Best calendar apps for iPhone: For when the built-in calendar app isn't enough

Best calendar apps for iPhone: For when the built-in calendar app isn't enough

Looking for the best iPhone apps to keep your meetings and events organized and up to date? While the built-in iPhone calendar app is clean and functional, it's not the right calendar app for everyone. That's where the App Store comes in. There are several really great calendar replacement apps, and they can all tie into the same iOS calendar database, so all of your appointments, events, birthdays, and more will "just work". But which alternative calendar apps for iPhone are the absolute best? And more important, which one is the best choice for you?

Fantastical 2

Best calendar apps for iPhone: Fantastical 2

Fantastical by Flexibits has been one of my absolute favorite alternative calendar apps as long as I can remember. Fantastical 2 now brings the best of what Flexibits has to offer to Reminders as well. Instead of just accessing and managing your calendar, you can also manage your reminders in the same place. From gestures to natural language support to the beautifully designed interface, Fantastical 2 is the entire package. Other features include custom notifications for several event types, snooze options, iCloud invitation support, TextExpander integration, and much more. Fantastical supports iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, and more.

For a beautifully designed calendar app that's close to what Apple provided pre-iOS 7, but better, look no further than Fantastical 2.

See also:

Sunrise Calendar

Best calendar apps for iPhone: Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar supports Gmail, iCloud, and Exchange calendars. Not only that, you can also choose to link up your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. You can then manage all your Facebook and personal events in one place. Foursquare checkins show up in your calendar as well so you have one main feed for everything. Sunrise Calendar is one of the very few options that handles event sharing and invites properly through iCloud as well. If that's important to you, it's a solid bet. Oh, and did we mention the interface and design is gorgeous too?

If you want all the things social to feed into your calendar, Sunrise does a beautiful job of managing everything all in one place without overdoing it.

Pocket Informant

Best calendar apps for iPhone: Pocket Informant

You'll be hard pressed to find any calendar and task app that is as versatile, customizable, and feature packed as Pocket Informant. Not only does Pocket Informant function as a replacement calendar app, it's essentially a personal assistant in the palm of your hand. Pocket Informant features four calendar views, a consolidated Today View that gives a quick overview of your entire day, built-in weather support, support for tasks, and so much more. Since Pocket Informant can pull from iOS calendars and Reminders, it can support Exchange and many other calendar types including iCloud and Google.

If you want complete control over your calendar and a slight learning curve doesn't scare you, Pocket Informant is what you want.

Calendars 5

Calendars 5 by Readdle can not only manage your Calendar, but your reminders and tasks as well. It also supports natural language input for event creation. Calendars 5 is also one of the few options that is a universal download for both iPhone and iPad, which gives you a little more bang for your buck. You can sync local calendars as well as Google calendars with Calendars 5. What draws my attention to Calendars 5 the most are the unique view options. The week view in particular is incredibly useful and informative, which anyone with lots of appointments will greatly appreciate.

If you have a jam packed calendar and need view options that show information in a reliable and informative way, check out Calendars 5 by Readdle.

UpTo Calendar

Best calendar apps for iPhone: UpTo Calendar

UpTo Calendar can tie into all your local calendars or with Google, iCloud, and Outlook. However, what makes UpTo unique is that you can subscribe to tons of calendars that UpTo curates for you. These calendars are the "back layer" of UpTo and include things like following your favorite sports teams so you never miss a game, checking out local concerts, different holiday calendars around the world, and tons more. If you want to view subscribed calendars, just use pinch gestures to expand and collapse the subscribed layer. This way recreation and entertainment don't get in the way of your personal calendars. UpTo Calendar is also designed tastefully and should be easy enough to use for almost anyone.

For a calendar that is just as much fun as it is productive, give UpTo Calendar a go.

Cal by

Best calendar apps for iPhone: Cal by

Cal by ties in nicely with the overall design of iOS as well as with Tasks. One unique thing that Cal does is plot out free time in between events. The main agenda view is reminiscent of the default Calendar app pre-iOS 7 as well so it won't be as overwhelming to new users. Cal also supports natural language input and automatically searches for physical locations in your events to attach. All of these factors make it one of the easiest calendar apps to learn and use.

