Best iPhone apps to follow the 2014 baseball season: theScore, No-Hitter Alerts, MLB At Bat, and more!

Best iPhone apps to follow the 2014 baseball season: theScore, No-Hitter Alerts, MLB At Bat, and more!

Whether you want to check scores, follow pennant races, or track no hitters — these are the very best iPhone apps for the 2014 baseball season!

What are the best iPhone apps to help you keep track of the 2014 Major League Baseball season? No matter who your favorite teams are, no matter who you cheer or jeer, the App Store is filled with all sorts of apps to keep you updated on the latest news, up-to-the-minute scores, and game-by-game, inning-by-inning coverage. But which 2014 Major League Baseball apps are the absolute best? At Bat

Best iPhone apps to follow the 2014 baseball season: MLB At Bat's At Bat app for iPhone is the official MLB app for the 2014 season. For free you can receive push notifications for your favorite teams, buy tickets, read news, and more. Premium subscribers have access to tons of additional features including access to game day audio where available, live streams, and much more.

If you want exclusive coverage only MLB can offer, you want At Bat.

ESPN SportsCenter

Best iPhone apps to follow the 2014 baseball season: ESPN SportsCenter

ESPN SportsCenter is a fan favorite because it can combine all your favorite sports coverage into one easy to use app. You can set up push notifications for your favorite teams and use the app all year long. ESPN SportsCenter also filters in sports tweets under the Now section so you can keep up with all the latest news as it happens.

If you want one app to use all year long for any sport combined with social integration, check out ESPN SportsCenter.


Best iPhone apps to follow the 2014 baseball season: theScore

theScore combines all sporting events like ESPN SportsCenter but offers far more customization options. Follow the teams and stories you like in order to get a completely personalized news feed tailored to your teams and interests. You can also set up theScore to send you push notifications for breaking news on all your favorite teams. A recent update to theScore also adds starting lineup alerts as soon as they're announced.

If you want a more personalized experience where your sports coverage is concerned, check out theScore.

No-Hitter Alerts

Best iPhone apps to follow the 2014 baseball season: No-Hitter Alerts

No-hitters can always make for an exciting ending. No-Hitter Alerts in a very unique baseball app and does nothing but track no-hitters. You then receive an alert when one is happening so you can tune in. Inside the No-Hitter Alerts app you can customize when you'd like to receive alerts for each team and on an all team basis. For example, if you want to receive an alert for the Chicago Cubs after no hits before the 6th inning but don't want to receive them for other teams until after the 7th inning, No-Hitter Alerts gives you that option.

If you enjoy tracking No Hitters, you need No-Hitter Alerts.

Race to the Pennant

Best iPhone apps to follow the 2014 baseball season: Race to the Pennant

Race to the Pennant is a gorgeously designed app that does exactly what it says it does, tracks team standings on their way to the pennant. Tapping on any division expands the standings. You can then drill down into individual teams and view their win-loss records for the season.

If you want a way to track standings, Race to the Pennant is the most beautiful way to do it.

Your picks for best baseball apps for the 2014 season?

If you're a baseball fan, what apps do you use to keep up with your favorite teams? What features are important to you when tracking the baseball season? Let me know in the comments!

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draztikrhymez says:

CBS Sports is good as well as Team Stream, Yahoo Sports used to be the favorite but I noticed sports news isn't as great as the others.

carrickfergus says:

The Score Mobile all the way. I've tried them all and there is no competition.

bgriff25 says:

I love MLB at Bat, but notifications on my 4s are hit or miss. I pay the extra $20 to be able to listen when I can't get to a TV.

CrzyP says:

I am a baseball nerd that likes to keep up on minor league teams of my favorite baseball franchise. MiLB First Pitch is a must have if you are like me. First Pitch is basically the same At Bat app but for minor league teams.

steimel says:

Figures that Allyson chose the Cubs screenshot to include in her article. Haha

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Allyson Kazmucha says:

Hey now! Watch it!

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Galley says:

I was thrilled to find that the First Pitch offered Gameday for our Single A team this season. At Bat is easily my all-time favorite app.