Best document scanner apps for iPhone: Scanner Pro, TurboScan, Genius Scan+, and more!

Best document scanner apps for iPhone: Scanner Pro, TurboScan, Genius Scan+, and more!

The absolute best iPhone apps to accurately scan your pages, store your documents, and let you share them more conveniently than ever!

These days you can create, edit, and share documents right on your iPhone. You can even print them out with AirPrint. But what if you want to go the other way? What if you want to scan a document in, with your iPhone, and store and share it digitally? Well, the App Store includes several document scanner apps that do just exactly that. Just point your iPhone camera, move down the page, and all the work gets done for you. But which document scanner app is best? Here are my favorites!


InstaPDF has not only an iPhone app but a Mac app that magically collects all the PDFs you can to it from the iPhone app. Not only is the scan quality great, the app is user friendly and has one of the nicest designs of all the scanner apps we've looked at. If you're on WiFi, upload is pretty much instantaneous which is great for times when you need to sign documents and have them instantly available on your computer.

If you need to have PDFs available on both your Mac and your iPhone, get InstaPDF.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro has a great interface. Aside from that, Scanner Pro supports scanning of both documents and images as well as the ability to store them in PDF format or jpeg formats. The scanner itself is one of the fastest I have come across, and it cleans text up extremely well. You can upload images and documents and scan them directly to Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Docs. You can also sort documents into custom folders to keep them organized.

If you want a scanner app with a great interface, awesome character recognition, and multiple ways to export, get Scanner Pro.

Genius Scan+

Genius Scan+ has great character recognition and supports both images and documents. You can add multiple pages to existing documents easily and quickly. Genius Scan+ supports Wi-Fi sharing on your local network so you can instantly move documents to your computer, as well as online options for Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify and Google Docs. Genius Scan+, however, doesn't do as well with color.

If you want Wi-Fi file transfer and Expensify support, and don't need color, Genius Scan+ is a great choice.


TurboScan offers both good performance and good image quality. Most of this is attributed to the SureScan feature which allows you to take three images of the same page in order to get the best copy TurboScan possibly can. After scanning in an image or document you can save and export to email or Camera Roll as either a PDF, jpeg, or png file. You also have options to open documents in many third party apps.

If document scanning accuracy is the biggest concern you have and need documents to be as crisp and clear as they possibly can, get TurboScan.

Doc Scan Pro

Doc Scan Pro has a decent interface and does a nice job with customizing your scans. The best feature of Doc Scan Pro is the ability to detect edges of pages in books and create anchors where pages curve. Doc Scan Pro then knows you're scanning from a book and pulls text accordingly. You can also adjust brightness and contrast after scanning a page for even better results. Doc Scan Pro supports the upload and sharing of PDFs and images to Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Skydrive, and Google Drive.

If you plan on scanning a lot of pages out of books, Doc Scan Pro is the best choice.

Your picks for best document scanning apps?

These are the document scanning apps for iPhone that we found to be the best when it comes to scanning documents accurately paired with options to share and save them. If you use a document and image scanning app regularly, which ones do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments!

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mjcostajr says:

Loving Scanner Pro - got it while it was on sale for $2 :)

Sent from the iMore App

gustavossa says:

also found the price high

Cyrano says:

Bought Scanner Pro at full price and use it almost everyday. Great that it syncs direct to Evernote.

T-Will says:

Scanner Pro. The auto-upload to Dropbox and iCloud sync between iPhone/iPad are pretty sweet!

robots says:

I love Scanner Pro, I've been using it for about a year now. If your goal though is to do the same things specifically with Recipes, check out Recipe Gallery. It incorporated using the camera of the iPad to capture recipes and OCR to index them.

gustavossa says:

I'm using my scans and I like it

Spectre says:

I use Scanner Pro whenever I travel for work to scan all my receipts. Saves time when I get back to file the expense report, and by scanning as I get them, losing a receipt is no big deal.

alesbe says:

I think you should really try My Scans PRO.

Patrick Harold says:

Scanner Pro can be more productive by adding the ScanJig iPhone/iPad accessory. This inexpensive tool holds the smart device in the correct position and at a fixed distance from document pages. The result is faster scans with less adjustments.

talluptallup76 says:

I use cam scanner pro and it works fine for me

Sent from the iMore App

cmkirby says:

Tiny Scan. Saves to Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive, and best of all…, it's free!

Saba Shah says:

Nice information dear. I have More stuff about Free iPhone Apps to share

DmitryH says:

One more rather new scanning app - SharpScan (
Working very fast (less than 3 sec per page) in full auto mode. Non destructive editing let me reprocess doc an any time. Can save scan as true B&W images (~20x time smaller than jpg). Bach mode for large volume scanning ... etc
Last but not the least - it's FREE

Luz Bella Ramirez Romero says:

Thank you so much! I didn't like TurboScan producing heavy scans. Just downloaded SharpScan: clean and light scans, and free!

David Zi says:

For scanning photos with iPhone I use Pic Scanner ( Its combo-scanning feature is best for fast scanning. If I place three photos and take combo snapshot, these get automatically split and saved - saves a lot of effort. Also has editing, filters, adding photo titles etc. With free version you can do unlimited scanning and cropping, but share only once. For "unlimited sharing and saving" it costs $2.99 (one-time.) Very worth it.

socrim says:

PaperScan ( is really cool. It already comes in iOS 7 design. It scans automatically when it detects a document.

Dijo Joseph says:

Easy and fast document scanner. Take a picture, adjust it, enhance it, perform OCR on it (great for doing searches on documents), and then export it as pdf to any cloud service you like. Or just print it..
App Store Link :

Nikorn Lansa says:

Useful article!
I am developing an Document Scanner App and would love input and opinions:

danbucholtz1 says:

I'm the creator of PaperBox, the best document scanning solution available for iPhone. It is built on the strong enterprise security of Dropbox, and is known for it's incredible scan quality. It has all of the features these apps typically have, is incredibly simple to use, and creates great, high quality scans! OCR is included! Best of all, it's free!