If you don't need tons of extra features and want something that just works, or you're already an user, Cal is worth a try.

Your vote for best iPhone calendar app?

These are our absolute favorite calendar apps. Not only do a lot of these provide more functionality, they can also tie into all the services we care about most. If you use one of the above, let us know why you prefer it over other options. If you use something different, make sure you let us know that too!

Note: Originally published, October 2013. Updated, August 2014.

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Best calendar apps for iPhone: For when the built-in calendar app isn't enough


To see what is happening on my weekends I use an app called Weekender ( It shows all my upcoming weekends on one page, but it is a viewer only, so I use it in conjunction with the Apple calendar app. I haven't found another app where I don't have to tap around 10 times just to see a couple weekends.

Cal by Any.Do is my go to calendar for quite some time now. It matches iOS7 perfectly however I just wish it had an icon that shows the actual date. Other than that I haven't found anything thing wrong or dissappointing about it.

One more thing.... How did you get your folder to be transparent? I thought that feature was only available in the iOS 7 betas.

My favorite is Calendars+, but I totally agree on an icon reflecting the date. Should be the standard or a feature in the apps settings.

PI Pro... The gold standard for mission-critical calendaring. I integrate my Outlook calendar from work, plus 3 google calendars with PI Pro on my iPhone. As far as I'm concerned if a calendar app can't show daily details in month view, it's amateur. PI Pro is as powerful Outlook (without the email of course). Nothing else comes close to its power and flexibility.

Our app, LifeTopix, allows for searching of our native calendar events past a year or more. It will not search your iOS calendar items that are displayed on your LifeTopix calendar; however, you can view past years' items easily so finding those device calendar events is fairly easy.

Does anyone know what the best calendar app with time zone support such as the one in iOS 7 has? I don't like the apple one and am looking for a replacement

I'm talking about when setting events, I can set it in either pacific, central, or Eastern time.

Anyone have any suggestions?

PI is mentioned in the article for the first time.
The new version of PI has a new feature called TravelAssist which allows you to set periods when you will be away in another timezone and then all appointments you set up during that period will reflect the away timezone. You can have multiple trips setup.


I have Calendars because I got it when it was free, I have Cal, and I have Fantastical (and will most probably be buying Fantastical 2). All three are better options than the stock calendar, but I find myself using Fantastical more than any of the others, the natural language bit is an amazing thing.

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Any one looking for a full featured PIM that includes cal, contacts, notes integration (including Evernote), reminders integration, etc should take a look at Pocket Informant. It even uses map and traffic data to identify how long it will take to reach your next events location.

I am surprised this full featured Calendar app was not included in this roundup given WebIS' presence in the iOS market.

PocketInformant has become my primary calendar app and primary task app. I still use Fantastical for NL input via Launch Center Pro for very quick entry of new events.
PI does have NL input as well but it is not as accurate as Fantastical.

I actually like the new Calendar app. I couldn't stand the old one. Before the iOS7 update, my calendar of choice was CalenGoo. It reads Google Calendar, either on its own or via the iOS calendar database (your choice), and the native calendar. For Google Calendar on its own, it supports the "Flair" event icons, and when viewing the location of an appointment, you can choose to use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps.

However, with iOS7, I've uninstalled it and I'm just the built-in calendar.

I was just unable to delete a single occurance of a repeating event, so back to Calengoo for me. Maybe I'll try one of the others too.

Calengoo is my go to calendar app. What I'd really like in an IOS calendar is the ability to set irregularly occuring repeating events; eg., a class schedule on Mondays and wednesday that skips a few days for holidays, etc. I don't know of any program that does that. Back when I used Palm devices, there was a third party program that did this well.

I've since moved on to Calendar 5 by Readdle. It has a more elegant and readable UI, and a lot less options to slog through. The only feature I miss from Calengoo is templates.

One of my favorite calendar apps is Calvetica; it has a great month view with color coded events and a very legible week view. It's also being updated soon, like Fantastical, so hold off buying for now. Sunrise is great for managing Facebook events, and the update for iOS 7 is really nice.

My problem with Calvetica has always been the separate screens to view tasks. They should be integrated in the main cal/event view. Plus, I find the multi-screened event entry to be a little excessive for new entry. Other calendar apps have surpassed Calvetica.

