Best news apps for iPhone: Reeder 2, Reconnaissance, Faast, and more!

Best news apps for iPhone: Reeder 2, Reconnaissance, Faast, and more!

The best news and RSS apps for iPhone that keep you up to date on the headlines you care about most

The iPhone is one of the best ways to keep up with the world around us and our news feeds are no exception. From finance and politics to the latest and greatest in tech and fashion trends, there are tons of news and RSS apps in the App Store that put all the headlines right at your fingertips. No matter what kind of news you want to keep up with, there's something for everyone. The are currently my favorite news apps for iPhone...

Reeder 2

Best news apps for iPhone: Reeder 2

Reeder 2 can integrate with lots of different RSS services, or you can add feeds manually if you're willing to forego syncing. The thing that's so great about Reeder is the simplistic interface paired with a completely customizable experience. Beginners can use it right out of the gate while RSS pros can hop into settings and adjust settings such as image caching, sharing services, and more just the way they like. Reeder 2 is a universal download for iPad as well.

If you want a simplistic experience that you can control each element of, get Reeder 2.


Best news apps for iPhone: Reconnaissance

Reconnaissance is designed specifically for use with Feed Wrangler accounts and provides one of the best experiences using the service you could ask for. With support for Smart Streams, the ability to edit and manage feeds natively, and more, it's one of the best options I've found for Feed Wrangler users. The gestures of Reconnaissance are also wonderful and allow you to flick stories away to mark them as read, drag them down to send to a read later service, and more.

If you use the Feed Wrangler service and want awesome gesture support, you want Reconnaissance.


Best news apps for iPhone: Faast

Faast isn't only an RSS app for your iPhone, it has the ability to deliver real time notifications based on what you specify. You can import feeds from many popular RSS services as well as Dropbox. Faast doesn't stop there, it also integrates your Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts as well for a complete notification solution. Have a Pebble? Faast can even deliver real time notifications to that too so you don't even have to pull your iPhone out to be alerted to breaking news.

If you want a complete all-in-one notification solution for everything social and news related combined with Pebble integration, look no further than Faast.

Feed Wrangler

Best news apps for iPhone: Feed Wrangler

The official Feed Wrangler app for iPhone is a simplistic and easy way to sort, organize, and read your news feeds. In my experience, Feed Wrangler as a service is one of the fastest around when it comes to syncing. The Feed Wrangler app itself is very minimal but more than gets the job done with support for Smart Streams, full article view, and more. For the most part, Feed Wrangler gets out of the way and lets your articles take center stage.

If you're a Feed Wrangler subscriber that wants simplicity and speed, the official Feed Wrangler app is your best bet.


Best news apps for iPhone: lire

lire aims to solve a common problem that most news apps all have in common, appending articles. No one likes using in-app browsers to continue reading an article. lire solves this problem and always loads full article views. Another unique feature of lire is integration with the Amazon Kindle service so you can automatically send articles and eBooks right from lire. Unfortunately lire requires you to add feeds manually, but if you can overlook that, it definitely has some unique features other news apps just don't have.

For integration with the Amazon Kindle service and article views that are never truncated, check out lire.


Best news apps for iPhone: Feedly

The official Feedly app is a full featured news feed app that can be used with or without an actual Feedly account. Without one you can browse for news feeds and categories at your leisure. If you create a Feedly account using your Google login, Feedly can sync your feeds between iPhone and iPad or any other RSS and news app you choose to use. Feedly isn't incredibly customizable but it does make for a great way to discover new content.

If you want a visually appealing news app that lets you easily discover new content and feeds, check out Feedly.

Your picks?

These are our favorite picks when it comes to reading news on our iPhones. As always, we know you guys have your favorites as well so if you use something else, let us know what in the comments. If you use one of the above, what made you choose it over the others? Let us know!

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Best news apps for iPhone: Reeder 2, Reconnaissance, Faast, and more!

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Ally, I really like a free one called My paper. Its free, Feedly and Feed Wrangler compatible,a nd just plain easy to use.

Thanks for the review!; however, can someone explain to me the difference between these types of apps and apps such as Zite (my favorite) and/or Flipboard? Are they in the same category and just not considered as good here at iMore, or a different category entirely? Thanks!

Yeah, I can't imagine trying to read through all my feeds every day in a magazine style like Flipboard... I would spend all day just reading the news :P

What I really want to know is if any of these apps mentioned have the ability to hide articles based on a list of 'kill words/phrases'. Yahoo Pipes is cool and all, but I'd rather not have to depend on that. Pretty much every email client on the planet has some sort of 'rules' to keep your mail organized and filtered, but the only RSS app I've ever seen that had this was FeedDemon on Windows.

I use Mr Reader on my iPad and really looking forward to the iPhone version which is hopefully coming. On my iPhone in the meantime I use the feedly native app which is OK but the sharing options are a little cryptic and it can crash, especially on the remove clutter option (readability). Also I like saving with Evernote and that is premium...

I have downloaded Lire for my iPad just to offline download the Economist and it is a little strange and no syncing. To be great would need folders, font choices, sharing etc.

I use Byline and am waiting for an iOS 7 update. I use Byline because it's the only iPhone RSS reader I know of that allows a subset of all of your subscriptions. I don't want to download all the ones I read on the desktop.

2nd for Byline. I too am anxious for a true iOS 7 update. But it still has the best navigation (swipe to the left for's awesome). Works great with Feedly. It's the first app I look at in the morning and the last at night....

My favorite for both my iPad and iPhone is still Newsify. It uses a feedly account, syncs between both devices, and is just a cleaner interface than the Feedly app.

I usually switch back and forth between Reeder and Feeddler Pro. Right now, I'm back to using Reeder, not Reeder 2, and I'm content with it.

When Google's Reader service was still alive, my favorite was NewsRack (on iPhone, iPad and the Mac). Unfortunately, the developer killed it when Google shut down Reader. Now I am using Mr. Reader on the iPad, Reeder 2 on the iPhone (but hoping for a Mr. Reader version there as well, beats Reeder in every way possible) and ReadKit on the Mac. All kept in sync by Feedly's service. Works fine, but having the same app on all devices would still be preferred, there is just no good one right now.

Good to know on the Mr Reader/Reeder comparison as at times I have been tempted to give Reeder a go but Mr Reader is so customisable. Love being able to file into Instapaper folders from the sharing menu amongst other things.

If you try Faast and wonder why it has a subscription, it's for the server cost to deliver the pushes. It's a non renewable one, and only allows me (the only developer) to make sure the app is up to date and the best one you'd ever use. You can read more about it on the website at and I love feedback about the app. Always here to help.

Thank you.

You say FeedWrangler is free. It is not. I just checked it out and the site says: Feed Wrangler is packed with features but won't break the bank. It is only $19 per year, a great value.

Thanks. I've already downloaded it. I just need to configure it, I guess, then look for some RSS to try it first.

I currently use Digg, which is alright as a bare-bones minimalist reader. I really loved Rock Melt until Yahoo! bought it out and shut it down. If anyone else knows a comparable Rock Melt alternative, I'd love to hear it.