Best currency conversion apps for iPhone: Amount, Banca, Rates, and more!

Best currency conversion apps for iPhone: Amount, Banca, Rates, and more!

Need to convert foreign currency on your iPhone? Check out these awesome currency and rate conversion apps for iPhone!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you convert currency in foreign countries? No matter where you're traveling, it's always important to know what you're paying for items. Luckily there are lots of currency conversion apps for iPhone available in the App Store that make understanding and using foreign currency easy. But which conversion apps are the best?


Best currency conversion apps for iPhone: Currency

Currency supports over 160 countries all around the world. The interface is gesture based so once you're done entering an amount, just swipe to the right across it to clear it out. Swipe down to hide the keyboard and view even more currencies. Currency also offers a 6 month graph overview of all currencies in a single tap.

If you want an easy to use currency converter that also gives you historical information on conversation rates, get Currency.


Best currency conversion apps for iPhone: Amount

Amount is a converter of many things, including currency. It has support for over 160 different types of currencies,. You won't get fancy charts and historical data but you do get the ability to convert currency in very few taps. Aside from money, Amount can convert area, density, electric current, and other crazy things many of us normal folk don't even understand.

If you want an all-in-one app that can convert pretty much any bit, byte or monetary amount you want, look no further than Amount.


Best currency conversion apps for iPhone: Banca

Banca supports every currency in the world that isn't obsolete. It can also use your location in order to automatically use the local currency as your base rate. If you travel frequently and find yourself in certain countries more than others, you can set favorite currencies for quick access. If you find yourself with no internet access, Banca automatically switches to offline mode and uses the most recent rates for conversion, which is refreshes regularly on its own. Banca also functions as a basic calculator.

If you need a currency converter with offline mode and location support, check out Banca.

$0.99 - Download Now

My Currency Converter

Best currency conversion apps for iPhone: My Currency Converter

My Currency Converter supports over 150 currencies including crypto currencies such as BitCoin, LiteCoin, and even DogeCoin. Just tap to set your home currency and then choose your target currency and you're done. There's no other features or settings to adjust, just simple number entry and conversion which makes My Currency Converter convenient to pull out and use in just seconds.

If you want a simple, no frills currency conversion app that also supports crypto currencies, check out My Currency Converters.


Best currency conversion apps for iPhone: Rates

Rates is a currency converter and regular unit converter bundled into one. Simply swipe side to side to access menus, add and remove currencies, and more. Tap on the type of currency you'd like to convert and enter it. You can also reorder, delete, and add currencies inside of rates whenever you'd like. Rates currently supports over 150 countries.

For an all-in-one currency and unit converter that's easy to use, give Rates a try.

Your favorite currency conversion and exchange rate apps for iPhone?

Do you travel frequently or trade currencies? What apps do you use on your iPhone to monitor currency exchanges? Let me know in the comments!

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Best currency conversion apps for iPhone: Amount, Banca, Rates, and more!


Google :D why I should pay for a currency app as I can go to google and type 1 USD to GBP it do the rest with interesting UI

Currency+ is free, works good on both iPhone and iPad so why pay for a currency app?
Note to Editor: You should first review free apps, then if you do not find any that are worthy, start in on the pay apps but frankly, if we can get it free, nobody will pay even 99 cents.

These are the BEST apps, not just apps that do conversion. If you want a lot of features and a decent UI, you'll have to pay for it. Don't fret over $'s unbecoming.

Sent from the iMore App

Seeing as I'm in the retail industry, I don't think I've ever seen more cheapskates than I have with app consumers. Man, some people are straight damn cheap!

I'm using Amount. It's fast and customizable. I can preset only to the units/currencies I normally use and not have to deal or scroll through those I don't need. Google is fine but if I need to view conversion to more than a single currency, it requires scrolling through all the world's currency to get to the ones I need. So the $0.99 is a complete bargain.

I go back and forth between XE and Oanda's Currency app (which is free if I remember correctly) . Oanda's app is simple and straight forward.

This list misses my favorite currency converter Rates (

It has a feature I haven't seen in any of the other currency converter apps. It automatically shows you currencies based on your location. Most of the time I don't even have to care about which exchange rates I want because they are automatically there. Genius!

I also like the simple and thoughtful design.

Big fan of Amount. I use it for conversions beyond money all of the time. Wish it could do subnet calculations, that is the only missing feature I've found (or feature I'm missing).

My free Currency+ app is good for most but if you want unlimited favorites, interactive historical charts and real-time currency alerts, and no ads my paid Currency+ app is also worth a look.

My Rates Browser app is way more feature complete. Automatically updates. You can download +250 currencies of any day since 1/1/2000. Export data using an sqlite database. Plus you also have favorite currencies, historical charts. It is universal and automatically syncs data using iCloud.
In summary gives you current rates but also can get historical data in a useful manner.

I've used several conversion apps till date but I've finally settled with an app called " Convert Any Unit - Units & Currency " developed by Cider Software LLC.

Reason: It's just super easy to use and very convenient. It handles multiple unit and not just Ccy conversions and it's the best one stop shop app for the sheer convenience it provides. It also acts as a calculator which is convenient when i want to add / minus / multiply and calculate the final conversion amount. This app has a 'lite' & a paid version.. i'm using the paid version which I don't regret.

Sent from the iMore App

I use Vert... appears to be very similar to Amount, going off the pictures. There's even a "Lite" version for you "why pay a dollar" types...

I'm using the XE app for my iPhone. I'll have to purchase Amount and see what it's all about! I'm sick of my current universal converter as it hasn't updated to match the new iOS 7 UI.

The MoneyShot app on Kickstarter will make the list of "best travel apps" when it is finished in May this year. Go to kickstarter and search for it. It's amazing.