking up on a drawing. The solution would be to have a dwg fike online that everyone has access to. Markups are done on layers by client or trade and are uodated by cad monkeys like me. Pdf fikes hsve been the way to go for a long time. How about a pdf markup tool that is fast. Most of my sets are in the 60 sheet range. Iphone is going to need an external hard disk for all the dwg files on one project.
It is cool autocad finally got to apple os.
Rant over

This is fantastic news for planners and others who visit sites, and need to make notes, draw boundaries, and do other relatively straight forward 2D stuff. I agree that the real drawing work will still need to be done on return to the office, but for the next 12 months I'll look super cool in front of my clients, and the CAD monkeys at work can remain that's a bonus in itself in this economy.