Be our Instagram friend and you could win a $50 US iTunes gift card!

Be our Instagram friend and you could win a $50 US iTunes gift card!

Find out who won last week's contest and see how to enter for another chance at a $50 iTunes gift card!

Week 2 of the Great iTunes Giveaway is a wrap and the winners have been chosen so it's time now to get Week 3 started! Sticking to the social theme, this week we're moving over to Instagram. We just launched the iMore Instagram account and figured it's the perfect opportunity to unveil it and give everyone a shot at winning some iTunes loot. Keep reading to see who won last week's contest and how to enter this week for your shot at $50 to spend in the iTunes store!

First things first, here are last week's lucky winners:

  • Hans D.
  • Bill McG.
  • Adrian S.
  • Nick G.
  • Ben S.

Congratulations winners! Watch your email for your iTunes prize!

As we mentioned, this week we're focusing our attention on Instagram! Make sure you use the widget below to enter. Of course, if you're not into social media or don't have an Instagram account, that's ok. You can still enter the contest by leaving a comment on this post, but be sure you use that option in the widget or it won't count. Remember, the gift cards are only redeemable in the US iTunes store, so if you don't have a US iTunes account, they won't work for you. Also, we do verify entries so make sure you follow the instructions or you will be disqualified. Good luck everybody!

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Reader comments

Be our Instagram friend and you could win a $50 US iTunes gift card!


Thanks iMore for the opportunity. Also, I love the new header above. iMore is my favorite Mac/iOS site I visit daily.

I think I'm one of last week's winners. So, thanks very much. I'm entering again as a show of support (as opposed to being a greedy pig). Enjoy the content and the great giveaways.

I have said it before and I'm going to say it again. It's really awesome how you reward your readers with so many giveaways. A huge thumbs up for you guys! Keep up the good work! :-)

PS: I do not have Instagram so I have less chance to win. Nevertheless I still enjoy being on iMore.

i know this will be random but here my story, the reason i want to win, i don't wanna be selfish or anything i just want all the other players to win too, but if you only picking one i will tell you my story
i being Free2Play in many games like Clash of Clans player since day one and i got tired of it because i see all other players have more builders and buildings more than me and i am still in low rank, so i guess it will help me so much to get my rank higher and upgrading other stuff , and i hope the best player win
Thanks for this giveaway

Constructive criticism: pick me, ha jk. Love all the contests on imore to give back to its loyal readers. Keep it up!

I'm dying to win of the iTunes gift card & been a big fan of iMore for long time ! Pls pick me

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So glad you are on Instagram. Can't wait till we can see pics from live events or even sneak peaks of the next unboxing.

Rafflecopter is "okay". I've experience a lot of timeouts with it. I prefer Giveaway Tools or Gleam. Both are better with entry verification too.

iTunes cards are great.
iTunes cards are great.
They're a great gift when the gift is late.
iTunes cards are great.

I'm so gifting some songs and apps to my friends with this! Send them all to imore to get the latest on everything iOS!

Sent from the iMore App