Best new apps for iPhone and iPad

What are the hottest new apps on the App Store right now? These!

There are over a million and a half apps for iPhone and iPad and the number just keeps growing. Every day new and newly updated apps hit the App Store, and it's impossible to keep up with all of them. Luckily, you don't have to. All you have to do is bookmark this page and come back every day. When you do, we'll have the best of the best new apps waiting for you!

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Best new and updated apps

Best apps

This week, manage all of your tasks, unlock the guitar virtuoso inside, manage your mood with a specialized journal, and much more.

  • Things 3 - Cultured Code is back with an all-new version of its task management application. While the first thing to catch your eye will undoubtedly be the new design, there are a lot of new features and improvements to older systems under the hood. While you can create to-dos, projects, areas, and lists just as you could before, there are also new capabilities, such as checklists, which live inside of to-dos that need multiple steps to complete but aren't quite up to the level of "project". There's also a new transforming "+" button, better list editing, and more. You can learn more about Things 3 right here - $7.99 - Download Now
  • Fretello - Bring out your inner musician with Fretello, which will help you become the guitarist you've always wanted to be. Go through the app and complete its practice sessions, which are divided into multiple sessions per week. Master the basics like major and minor scales and progressions, learn guitar tablature, and let the app listen while you play in order to better personalize your practice routine. The app offers an in-app subscription so both beginners and professionals can hone their skills whenever they need to. - Free - Download Now
  • Stigma - This journaling app is all about helping you improve your mental health. In addition to simple journaling, Stigma helps connect you with people to form a support network, including PenPals that you can message, Support Groups to find people that match your interests, and wider communities with which you can share journals and receive support. You can quickly add entries to your journal, or track your mood with a colorful calendar. The Mood Graph will help you track your progress, while a word cloud can show you your most frequently-used words to help you improve how you process events. - Free - Download Now
  • Ditty - This musical app sings text that you create. You can add photos, videos, and GIFs to your messages to create something unique and entertaining that you can share with your friends. Access hit songs, with new tracks added weekly. Share with the wider Ditty community, or just with the friends that you follow. - Free - Download Now
  • Hanx Writer - You might not realize this about actor Tom Hanks, but he loves a good typewriter. So much, in fact, that he partnered with a developer to create a typewriter keyboard app for iPhone and iPad. You can type in the app's faux-typewriter writing environment, or bring the cool colors and classic style to any app using the keyboard extension. With its latest update, Hanx Writer has added three new keyboards, wider support of special characters, and a new letter from Tom Hanks himself. - Free - Download Now
  • ArtPassport - Don't miss another showcase of your favorite artist's work thanks to ArtPassport. With this app, you can make virtual visits to galleries all across the world, checking out installations of modern art thanks to Google Cardboard-compatible 360-degree views of each gallery. You can get details on individual works of art, and even plan visits to different galleries. New exhibitions are added on a daily basis. - Free - Download Now

Featured apps

Featured Apps

Spring is in full bloom and Apple has collected apps geared towards a couple of common spring events: graduations and weddings. Whether you're getting something for a grad or shopping for a gift from a wedding registry, here are some of the essential apps of the season.

  • Edible Arrangements - While everyone else is sending flowers, your Edible Arrangement will stand out, with its delicious sweet treats that are great for any occasion. Not only does the Edible Arrangements app make it easy to order a bouquet of fruit, it also categorizes its offerings by occasion, type, and more. Even better, you can fill out your criteria (what the gift is for, what it needs to have, should there be chocolate, and your price range), and find the exact right gift for the occasion. - Free - Download Now
  • REI - Spring and summer are great times to spend outdoors, and if you've just graduated, you might have some time on your hands before you move on to whatever's next for you. Enter REI, which offers a wide selection of outdoor gear that you'll need for you next adventure. Buy gear in the app, check availability at your local REI retail location, browse your purchase history, and put REI gift cards in your Apple Wallet. - Free - Download Now
  • Zola Registry - Create your personalized wedding registry with Zola. Add gifts, experiences and funds that you really want and edit when you need to. Stay up-to-date with your list with real-time updates and notifications when someone buys something off your registry. You can also control when gifts purchased from your registry are shipped to you, whether you want them immediately, later, or need to exchange them virtually. - Free - Download Now
  • Crate & Barrel - Shop thorough Crate & Barrel's massive collection on your phone, or create a wedding registry that you can manage on the go. The app comes with a built-in barcode scanner, making it easy to add something to a registry or wishlist. You can also order in the app while you're out, and pick up your purchase at your local Crate & Barrel store on your way home. - Free - Download Now

Free app of the week

Eggggg - Get a barf bag ready, because this game's all about puke. This mildly disgusting take on the 2D platformer sees you make your way across colorful levels and battle enemies with the power of vomit.


These are just some of what Eggggg has to offer:

  • A fun and playful game for young and old
  • 21 crazy levels of vomiting action
  • Smooth game controls – tailored for touch devices
  • Included sticker pack for iMessage on iOS 10
  • Eggg, Egggg, Eggggg and Egggggg
  • Awesome and unique visual style by the Spanish illustrators Brosmind

You can get Eggggg for free from the App Store until May 25.