My favorite feature of Calvetica is that all day events can be shown to span across days in the month view. Really helpful to visualize multi day events like business trips, vacations, etc. Wish more of those listed in the article also did this...

Week Cal is AWESOME. Mini month view is my favorite. I've been using it for years and tell everyone I know about it. Luv ❤️

Yip, I agree, I've tried them all this is the best, fastest when imputing appointments with templates, and they have both the iPad and the iPhone covered... IMore should do a review on it...

I especially like the auto-colouring options in Week Cal... just magic, and it is ridiculously customisable between the views and how it behaves when you flip the phone sideways

1+ waiting Fantastical 2. Fantastical is worth the price-tag; it is the one I got and never looked back. Fantastical 2 for iPhone will have reminders, better parsing engine, event and reminder notifications, landscape mode, TextExpander support, and much more. Please know that the current version works fine with iOS7.

I liked Fantasical too, but the thing for me was that the list view in the bottom half of the screen didn't show "empty" days. Really confusing when I just looked at it quickly and saw an event for two days from now, but initially thought it was for today.

sorry but its a iphone app only, and to be honest, none are worth paying ofr, the ios calendar is fine, just so you all know apple developers are good at making their ios so bad to sell you their own falsey rated apps, fools gold i say

Pocket Informant Pro has been the best calendar app for years and still are the best calendar in App Store. PI has it all, use the parts you like.

The only reason I stick with Apple's Calendar app is that I rely on the date in the icon on my phone. I'd switch to another app like Sunrise or Calendars in a heartbeat if their icons showed the date... I do use Calendars 5 on my iPad though.

Just downloaded Tempo and love it! Love that it gives you different view options, love the monthly view with list of events underneath. Tried iCal and I didn't like it. Sunrise has a really cool look and interface, but without Exchange support is useless to me. Thanks for the great recommendations on calendar apps! :)

Sent from the iMore App

Check out Mynd. I got it free one day and it's like IOS7's "Today" section in the notification center on steroids. I think Im gonna try it for a while. I like that it sends you a push to leave on time for your next appt. Not sure what all esle it can do as it has to "learn" over the next week or so lol. Oh yeah it looks cool as heck too.

In Calendar5 can you have BOTH an Exchange calendar (Local Calendar) AND a Google calendar? In the setup screen it seems to give you a choice of either one OR the other? My work calendar is on Exchange and my personal is on Google.

I started to use Pocket Informant when I switched from my trusty Palm PDA to the iPhone (once 3rd party apps were allowed). Have never looked back since.
Great app, very responsive developer, superb tech support.

I'm presently happy with the built-in iOS 7 Calendar app - clean and simple - but Readdle always makes quality apps, and I like what they've done with Calendars 5.

Funny, by the way, that none of the big fans of Pocket Informant Pro happen to mention that it's a $13 app that requires a further subscription cost to keep it synced between devices... ;)

Well, your iPhone costs you a thousand dollars here in Europe, so what is 13$ plus change on top of that? Clearly, the price is a non-issue to anyone who can afford an iPhone to begin with.

When you can get a full-featured, nice-looking calendar app for a significantly lower, one-time cost, price IS an issue. Why pay more?

But to each their own - if Pocket Informant does something extra that really works for you, it's worth that ongoing cost.

Sent from the iMore App

It may be $13 US, but how much would you have to pay for a top rated Calender app, plus a top rated To-Do app, plus Notes, Contacts,,, well, now you're around that price ( /-) and have to move around 3-5 apps to accomplish what Pocket Informant does in one app.

I'll be staying with Pocket Informant.

Sent from the iMore App

You do not have to pay a subscription to keep it synced between devices. I sync it to google calendar, and all my calendars (including outlook) get updated. It also goes on sale for $9.99 almost every holiday weekend, so if you want to save a little put it on a watch list. Fantastic integration with other powerful productivity apps such as Evernote, toodledo, reminders, google maps, ios maps, etc. It also has a $4.99 lite version.

I can't speak about the other calendars as I have used PI for 4 years, but it is probably my most used app and well worth the money to me.

