Best currency conversion apps for iPhone: Amount, Currency, and more!

Best currency conversion apps for iPhone: Amount, Currency, and more!

The best currency conversion apps for iPhone from basic exchange rate information to historical data, trends, graphs, and more

Currency converter apps can be helpful when you're traveling abroad or if you're trading currencies and want to know when you can get the best possible rates. There are tons of choices available from simple apps that just show you the going rates to more advanced apps that can provide historical data on exchange rates. Here are our current favorites.


Currency supports over 180 countries from all around the world that you can pull in and use as you need them. Not only is Currency easy to use, it's got also got one of the best designs. The interface is gesture based so finding what you need it quick and fluid. Swipe down to hide the keyboard and see more comparisons on your base amount. Swipe to the right on an amount to clear it out and swipe to the left to remove the country from your favorites list altogether. If you want it back, you can search for it at any time. Currency also gives you 6 month views of historical data with a single tap.

If you prefer gesture driven apps and want a currency converter that has a great design, Currency fits the bill.


Amount is a converter of many things, including currency. It has support for over 160 different types of currencies,. You won't get fancy charts and historical data but you do get the ability to convert currency in very few taps. Aside from money, Amount can convert area, density, electric current, and other crazy things.

If you want an all-in-one app that can convert pretty much anything you want, and don't need historical currency conversion data, get Amount.

Currency Converter - Exchange Rates

Currency Converter - Exchange Rates is a dual purpose converter and calculator with support for over 100 countries. Aside from simply converting money into a different currency, you can also do basic math fucntions inside the number pad including addition, subtraction, and division which can be handy when traveling and trying to add up bills. There is also support for a favorites section at the very top where you can add and organize the currencies you convert the most. To add something from the general list to favorites, just slide your finger over it to the right and tap on the top button that appears.

If you think you'll need a converter while traveling that can double as a calculator, get Currency Converter - Exchange Rates.

XE Currency Pro

XE Currency Pro says it supports every currency in the world. Not only does it function as a calculator, it supports services such as Bitcoin as well. The main menu lets you see live previews of current exchange rates in just a few taps. Tap on any currency in order to make it the base unit. Tapping the arrow next to them gives you even more information in the form of charts and graphs. XE Currency Pro gives you access to over 30,000 different charts and graphs for historical rates.

If you want to know the absolute best times to convert money, need offline support, and want extensive charts and graphs, you want XE Currency Pro.

Your favorite currency conversion and exchange rate apps for iPhone?

Do you travel frequently or trade currencies? What apps do you use on your iPhone to monitor currency exchanges? Let us know in the comments!

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serwan says:

Google :D why I should pay for a currency app as I can go to google and type 1 USD to GBP it do the rest with interesting UI

Fao Dlis says:

Currency+ is free, works good on both iPhone and iPad so why pay for a currency app?
Note to Editor: You should first review free apps, then if you do not find any that are worthy, start in on the pay apps but frankly, if we can get it free, nobody will pay even 99 cents.

steimel says:

These are the BEST apps, not just apps that do conversion. If you want a lot of features and a decent UI, you'll have to pay for it. Don't fret over $'s unbecoming.

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Allyson Kazmucha says:

Please read the title before making irrelevant comments. BEST apps, not FREE

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Polyphonie says:

I'm using Amount. It's fast and customizable. I can preset only to the units/currencies I normally use and not have to deal or scroll through those I don't need. Google is fine but if I need to view conversion to more than a single currency, it requires scrolling through all the world's currency to get to the ones I need. So the $0.99 is a complete bargain.

RocketmanNY says:

I go back and forth between XE and Oanda's Currency app (which is free if I remember correctly) . Oanda's app is simple and straight forward.

radianttap says:

Toothing my own horn, but I think it's well worth the 90s it takes to see the video:

julianesmund says:

This list misses my favorite currency converter Rates (

It has a feature I haven't seen in any of the other currency converter apps. It automatically shows you currencies based on your location. Most of the time I don't even have to care about which exchange rates I want because they are automatically there. Genius!

I also like the simple and thoughtful design.