Best iPhone, iPad, and Mac gear and apps for back to school!

Best iPhone, iPad, and Mac gear and apps for back to school!

The absolute best iOS and Mac gear and apps for elementary, high school, and college parents, teachers, and students!

Whether you - or someone you love - has already gone back to school, are just about to, or the next school year is still far off in the future, there are a ton of great apps and accessories to make your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad even better in the classroom, and the Mac even more productive. We've spent the last few weeks collecting our favorites, and here they are in one convenient, bookmarkable and shareable place!

iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac: 2013 back to school buyers guide!

iPhone, iPad, iPod an Mac: 2013 back to school buyers guide!

There's nothing more stressful for parents or students than the annual back-to-school insanity that prefaces the actual return to educational institutions across the land. From kindergarten to grade school to high school to college, from clothes to supplies to books to gadgets, there's so much to get done and so little time to do it. We feel your pain. It's our pain too. And while we can't help you with all of it, we can absolutely help you with the gadget part. Whether you're a parent shopping for your child, or a student trying to decide what to get yourself, here's every iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac made by Apple, and our buyer's guide for each and every one!

Important note: Apple will almost certainly release new iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Macs (with the exception of the Air) this fall. If you have to buy now, now, now, ignore that and get whatever's best today. If you can wait, however, you'll typically pay the same amount for better technology come September/October.

The best back to school apps for Mac

The best back to school apps for Mac

It's that time of year when kids flock back to school and parents collectively breathe a sigh of relief. Some mornings the air is getting crisp and soon the leaves will start to turn - it's back to school time. If you're a Mac-using household and you'd like to get things together for the new school year, I've come up with a list of helpful Mac apps for you to look at. What's more, some of them integrate or complement iOS companion apps.

Best iPhone and iPad apps for elementary school

Best iPhone and iPad apps for elementary school: MathBoard, Super Speller, Intro to Letters, and more!

School supplies, textbooks, clothes, and more are no doubt on the list of must-haves for anyone with kids about to go to - or go back to - school. But whether you're a parent or a teacher, there's something else that should be on everyone's lists - apps! Here are some of our favorite apps for elementary school classrooms and kids!

Best iPhone and iPad apps for high school students

Best iPhone and iPad apps for high school students: iStudiez Pro, Khan Academy, Flashcards+, and more!

Yes, we're living in the educational future now, and there are lots of apps available in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad that can help make any school year better. From helping manage to helping complete homework to better preparing for and passing tests, there really are high school apps for all that. And here are some of our favorites!

Best iPhone and iPad apps for college students

Best iPhone and iPad apps for college students: Evernote, Notability, iTunes U, and more!

Whether you're heading off to college for the first time or returning for another year of study, a masters, a doctorate, or even a post doc, an iPhone or iPad can make for a great companion for studying, note-taking, storing your work, and so much more. The App Store is filled with apps to help set you up for success and be more productive than ever. Here are some of my favorites.

Your best for back to school?

Those are our picks for the best stuff to take back to school, but if you've found something works even better for you, we want to hear all about it! What are you favorite gear and apps for elementary, high school, and college?

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Best iPhone, iPad, and Mac gear and apps for back to school!


Why on Earth would any parent buy an elementary school kid an iPhone? This is crazy. Children need a feature phone with long standby and talk times so that even when they forget to charge the phone every day, it can still go a couple of weeks reliably and they can be reached. Besides, an iPhone with its infamous build quality is too fragile for a child anyway. A single throw of a backpack with an iP inside will likely break the phone. And getting that screen glass or back replaced will set you back 200-300$ -- at least here in Europe.

No. buy kids phones that suit their needs, and do not be silly parents just because you fancy some particular consumer tech brand. A phone that will not function as phone more than a day unless charged is not a child's phone.

Those phones are likely hand-me-downs when a parent upgrades his phone. That iphone4 or 3gs may not fetch much these days, but can still make a great smartphone for a child who really only needs it for basic uses and some simply apps.

U are off this new blue universe. Kidz need smarties to be one with all. Smarties give kids power of Gamez and phones in one bit, and is fast required in some homework classes. If kidz just have a dummy phone they leave it at home or smasharoo, so a dummy is worse than zero. Elders can trax kidz too until kids find wayz around that (least on droiders, haha dingy mummy!)

If I may suggest MagicalPad, it is flexible app for school that does outlining, mind mapping and of course note taking. It is powerful for organizing your thoughts or taking structured notes for exams.