Apple's surprise for tomorrow is Beatles finally coming to iTunes?

The Beatles with iPods

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is set to announce that they've worked out an agreement to offer the entire Beatles catalog on its iTunes Store -- something Apple has been negotiating for what seems like the better half of a decade. WSJ reports:

Apple Inc. is preparing to announce that its iTunes Store will soon start carrying music by the Beatles, according to people familiar with the situation, a move that would fill in a glaring gap in the collection of the world's largest music retailer.

iTunes launched almost 8 years ago, and The Beatles have been regrettably absent since day one. Spokesmen for Apple, BMI and The Beatles of course declined to comment on the matter. We have a feeling that, if there's any truth to these new rumors, there should be a lot of happy iTunes users out there who are also fans of The Beatles (and who isn't, right?).

So will you be purchasing any Beatles music once they're finally available through iTunes? Let us know in the comments!


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Apple's surprise for tomorrow is Beatles finally coming to iTunes?


It's cool, and I'm a huge Beatles fan, but I've never noticed they didn't even have them, I already have the entire Beatles catalog. I think this COULD be a PART of the announcement, but I doubt and HOPE it isn't ALL of it!

I have already ripped my Beatles collection into iTunes...if people are that huge of fans, I am sure they have too. Next guess.

Why would thy have an event just to reveal that the Beatles are coming to iTunes? Plus, why would someone wait 8 years to buy their albums from iTunes? Why wouldn't they just buy the CD and import them? I say its not the only reason for the event.

I know. The beatles had their day. I wish people would get over it! I don't know anyone who would even remotely care about them much less buy it. Beatles fans bought there music years ago. It's not like the new generation is listening to them anyway!

What a complete waste of time.
Can we get back to what's happening in this century please?

My entire Beatles collection is on vinyl. I gave up ripping it to mp3 from there, it's way too time consuming.
Remember, please, that we baby boomers are still the majority of the population - and we've been waiting for this for a long time!

I love the Beatles, but if that is the big announcement tomorrow, I think I might be able to forget the day. (When I'm Sixty-Four, of course.)

The Beatles coming to iTunes is not something that Apple would create this much hype over. Period. End of story.

So let's take this rumor, overlay it onto the message on, and over-analyze (it's what we do best):

  1. "tomorrow": opposite of "yesterday".
  2. "just another day": song by Paul.
  3. 4 clocks: John, Paul, George, and Ringo
  4. Hands on the clocks look like the cover of "Help".
  5. If you read the message on backwards it says "Paul is dead".

Any others I missed?

I surely hope this is not what the huge deal is. Buy the cd's and rip them. Say this is not it Steve!

Phl_lcking choke if that's the big announcement Apple. How about announcing something useful like "we won't void your warranty if you jailbreak" or "we are going to include wifi tethering as a built in mechanism and AT&T can suck it."

I would be surprised if Apple was actually going to waste everyone's time by making such a trivial and meaningless announcement.

While I agree that most Beatles fans probably own the CDs, more casual fans do not. But I can't understand all the outcry if this turns out to be the Beatles. It's not like Apple has been hyping this for a month or even a week. A day of hype EXCLUSIVELY ON THEIR WEBSITE is not excessive.
That said, if this isn't an announcement that all iTunes songs will forever be in better-than-CD quality 24-bit 7.1 surround sound, with all iTunes music offered as a subscription for 9¢/year, playable on a new 8TB iPod that hovers in mid-air around me, then epic fail, Apple! I'm switching to a Zune!

Speaking as someone who doesn't mangle the spelling of one of the most influential bands in history ("Beetles?" really, Internet?) I wouldn't be disappointed if the announcement centers around them. I agree, I would prefer it be MORE than that, but Beatles on iTunes is still pretty frigging huge!

While I do wish it would be something bigger than this considering the way they announced it, saying it's a day we'll never forget, I am a huge fan of The Beatles and if that were all that happens I wouldn't be completely let down.

As someone who grew up in the Beatles era, and loves their music, all I can say is "meh." Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed if Apple Corp caved to Apple Inc. I liked it better when they were suing them. At any rate, I never purchase music from iTunes.

If it turns out to be a Beatles release, Please Please Please fire that guy in Apple who had that bright idea!! And while your at it announce that. Now that would be a good day.

According to the WSJ there was going to definitely be a Verizon iPhone last month. Its hack reporting and shame on you for even paying attention to it.

What's the big deal? Yesterday, before the tease, you assumed that iTunes would be the same for you on Tuesday as it was yesterday. And so, it seems, it shall be, with the exception of Beatles songs available for purchase. I don't quite get the big outrage.

Yesssssss........ We have been waiting 50 years for The Best, The Only, nobody Better.... Ladies and Gentleman..... The Beatles!!! ... hehehe h eh ehehehhehhhehheheh

George Harrison lived close to where I do years ago. A friend went to his estate to do some work and was playing the radio in his truck while he worked. George walked out and politely asked him to turn it off because he didn't want to pick up anyone else's music and mistakenly interpolate it into his compositions. (Sound familiar?) My point is the Beatles would never have walked around wearing iPods listening to other peoples music, they were creative and made up their own.
My understanding is in the past they didn't want to sell singles only albums of music online, it will be interesting what emerges. And never forget George Martin their producer, he was a very, very important part of their product.

Why would I buy The Beatles on iTunes when I own their whole catalog on vinyl and CD. I can just rip my CD's. Oh ya, I did that back 9 years ago when I bought the original iPod.