How to replace your iPhone battery: The ultimate guide

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How to fix your iPhone Home button: The ultimate guide


Best Buy price-matches Target, offers the iPad mini for $199


Best Buy guarantees $200 trade-in value when you bring your old iPhone and upgrade to a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c


Best Buy offering $150 trade-in credit for your old iPhone


Best Buy offering major discounts on all iPads, will you be picking one up?


Best Buy debuts Black Friday deals, iPad Air starting at $449


Best Buy offering $100 off iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s


Best Buy offering iPhone 5c for $50


History of iPhone: From revolution to what comes next


History of iPhone 3G: Twice as fast, half the price


Best Buy trade-in program gives you $200 or more towards a new iPad with Retina display


Best Buy launching two-day iPad trade-in promotion starting today, $200 gift card for your old iPad!

Looking back: The 2008 WWDC keynote - iPhone 2.0 and the iPhone 3G!


Best Buy giving Samsung the Apple treatment with in-store mini-stores


White House weighs in on phone unlocking, supports making it legal


FCC looking into ban on unlocking on-contract iPhones and other phones


Best Buy offering MacBook Air for $200 off, other Apple deals, today and tomorrow only


As of tomorrow, unauthorized unlocking of new, on-contract iPhones will be illegal in the U.S.


T-Mobile activating 100,000 iPhones per month, now supports 1.9 million devices

Best Buy to Start Selling the iPhone 3G USA-Wide on Sept. 7

Finally. Finally! You'll be able to get your giant-sized HDTV $200 HDMI cables, chocolate frosted sugar bombs, and iPhone 3G all under one big, blue roof!

Yup, Apple Insider rumored yesterday, and now Associated Press has confirmed, Best Buy will begin selling 970 full-size stores and 16 smaller, but recently upgraded Best Buy Mobile stores, come September 7.

Says Shawn Score, president of Best Buy Mobile:

We had a lot of work to do, obviously, to get in a position where Apple and AT&T would feel good about Best Buy Mobile carrying it, and that's what we've done in the last 18 months

Back in late June, Dieter posted about this and the much more frightening rumor of Radioshack getting their "laughing stock" hands on it, so it's not a total shocker... just as long as the Quickymart doesn't get it next, b'okay?

I mean, El Jobso still personally authorizes each reseller based on some cosmic alignment of Feng Shui and color swatches, right?

Rene Ritchie

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iphonemilk says:

I sure hope radioshack never sells them... every single radio shack i've ever gone to is filled with old hack jobs who think they know what they are talking about. I can't even walk into one anymore.

Brian Cole says:

I wonder if this could be thing that finally gets the iphone officially offered in Puerto Rico. Apple has consistently told me that the only reason that the don't sell the iphone here is because they don't have officially licensed repair people in PR (there are a ton of holes in this argument - I'm just telling you what they told me). Best Buy is here in Puerto Rico as an officially licensed Apple retailer and service/repair center, so maybe this will finally do it.
Either way, I already have an iPhone that I purchased state-side. It would be nice to see the rest of the island be able to get one as well. Even without Apple's official presence here, Puerto Rico is a hotbed for Apple sales. If the company would ever get their act together and pay attention to the island they would sell a ton of products. Currently they have not found a way to sell directly to Puerto Rico - a part of the U.S.A - yet they HAVE found a way to sell to a ton of other countries around the world. Pretty disappointing if you ask me.

luciano says:

necessary of suppliers of iphones aplle in amount I buy any amount

robert says:

will the geek squad activate the phone?

Austin says:

In ATT they told me that the phone is activate it through itunes with an account in ATT

Stream says:

I am now in Ohio, US. Where can i get best buy Iphone (outside Apple and AT&T). Which store???

Maureen Hemingway Schloss says:

I would like to buy an Iphone for my son Michael Schloss who lives in PHiladelphia, Can you tell me how much the IPhones cost - I can't seem to find any prices. Thank you Maureen.

Richard sales says:

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Anastasia says:

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PLEASE.! help me buy iphone.

na4alnika says:

i want to buy iphone in the USA and i don't know how to do it((please give me the list of the prices and explain me how i can send my buying to Russia. Thanks a lot)

GRACE says:

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