To truly increase your workflow on the iPad Pro means having an awesome keyboard to connect to it. Here are a handful to consider for your new tablet.

The impressive 12.9-inch display of the iPad Pro may offer plenty of room for typing, but there's nothing like the feel and accuracy of a quality keyboard under your fingertips. Luckily there are some excellent iPad Pro keyboards already available that can help you pump out those emails, spreadsheets, and more with a quickness. Let's take a look at the lineup.

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Apple Smart Keyboard

This full-size keyboard attaches to the iPad Pro using the smart connector and allows for charging and a two-way exchange of data—no Bluetooth required. The Smart Keyboard folds into a slim, lightweight cover to protect the iPad Pro from imperfections when not in use. The laser ablated keys feature a highly durable woven fabric on top that provides a spring-like tension for each and every key and is also spill resistant in case your beverage takes a tumble. Using a super thin sheet of nylon and metal, the conductive material of this iPad Pro keyboard eliminates the need for pesky wires or time consuming charges.

$169 from Apple

Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case

Logitech's Create keyboard case for the iPad Pro offers an excellent way to type even in low-light environments. The automatic backlit keyboard helps you to maintain accuracy while you work, getting its power directly from the smart connector on the iPad Pro. The auto wake and sleep function of this keyboard helps conserve the tablet's battery life, too. There's complete access to the ports of the iPad Pro along with an extra row of iOS function keys including brightness adjustment, home, search, language, media controls, and a convenient way to toggle the keyboard's back-lighting if you don't find it necessary. The Logitech Create comes in 5 different colors.

$150 from Logitech

ZAGG Slim Book

The Slim Book from ZAGG takes a more traditional approach to connecting to the iPad Pro, using Bluetooth instead of the smart connector. It can pair to 3 devices at once and the protective multi-angled case can be detached from the keyboard if desired. Although the Slim Book does need to be charged, a single boost of battery life should last up to 2 years. The 12-inch keyframe features island-style keys for a more natural typing experience and provides convenient back-lighting in seven different colors with adjustable brightness levels.

$140 from ZAGG

Apple Magic Keyboard

The new Magic Keyboard from Apple is a safe bet as well, connecting to the iPad Pro via Bluetooth. The slim and sleek design of this keyboard weighs in at only a half-pound and packs a rechargeable battery that typically lasts over a month before needing another boost. Apple's improved the scissor mechanism underneath each key for a lower profile and sturdier build. A Lightning to USB cable is also included with the Magic Keyboard for a direct connection to any USB charger, PC, or laptop. If you work standing up, and you want your keyboard at arm level and your iPad Pro at eye level, the Magic Keyboard is a great go-to.

$99 from Apple

What's your favorite iPad Pro keyboard?

From our list of keyboards for the iPad Pro, which one would you consider? There will surely be more to choose from in the coming weeks from other popular manufacturers if none of these peak your interest. Let us know how you prefer to tackle your typing on the new iPad Pro in the comments!