Best iPhone and iPad apps to celebrate the Fourth of July

Best iPhone and iPad apps to celebrate the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is upon us and that means cookouts, fireworks, bonfires, and all the other fun activities we do with close friends and family for those of us celebrating Independence Day in the States. Whether you're planning a cookout or heading to the beach to watch fireworks, we've rounded up some iPhone and iPad apps that will help you enjoy your Fourth of July holiday to the fullest.

From grilling tips, to drink recipes, to American history, follow along for some app recommendations to help you celebrate this year.

Grill-It! for iPhone

If you need help planning your Fourth of July celebration when it comes to menu and items to grill, Grill-It! makes a perfect companion app that gives you access to hundreds of recipes and ideas for the grill. The thing I love about Grill-It! is that it doesn't just concentrate on grilling meat and the main course, but gives you ideas for vegetables and sides on the grill as well.

Whether you just want ideas for cuts of meat or need help planning your entire meal, Grill-It! is a great resource.

SteakTime for iPhone

If your Fourth of July celebrations include steaks on the grill, SteakTime is a great way to make sure they're cooked perfectly on the grill. Just tell SteakTime the thickness of a particular cut of meat and how well you'd like it done. SteakTime will take it from there and give you the perfect amounts of time for what you've specified.

SteakTime comes complete with push notifications too so you'll know when to turn steaks over and remove them from the grill. If you've already got your menu planned out and don't need recipe ideas, SteakTime is a great supplemental app for just cooking and timing. Not to mention the interface is one of the best for grill timers.

Speakeasy Cocktails for iPhone and iPad

Part of celebrating Fourth of July for most will undoubtedly include beer and mixed drinks. If you're not sure what kinds of drinks to serve or you're looking for new and creative mixed drinks, Speakeasy Cocktails is a great resource with tons of recipes and tips. Not only do you get over 200 recipes from some of the best mixologists in the world, you'll also get HD video showing tips as well as different recipes.

Speakeasy Cocktails is made for both iPhone and iPad which means it's a great kitchen or bar companion if you'd like to use the larger screen on the iPad.

Today in American History

Independence Day may make for a fun holiday and day off of work but we also can't forget what it's all about. Today in American History is not only a great app to learn what Independence Day is all about but to learn something significant about history every day of the year.

Today in American History focuses on what's going on today and today only. Every day that you check the app you'll be able to read up on anything historically significant that happened that day in American History. It's a great little find and you're sure to learn something new each day of the year.

US Charters of Freedom

If you're interested in the history portion of Independence Day, US Charters of Freedom allows you to read the Declaration of Independence right from your iPhone. Most of us probably haven't read it since high school or college and it's important to know why we celebrate this day each and every year. It's not a very long read and won't take up much of your time.

US Charters of Freedom also allows you to view and read the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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