Best Black Friday 2014 apps for iPhone

If you're looking for the best iPhone apps to help you snag the best Black Friday deals of 2014, you've come to the right place! Sure, you can shop iMore right from the comfort of Safari, but if you're looking for all the great deals from all the big retailers for all the special people in your life, you'll want some apps for that!

The Christmas List

Best Black Friday 2014 apps for iPhone: The Christmas List

The first thing many of us need to do before heading out to shop is figure out what we're buying for people. The Christmas List is a great option and comes complete with Touch ID support so prying eyes can't access your shopping lists. Just create budgets for each person, add items you'd like to buy, and check them off as you buy them. The layout is simple to navigate and items are super simple to add. You can also see at a quick glance an overall picture of your budget and how much shopping you still have left to do.

For a great gift list app that's sure to keep you organized not only on Black Friday, but throughout all your holiday shopping, get The Christmas List.

TGI Black Friday

Best Black Friday 2014 apps for iPhone: TGI Black Friday

TGI Black Friday is one of the most extensive listings of Black Friday ads available. You can easily sort by category, store, and more. When you find something you want to buy, just add it to your list and everything will automatically be sorted by store for you. This makes it easy to see what places have the best deals on what items all in one place. Not only is TGI Black Friday a great resource for Black Friday, but offers up coupons via DealCatcher all year long.

If you're concerned with not missing a single deal, TGI Black Friday has one of the most comprehensive listings of Black Friday ads you could ask for.

Black Friday by Fat Wallet

Best Black Friday 2014 apps for iPhone: Black Friday by Fat Wallet

Black Friday by Fat Wallet is much like TGI Black Friday but also lets you get feedback from other people. This makes it easier to determine whether or not a deal really is a good deal. Just tap on a deal in order to see what others have to say. You can also vote up and down deals yourself to give other users a heads up. You can also use the ad scans section to see physicals ads for many of the stores. If you find a deal you like, just star it and it'll show up in your saved deals under your profile for reference later.

For skeptical shoppers that want feedback from others on whether or not deals really are deals at all, Black Friday by Fat Wallet is what you want.


Best Black Friday 2014 apps for iPhone: RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is great not only for Black Friday shopping, but all year round. You can browse through thousands of stores and find coupons to use at virtually anywhere. Not only does RetailMeNot support retail shopping, but also contains coupons for restaurants and dining as well. You can even favorite stores you frequent and receive notifications when coupons or deals are available.

For a coupon app that will benefit you not only on Black Friday, but all year long, check out RetailMeNot.


Best Black Friday 2014 apps for iPhone: Zoomingo

Zoomingo is a customized shopping experience that only shows deals that it thinks are relevant to you. Just choose the categories and stores that interest you and Zoomingo can filter out the rest. Aside from viewing ads, Zoomingo also shows digital coupons which makes it easy to have them on hand for checkout. You can search for specific products too so you can see which of your favorite stores have the best deals on items you really want.

If you want your own customized Black Friday shopping experience and prefer to forget the rest, check out Zoomingo.

Your pick for best Black Friday apps for iPhone

If you've found some great apps to help you hit the stores this Black Friday, be sure to let me know!