I find it so entertaining that people actually nickle and dime when it comes to a Calendar App.. And the fact that they rationalize why not to spend 13 dollars on it.
Considering how much that app is used, it pays got itself beyond measure.
I had searched and paid/tried out almost 30 calendar apps.. It was about 200 dollars wasted.
I would do it all again, just to find PI. No kidding, you would retract your statement about the 13 dollars if you tried it.
No app compares.. Period.

Sent from the iMore App

LMAO @ spending over $200 on calendar apps!! And that's coming from someone that always buys the full version over a lite/free version of apps, so it's not like I don't buy apps........but WOW

They have a version called PI Go that has all the calendar and Reminder features & no subscription for $5, and it goes on sale for even less periodically.

i downloaded Sunrise after your story on it the other day. It works well. I don't have time or energy to try out anything else.
One of the most important to me was iCloud integration because I have a Mac and need that syncing ability.

Been using Readdle for so long, got Calendar 5. I like universal apps. Works well, with the regular device calendar, or google calendar. I also think it is fair for developers to charge for new programs. It was a good rewrite of calendars +.

Why do so many people skip past Week Cal? I am all for a good looking application, but for the best blend of functionality and looks, Week Cal is crazy powerful and useful. All these apps Month View sucks and is near useless--like the iOS7 app. But with Week Cal I can look at an entire month of activity and see what's going on. I'm not sure if they have a free "lite" version but if they do, take it for a spin. I have paid for several different calendar apps and Week Cal is by far the best, and they have regular updates.

+1 for Week Cal

I love the agenda view, time zone support by event (totally missing in many calendar apps) and the fact that you can change calendar colours to remedy the fact iCal randomly assigns colours to subscription calendars (e.g. travel itineraries) that differ from device to device.

For two of those apps, I noticed in the screenshot that they're using the previous iOS keyboard. Shouldn't apps with the old keyboard automatically go on the "not interested" list?

I LOVE week calendar. I have tried a bunch but this really out performs the rest. Very easy to use and the colors can be easily accessed. Also, it has a bunch of options to personalize it.

I usually stick with the stock calendar (although I'm not a big fan of the iOS 7 version yet) just because it's best integrated into the system. However, I do find myself using WeekCal more often than the other 3rd party alternatives. I like it's close similarity to Outlook's week view. Agenda is a close second (combined with the natural language processing of Fantastical when adding a quick event). I own many others (Calendars 5, Pocket Informant (which I loved on WinMo), Calvetica, etc.), but I still find the stock calendar good enough for most of my needs). I am looking forward to the improvements in the next WeekCal, though.

Currently using fantastical, and I am not a huge fan of IOS7 calender, namely because it simply bunches all the day's events into the top corner. Fantastical's not a cheap app, and it's main selling point is simply that it has a spiffier interface than IOS6's calendar app (which is actually a huge deal, because that makes it much more readable).

Only irritating thing is that Apple doesn't allow other calendar apps to show the date. For whatever it's worth, I will likely upgrade to fantastical when it gets updated.

Like many others, I can't believe Pocket Informant wasn't mentioned. It has all of the features mentioned in the article and many more. There are also fairly frequent updates.

Ah why did y'all put this up. I'm a sucker for calendar and weather apps. Gotta snatch some of these.

Seriously - Any calendar review that doesn't mention Pocket Informant calendar app, is just not a comprehensive review. Allyson, if you didn't know about PI then now you do and do the right thing - include it in a update review. You would think I owned the company - not. Just sad to see poor research and inaccurate "best" reporting.....

I use Calengoo, but not to its full potential. The # of options in Calengoo is huge and the app can be customized in all sorts of ways, if you bother to learn about all the settings.
I am looking at Pocket Informant now, after all the comments praising it.

Allison, do you know if any of these calendars will allow you to import the events you have set up on Apple's Calendar or do you have to re-enter these one by one? Thanks!

I have tried almost all of them. There are some that are very strong in certain fields. My go to power user app, if I need to do a lot of manipulation of events, is Week Calendar by Utilitaps. However (and I have tried all the ones listed in this article), my daily calendar for everyday interaction is Sunrise. It it just such a superbly designed app, and leaves all the other options in this article in the dust. The new iOS7 revamp is gorgeous, the UI is clean and smooth and easy, and things like the FourSquare tie-in is a nice touch (though not everyone will use it).

