Best alternative camera apps for iPhone: VSCO Cam, ProCamera 7, Camera+, and more!

Best camera apps for iPhone: VSCO Cam, ProCamera 7, Camera+, and more!

Need more than the built-in camera on your iPhone? Try these great App Store alternatives!

Looking for the best iPhone apps for taking photos on your iPhone? While some people appreciate that the iPhone's Camera, others want as many manual, fine-grained controls as possible. Whether you want to adjust your white balance and shutter speed all on your own, or you just want an all-in-one camera and photo editing app, you've come to the right place. There are lots of camera replacement apps available in the App Store, but which ones are the absolute best?


Best alternative camera apps for iPhone: VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam can let you snap, edit, and share your photos all in one place. You can even import your existing photos and access all your pictures in one place. One of my favorite things about VSCO Cam is how easy it is to independently adjust both the exposure and focus. If you've ever experienced a time when you want to focus on something but it's just too dark so you have to tap somewhere else, this is exactly the kind of problem VSCO Cam solves. No longer do you have to settle for darker but in focus photos or over-exposed and out of focus photos. VSCO Cam's filter and editing options are also some of the best you'll find.

If you're looking for an easy to use camera app that gives you just enough extras to take an all around better photo, you want VSCO Cam.


Best alternative camera apps for iPhone: Camera+

Camera+ has a killer camera that not only helps you stabilize images, but has one tap controls for locking things like white balance, exposure, and focus. You can also adjust the exposure compensation for difficult to shoot environments where a focus point is in a darker area. You can also see what ISO and shutter speed you're using at all times. Camera+ really shines when it comes to post-editing tools including highlights, shadows, contrast, and much more.

For a camera app that combines basic capture tools with amazingly powerful post-editing tools, check out Camera+.

ProCamera 7

Best alternative camera apps for iPhone: ProCamera 7

ProCamera 7 is a beautiful camera replacement app that not only contains awesome post editing tools, but lets you adjust many settings and view live previews before you even shoot an image. Like VSCO Cam, you can adjust exposure and focus independent of each other in ProCamera 7. Use anti-shake mode when capturing a moving target for the best possible photo. Like the built-in Camera app, ProCamera 7 also features a burst mode that lets you take multiple photos in a row.

If you want live previews of your photos before you even capture them, look no further than ProCamera 7.

Camera360 Ultimate

Best alternative camera apps for iPhone: Camera360

Camera360 Ultimate combines fun effects, filters, and scenes with a more than decent camera replacement app. While it may not have as many features as apps like ProCamera 7, it offers independent exposure and focus points as well as live previews of any effects you may want to add. The selfie feature of Camera360 lets you adjust skin tones and apply filters to take the best photo possible.

If you take a lot of selfies or like to play with fun filters and scenes, Camera360 Ultimate may be your perfect camera replacement app.


Best alternative camera apps for iPhone: Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular ways to share photos and also contains built-in camera functionality to make the job even easier. If you've ever experienced a time where you snapped a photo with the built-in camera app and went to share it on Instagram only to find that you can't quite get a square crop right, you may want to consider using Instagram to snap a secondary photo from time to time. There aren't a lot of photo adjustment settings but it gets the job done and Instagram's collection of filters and editing tools aren't terrible either. You also have the option for Instagram to save the original, not square photo, to your Camera Roll.

If you share a majority of your photos on Instagram, using it as your Camera app may not be the worst idea.

Your favorite replacement camera apps for iPhone?

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Reader comments

Best camera apps for iPhone: VSCO Cam, ProCamera 7, Camera+, and more!


I go back and forth with this a LOT but I've settled finally on VSCO Cam. I love the layout and it's dead simple to use. All the others are fine as well as the native one in IOS 7. It really all comes down to personal preference in the end. No Hipstamatic/Oggl? they're both fun alternatives.

I really enjoy ProCam 2. It has a lot of features for both taking pics and video. Also the editing features are amazing and so straight forward.

Sent from the iMore App

I have a ton of camera replacement apps. to @gautch, Faded isn't a camera replacement app, but a photo editor/filter app. I have my camera replacement app folder in the dock of my phone labeled "Pro Cams" . In order I have:
ProCamera 7
CameraPlus: Capture
645 Pro
NightCap Pro
HDR Fusion
DMD Panorama
ProCam 2
Bracket Mode
Cortex Cam
Camera Genius
Camera Plus Pro

And these are the ones that are labled "Pro Cams" when I don't want to use a filtered app like Hipstamatic, Hueless, Huemore, or anything by the developer misskiwi

i always end up using the default camera because it's integrated into the operating system. When i need to get to it quickly i can. I have camera+ but i never use it. no clue why i bought it other than it was my first purchase. it's fine but it just hasn't held my attention. i'm trying vsco cam now but mostly just using the filters. I still tend to take the actual pic with the default.

For taking photos, I bounce between Camera+ and

For video, you really can't beat Videon. I haven't found another app that has a smoother zoom or stabilization. Very awesome app.

Ally you should try Cortex Camera. Best purchase I have made in app store. It simply takes the best low light pictures.Since it mixes multiple frames into one through an algorithm, u need to be still taking pics and it might appear a bit slow processing the pic. But the end result is simply 'Wow'

Sent from the iMore App

I have used the Flickr app a few times when I know that the picture I am taking I want to share.
Normally I just use the default camera app, then go into iPhoto for editing. I have used Camera+ before, but most of the time when I need to take a picture, it is WAY easier to just flick the screen up and shoot than to go into the phone and open the app. If Apple was to ever allow users to change the default camera app, I could see myself changing to Camera+.

ProCamera 7, and prior to that its predecessor, ProCamera, is my favourite for shooting. I like to shoot square format AND edit exposure, saturation, sharpness etc in the lightbox before saving photos to camera roll and then edit with filter apps. I use VSCO Cam a lot for editing but not shooting as it doesn't support square format as an option.

I SWEAR by Camera+, but it currently runs too slow on my "ancient" iPhone 4. Hopefully that won't be the case when I get my new phone in September (August?).

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I've got quite a few and honestly like Retrica Pro the best. I don't know what it is about that app that gets me.

I know this is the complete opposite of what everyone wants as far as a camera app but I'm desperately looking for a SIMPLE camera app that will take pics and the resulting pic is stored in kb's and not megs. I am in the body shop business and take pics for supplements. If I have to send an insurance company 20 pics, I don't want each pic to be 3 mg's in size. I was using an app called Snapture. Simple, automatically stored to my camera without me having to click "save to photos" each time and the resulting pics were 60-80kbs in size. Now with iOS 8, the app won't work and have have tried a dozen apps to replace it. The apps either need to have the pics saved after each pic taken (no option in settings to automatically save- very time consuming when you're taking 20-30 pics), are too large in size or overly complicated.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much!