Best iPhone calculator app for accountants and finance professionals

Best iPhone calculator app for accountants and finance professionals

HP 12c Financial Calculator for iPhone is a great companion tool for anyone in accounting, real estate, finance, or banking. Features include calculating the time value of money, net present value, and more. It also supports RPN entry, which many financial pros are already familiar with. The traditional HP 12c financial calculator is used by many industry professionals and the iPhone version not only brings all those features in app form, but will cost you a fraction of the price.

After downloading HP 12c Financial Calculator for iPhone and launching it, you'll be presented with the main calculator layout. If you've ever used a tradition HP 12c, you'll immediately notice the interface and design as it looks just like the real model. In portrait mode you'll have standard mathematical operation options. Turning your iPhone in landscape will give you all the options that you're most likely looking for. While in this orientation you will notice the layout is very simliar to the traditional 12c. Along the top you've got all your most used functions such as periods, interest rate, present value, and future value. If you're calculating payments and other time value of money variables, this is where you'll live.

The orange menus will give you options for amortization, bonds, depreciation, and more. You have function keys along the bottom row that allow you to toggle to different functions easily.

Most finance professionals were probably required to carry around an HP 12c financial calculator during college and for most, it's what they've carrier over into their careers. That's what makes the HP 12c for iPhone so great. It's exactly what you're used to using, but in app form. It's one less thing to carry around and you'll always have it handy. Not to mention, you buy it once and you own it across all your iOS devices, for as long as you'd like to use it, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional 12c.

If you rely on a financial calculator in any sort of regular capacity, the HP 12c for iPhone is a great option.

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Best iPhone calculator app for accountants and finance professionals


I skimmed a review that said they couldn't be turned off. Probably should have trusted that was user error. Updated article, and thanks! ;)

Hmmm... this app hasn't been updated since April 3rd 2012 and it is (obviously) not optimized for the iP5 screen. Also several app store 1-3 star reviews with what sound like legitimate complaints. I'm not convinced to spend $15...

I've learned not to trust App Store reviews. iPhone 5 optimization would be ideal but this is an app that does what it needs to. If it were a game or something meant to be visually appealing, I would probably never choose it. I just find this financial calculator to be the most convenient out of all the other ones I've looked at and used personally over the years.

I "sort of" pay attention to app store reviews... it's fairly easy to pick out the crazy ones and ignore, but as I stated in my reply there are several for this app with what seem to be legitimate complaints. Also I would have like to read a comparison review for an app like this... compare/contrast 3 to 5 of the best or most popular. This app even has a "platinum" edition that adds functionality. Still not convinced...

I didn't know sounds could be turned off, that was also a reason that many users gave it a one to two star rating. I read those comments and assumed they couldn't be, but as cardfan answered, it's an option in the actual settings menu. Another reason I just don't trust everything posted.

Yeah that clicking solution was posted within the 7th review of the app in July 2012... and you're right most of the 1-3 star review are complaining about the clicking sound so that is useless "review" info. Anyway, thanks for the review -- I want to buy the "perfect" calculator app and I looked at this one over a year ago, now I think if it was iP5 optimized I'd buy it, or $5 as is (maybe it will go on sale again)

I'd suggest you check the PowerOne calculator. I have been using it for a long time now and made me ditch my HP 19BII which is much better than the 12c. It also supports RPN and I believe it is way cheaper than the HP version (need to check). It is also easier to use, I am an accounting and finance professor and some of my students have changed to it after installing the 12c app.

Hope this helps..