Here's an email I just sent to a group of friends about my experience with Apple Calendar;

FWIW, I find Apple's Calendar application on the Mac and on the iPhone and iPad to be, shall we say, less than elegant. Moreover, for some unknown reason, it occasionally fails to notify me of of recurring events I have set.

E.g., I set an event to remind me to backup weekly. Calendar will notify me week after week, and then suddenly miss a week and then start reminding me anew the following week.

Searched for a fix but could find none and so began hunting for a, preferably, free replacement and ended up with Google Calendar on the iMac and the Goggle app called Google Apps Browser for my iPhone and iPad.

I find it FAR easier to create and edit events on the Google Calendar than I did in Apple's Calendar. Also, you can export Events you have set up in your Apple Calendar to Google Calendar so you don't have to start from scratch and recreate all your Events.

So as not to give away too much personal info to Google, I use shorthand or abbreviations for things that I don't want to share with them, like a doctor's appointment for example. E.g., I'll simply enter: Appt. w/ Smith vice Proctologist Appt. :-)

Also, being a constant user of email, I set up Google Calendar to notify me by email and not by pop ups that keeping nagging me. Every time I check my email In box, there sits the email titled, BACKUP IMAC, until I do the task and then I delete the email. That's sufficient nagging for me.

For me, it's been an excellent, easy to set up and easy to use solution.

Do any of the calendar apps allow you to search an event you entered in the future, or after the current date? iOS 7 doesn't. Very inconvenient. Thanks!

I've been really into "UpTo" lately on my iphone. It's a calendar but you can also subscribe to cool feeds of upcoming events.

For example, I see my own events, and then I also see my facebook events, favorite sports team schedules, tv premier dates, music release dates... a lot of local businesses are getting on board too. Great if you stay busy and have trouble keeping up with stuff!

I must have misunderstood "... they can all tie into the same iOS calendar database ..."

I downloaded Sunrise, but it did not use the iOS calendar database. It wanted me to connect to one of any number of systems (none of which I use).

I only used the list. It now requires me to open the calendar and search. If I navigate away from the calendar, it defaults back to by day.

This new calendar will drive me away from Apple. Calendar is more important in business than Apple understands. Maybe Apple will find a way back to the calendar from before iOS7.

Calendars 5 by Readdle is my choice. It has a clean interface, works with Google calendar, has a very nice week at a glance view, and simply has everything I want in a calendar app.

Since Mavericks disabled sync services (why, oh why?) I can't synchronize my calendar (or anything else) from Outlook 2011 for Mac with my iPhone. Anybody know of a calendar (and contact) app that will solve that problem?

Informant Go! pretty much has all of the features of all of these apps in one. Calendars & reminders, a clean Today view, iCloud invites, universal app for both iPad & iPhone, clean interface, supports syncing with every calendar & task program imaginable, super fast & easy input options, incredible amount of customization options for colors, fonts, etc, can convert events to tasks & vice versa, GPS integration for driving time estimates, & so on.

They even offer a upgraded version with Memos, Contacts tab, and tons of extra features, but I find the Go! version already has more included than most calendar apps.

Informant Pro by WebIS is my go-to. Multiple Google Calendar sync accounts so I can sync my personal and work accounts and filter appropriately. Beautiful, customizable interface with a high density of data. I don't use tasks as much, but I appreciate how well they integrate (I sync with Toodledo) and how well the Smart Filters work.

I use Pocket Informant Pro. Been using it since the Pocket PC days. It is still the best all-around integrated calendar/task/contacts/notes app in the App Store.

anybody got a hint for me? as soon as i include urls in a comment i get this error:
"This post has been automatically been marked as spam. Please revise your comment to either remove links and/or references to money. If you are still having problem, please e-mail site support and include a copy of the comment"

as nobody yet has mentioned ... i will: Logacal (by pavel dolezal)
from the description in the itunes/appstore: "Unlike traditional month, week or day-based calendars, Logacal doesn’t split time equally, but instead depending on how far in the future it is [...] Its design is vastly inspired by logarithmic scale that enables you to see and manage your calendar in a very natural and intuitive way"

i like it a lot: it displays events how my brain works
and once i've checked out how to include urls i will link to the developer website, appstore/itunes-page and a review

