Best mileage tracking apps for iPhone: Trip Cubby, TaxMileage, klicks, and more!

Best mileage tracking apps for iPhone: Trip Cubby, TaxMileage, klicks, and more!

For expenses, for taxes, or for plain old metrics, here are the best apps to help track gas mileage right from your iPhone - no log books required!

Anyone who wants to be compensated for travel, be it from an expense account at work or from a deduction on taxes, knows how arduous and can be to keep - and remember to use - a written ledger. Luckily, mileage tracking apps for the iPhone can make it, if no less monotonous, at least a lot more convenient. Whether you're on the job or self-employed, need it for an expense or tax claim, or just want keep track for your own maintenance or metrics, the App Store has several options. Here are the best.

Trip Cubby

Trip Cubby is my personal favorite mileage tracking app because it has lots of options, and that means it can be used for a lot of different things. You can choose between trip types such as business, charitable, and medical. From there just enter your odometer readings and the vehicle you're driving, and Trip Cubby will take care of the rest. You can also add notes and additional expenses, and can also mark expenses and paid or unpaid as you're reimbursed.

For frequent travelers and people that need to easily email or produce expense reports for employers in order to be reimbursed, Trip Cubby is the best choices.

Update: Trip Cubby has been replaced with Mileage Log+


klicks is all about fast input. Launch klicks, start typing in the end destination, tap on it when it populates the search field, and go. (Your current location is used as the starting point.) You can add reasons for travel, change rates, etc. and once you're done, add it to your log. klicks also automatically records the return journey for you if you have the option enabled it settings. klicks supports exporting trip reports by emailing a .csv to any recipient you want.

If speed is more important to you than details, klicks is a great option.


TaxMileage is strictly focused on recording mileage for expense reports. You can add multiple vehicles and different companies, and use optionally GPS to make tracking trips even easier. TaxMileage also attaches decent looking route maps to the entries you make. TaxMileage is free to use but expense reports cost extra. Plans start at $9.99 a year and go up from there.

If you're a contractor or find yourself submitted expense reports to multiple sources, go with TrackMileage.


Triplog is a way to track travel automatically with no additional input required. If you're starting a trip, just open Triplog and start logging. There's no option manually enter trips. If you're good about remembering to launch it, though, Triplog is a fantastic tool that does pretty much everything for you. It's also got a great search feature that uses Google Places to give even better results.

If you typically drive to a lot of the same locations and don't need to separate mileage for reimbursement by different companies or reimbursement sources, Triplog will do just fine.

Your picks?

We know there's lots of you out there that travel for work frequently and bring your iPhones along. What kind of mileage tracking system do you have? Are you using any of the above apps or have you found something that suits your needs better? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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There are 10 comments. Add yours.

eric6052 says:

I use Trip Cubby since it does everything I need it to and I like the developer David Barnard when he's been on different podcasts.

CueBall909 says:

I use Car Care by Karl Becker (KB Productions). I have found this to be the simplest, best looking, and most full featured app out there. It tracks your mileage and gives graphs for things like fuel price and mileage. But, more than that, it tracks service intervals and will remind you when its time to change your oil or rotate your tires. I've been using it for years now and have been very pleased, and the creator actually responds to questions, comments, and suggestions in a timely manner.

ernbrdn says:

I second cae care. How it was ommited I have no idea, simply the best. Hands down

Michael Antkowiak says:

I use Fuelly's springboard app. I know it's not an App Store app but it works well for me and is the ultra bare-bones tool for tracking milage.

GlennRuss says:

I have been using Trip Miles for some time now. I only have one vehicle, and it works well.

fftaz336 says:

I use Road Trip by Darren Stone. It has a lot of features plus iCloud and Dropbox sync.

Galley says:

Another vote for Road Trip.

TMC#WN says:

I've been looking for the ultimate logbook app forever. The missing features I can't find in 1 app are:-
* Metric or Imperial measures.
* GPS logging from the iPhone
* Automatic ODB-2 integration to log start/finish mileage
* Automatic detection of fuel tank refills
It could be set up to record everything automatically, with little interaction.

Fernando Oliveira1 says:

I have been using for a few months. After trying many others mileage apps, I liked the ability to synchronize my trips directly to their smart cloud server. The data is always available by accessing their website and there is no risk of losing the data if I switch or lose my phone. While I used other apps, I often lost trip records when I updated the other apps to a new version. I found out that cheap options will cost you more on this case.

Cristina Loren says:

I´ve been using TaxMileage app for a while, and I completely approve it!