Get your life on track with the right calendar app for you!

If the built-in Calendar app on your iPhone doesn't fulfill your needs, there are dozens of great calendar apps in the App Store. Whether you are a day-to-day organizer or need to know at a glance what to expect for the year, there is an app out there to keep your events in order.

1. Calendars 5

Calendars 5Calendars 5Calendars 5

Calendars 5 connects to your Google account. It has incredibly-useful month, week, and day views. You can see everything at a glance or switch over to a daily list view if you want to focus on upcoming events. It has natural language support for quickly adding events, and you can create recurring events, set reminders, and build to-do task lists. Even rescheduling events is easy with drag-and-drop support. Calendars 5 is perfect for the organizer who prefers to see what is coming up in a full calendar view with easily identifiable events.

2. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2Fantastical 2Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 connects to the built-in Calendar app, Google, and Exchange. It also connects to the iPhone's built-in Reminders app so you can stay on top of your to-do list. The monthly view shows a dot to let you know when you have events, and also lists your daily reminders and events at the bottom half of the screen. It has an amazing natural language event creation feature. As you type, your words will drop into an event form and set the date and time. It also supports geofencing for location-based alerts. Fantastical 2 for iPhone is useful for people that prefer to stay focused on the day's events and tasks and want robust Reminders app integration.

3. Tiny Calendar

Tiny CalendarTiny CalendarTiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar supports the built-in Calendar app and Google. It has more customizable viewing options than most calendar apps. You can see a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily overview, or switch to a monthly view with the day's agenda below in a list. You can also check your schedule with a four-day view, mini month overview, or weekly agenda. Like any calendar app you can add events and reminders, but you can also invite others to your schedule. If you prefer the option to view your calendar in different ways depending on the circumstance (like monthly view at a glance or weekly view with agenda), take a look at Tiny Calendar.

4. Google Calendar

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar Google Calendar

This is Google's branded calendar app, and as you might expect it syncs perfectly with Google Calendar and provides detailed information from your account. It can even tie into your other Google services, like Gmail, and automatically add flight information and hotel reservations. The Schedule view features attractive illustrations based on words you have used for an event, like "flight" or "birthday." You can also switch to a one-day view, three-day view, or week view. This app works best for people that use Google Calendar exclusively.

5. Awesome Calendar

Awesome CalendarAwesome CalendarAwesome Calendar

Awesome Calendar is like the Swiss Army Knife of productivity apps. Not only does it have a useful calendar with day, week, month, partial week, and agenda style views (including a Filofax theme), but it also has a great event scheduler. When you create an event, you can add a note and include pictures from your photo library to help you keep your ideas all in one place. You can also schedule an alert and include a map to the location of the event. It has dozens of customizable features, like adding to-do lists, checking the weather, changing the background colors, adding holiday, sports, and television schedule calendars, and more. My favorite feature is the sticker list. You can tap to add a number of different digital stickers to dates on your calendar. If you need a visual reminder that your friend's birthday is next week, just add a sticker. Awesome Calendar is perfect for people that are always making plans on the spot and on the go.

6. Cal

Cal by Any.DOCal by Any.DoCal by Any.DO

Cal is Any.DO's calendar app. It is deeply integrated with the company's to-do list app, Any.DO. But, even if you don't use Any.DO, you can still enjoy the beauty of Cal. You can add events and select from specific locations to add a map, which you can access when you are heading out to the event. It has useful integration with social networking and your iPhone's contacts so you can plan last-minute get togethers. You can call friends on their birthday, send a gift, or write a message on Facebook, all from within the app. Cal is great for users that like a good looking calendar app, prefer connecting with social media, and don't need heavy productivity features.

7. Your favorite?

Anything we missed? What is your favorite calendar app and which features are most useful to you?