So, oddly to most people, I like the native iOS 7 app in many ways, among others because to me it's drop-dead gorgeous and slick to use. But it is limited and it lost the previous monthly view, which was helpful. I have tried all the calendars above:

Sunrise -- wants full Apple credentials -- sorry; also icon looks like menstrual cycle calendar

Calendars 5 -- unattractive; unwieldy Week view when you need to scroll through a long day; buggy link to Google maps

Cal -- no weekly view or agenda view – big omissions; but very attractive

Fantastical 2 -- also very attractive; but no direct link to contacts, which is serious omission

Agenda -- unattractive; links to contacts but you have to manually add each one and even then only one piece of data at a time (e.g. email or cell phone); address bar opens to Google maps but ONLY if you have a street address rather than something like "Smith County Courthouse"

Tempo -- very attractive iOS 7 update; links Google maps and contacts and emails; but steadfastly refuses to allow badging the icon with the date (why?); new search feature is buggy

I run the native iOS 7 app on the home screen for date and search and quick access; in a sub-folder tucked away is Tempo, which I use for contacts-Google maps-email links, and so on. In short, I run two apps, and all the calendar apps that I have paid for I have deleted from the phone.

Running 5s with 7.0.3

I noticed you mentioned that Calendars 5 supports natural language input, but did not mention that as a feature with Fantastical. This is one of my favorite features of Fantastical and works even better with the 2.0 version.

@drjwr Did you mean weekly view? Monthly view still exists.

If you meant weekly view, you can get to that by simply by turning the iPhone to landscape in iOS7.

Hi psimac,

Thanks. Yes, natural language support is good, but I find it often needs manual correction, so I tend to manual input in the first place. As for the lost iOS 7 monthly view, what is gone is the single month view that lists below a given month the appointments for the given day that you have chosen. (This was what I meant by the words "previous month view," and I apologize for not being clear.) The new Tempo app retains this view as usefully and attractively as I've seen.

I use PocketLife . There is a free version to try first. Like it because it has the feature I miss the most on ISO native calendar. That is the single month view with dots. When one taps on day entire list of events for that day are listed right under calendar. No scrolling and easy to read. Looks like old calendar.

Please give 'The Grid' calendar a try. With the upcoming update it has basically everything that Fantastical has and more and you can try it out and use the basics for FREE. And it has the Month with the day listed below it that everyone misses.

Or if you want something as powerful as Pocket Informant but don't want to have to rely on their proprietary data format and recurring sync fees, give Extreme Agenda a look. Integrated reminders, contacts, notes, lists in a powerful calendar with multiple views. Simply, I think both Extreme Agenda and Pocket Informant get overlooked by the media and are both far superior to most of the calendars listed here (and not in business to collect your data like the 'smart calendars')...


I have not been able to use any of the stock iOS calendar apps--I live in month view (12 hour shifts at multiple sites). My favorite so far has been SaiSuke, which very few people seem to have heard of. I can actually see the entire month with color coded calendar events labeled. Another cool feature that I rarely see is the option to copy/paste events.

The UI is not the greatest, but it is plenty usable--and effective. I've tried .Sched, but they haven't updated their UI yet to iOS 7, and lacked the copy/paste. Will give Fantastical 2 a shot this week.

After months of trying calendars, here's where I am: The ideal calendar app would be beautifully minimalist; directly link to and open your contacts; badge the icon with the current date; reliably open Google maps; list iOS 7 reminders; have a monthly view that lists the day's appointments below a selected day (as with iOS prior to version 7); support natural language input; and do what no one has done (except perhaps Calendars 5) -- give a usable weekly view. But, the app need not do more than these things; no overly complicated personal assistant that is too busy to look at and too buggy to run.

No calendar app that I can find meets these (at least to me) seemingly simple and straight-forward criteria.

Because the native app is beautiful, takes language input through Siri, and gives day/date on the icon, I run iOS 7 on the home page and Tempo in a secondary folder because Tempo links directly to my contacts. (If Tempo would badge its icon, make a reliable connection to Google maps instead of running it through Foursquare, and abolish its weird weekly view, it might replace the native app.)

Kaly Calendar ( is an appointment calendar for iPhone that is specially designed for Therapist, Trainers and teacher. You can see and manage the appointments of the whole week, manage your client and their subscription card.
Sending SMS reminder is also possible in one click, so your patient that always forget their appointment will have no excuse !

Testing Sunrise & Agenda now. I like the feel of Sunrise better but may have to stick with Agenda because Sunrise doesn't show the birthdays of my contacts, where Agenda does show them. There is a birthday calendar that shows in Agenda that is not present in Sunrise. I think it's the default birthday calendar for iOS. Am I doing something wrong?

I think the design is the key for those apps. The core functionality, the calendar, is simple and more or less the same in all apps. It is its design that makes the difference, that makes you use it daily. My favorite is Calvetica (not mentioned here), but I really like Fantastical too despite the fact that it doesn't have any sync feature.
However, when you’re in a real need for organization and self-productivity improvements, calendar apps are not sufficient. For this, you should go on more complete apps, the all-in-one kind like Beesy for example ( ).

Used to be a Fantastical guy but I grabbed Calendars 5 when it was free somewhat recently. Haven't looked back since. The week view is absolutely great and when trying to go back to Fantastical or other calendar apps I just have to go back for the week view in Calendars 5.

I LOVE the week view in Calendars 5. Easily my favorite feature. I use Fantastical 2 heavily but when I have a super busy week, I fire up Calendars 5.

Fantastical is my current favourite, I've tried most of them.
I like the ios7 clean lines (unlike Pocket Informant which still looks chunky and hard to read)
The integration of tasks and events is what draws me back to this app.

I'm not really sure how PI is any busier than the others. You choose to include or leave out what you will. I never use the week view you show above but use the 5 or 7 day week view and list view.

I think PI has a good balance between including the data you need and doing it in a clean way so I guess its just personal preference. I live the power it gives and fully functionally powerful task management which the others just play at.

I see from the comments you recycle these articles every couple of months? Should the comments come with the new version? Some of the comments above (including one of mine) say PI isn't included which was initially confusing.

Don't use the Apple app because I can't quickly copy events. I tried Fantastical, but dumped it because the Day view is worse than the stock app. I now use Calendars 5 because the Day view is almost as good as Apple's and copying is a breeze.

Anyone tried this one: ?

If so, do you know if our information goes to their servers?--on its face, it's a little too googlish for me.

I love Pocket Informant. There is NOTHING that can come close to all the features. Linking contacts to events (appointments) and tasks, copying events and tasks to reschedule later, drag and drop events on calendar, setup templates for frequent events and tasks, repeatable evens and tasks, assign icons, colors, categories, contexts, etc. to events and tasks. It just does everything and does it soooooo well. It's the BOMB!!

I've been using Vertical Calendar on the iphone for several years. I'm only looking for something else because I haven't seen an update from the developer in a while. I LOVE that I can see the full month on the first screen vertically with enough of a description to get the gist of the entries. I don't worry about entering tasks separately because the list is so easy to browse. I simply make an entry and I'm done. It consolidates all calendars, and offers easy recurring entries. Does anyone know of anything similar?

Any thought on Mynd.... been using it for weeks, after trying all the others, and I really like it. So many there are....

Calendars 5 all the way. I love having my tasks and events in one view. It is one of the first that has a widget to take advantage of the new features of iOS 8.

I've been using one calendar app or another for ~10 years. Currently I'm using iCal on my iPhone and Mac, with all 10 years of history. Now I've reached the maximum calendar entries of 25,000. Which calendar app can handle more than that? Ideally, I'd like one that has no restrictions other than the amount of space available on the device. However, I don't want to put my data in the Cloud in order to get space.

I downloaded Fantastical 2 and its just as I expected, its just another GUI interface for the Calendar accounts you have already set up in Settings/Mail, Contacts/Calendars. Are there any calendar apps that set up new accounts on their own?

I'm using ReplyAll. It's simple yet efficient with a lot of features for business users like forward or reply or joining a call conference directly from the invite. It's not as polished as those can but better in features.