Best NFL apps for iPhone: Play by play coverage of your favorite teams!

Best NFL apps for iPhone: Play by play coverage of your favorite teams!

If you're searching for the best iPhone apps to help you keep up with your favorite football teams in the NFL, the App Store has a lot of them to choose from. Whether you want to receive up to date push notifications for every play or just want final scores, they're something for everyone. Some NFL apps can even provide live streams of games and player interviews that can use your existing cable subscription. Regardless what kind of coverage you want, these are the absolute best NFL apps to choose from for the 2014 football season.


Best NFL apps for iPhone: theScore

theScore is one of the most comprehensive and customizable sports apps you're going to find, not only for football, but for any sport. Follow your favorite teams, create your own custom timeline, get push notifications not only of breaking news on your favorite teams, but on your favorite players as well. The main feed is a steady stream that tracks all your team activities, making it useful for fantasy league information as well. You can also customize game alerts just the way you like them.

For a comprehensive NFL app that provides custom notifications and a personalized feed, look no further than theScore.

ESPN SportsCenter

Best NFL apps for iPhone: ESPN SportsCenter

ESPN SportsCenter lets you follow your favorite NFL teams, receive push notifications for things such as plays, scores, and breaking news. You can view all standings for the NFL league at a glance as well as see what games are coming up. The Now section of SportsCenter lets you check out all the latest tweets from not only ESPN, but players and teams as well. Then Inbox section is a customized feed that only filters in information about the teams and players you care about most. SportsCenter also features many replay videos and interviews throughout the app.

If you aren't after a ton of video streaming and just want to check NFL scores and news, ESPN SportsCenter gets the job done.

NFL Mobile

Best NFL apps for iPhone: NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile is the official app for the NFL league. You can follow your favorite teams, receive notifications and game alerts, check out tons of video highlights, and more. While NFL Mobile offers a lot of features for free, Verizon customers can also subscribe through an in-app purchase of $4.99 a month to access live streams of NFL RedZone, live local games on Sundays, as well as access to Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night football.

If you're a Verizon wireless customer and don't mind paying $5 per month for live streaming coverage, NFL Mobile is what you want.


Best NFL apps for iPhone: 365Scores

365Scores features lightning fast push notifications for all of your favorite sports teams. I really like the layout of 365Scores because it's easy to navigate so you can find what you're looking for faster. Other unique features that make 365Scores worth checking out are virtual stadiums and chats so you can interact with other fans, lots of historical video footage you can browse, and much more. Better yet, 365Scores is completely free.

If you want an NFL app that centers around other fans and up to the minute notifications for your favorite teams, 365Scores is a must-have.

NFL Sunday Ticket

Best NFL apps for iPhone: NFL Sunday Ticket

If you're a DirecTV subscriber with access to NFL Sunday Ticket, downloading the Sunday Ticket app to your iPhone is a no brainer. Not only can you receive push notifications for game changing events, you can stream all Sunday Ticket games and the Red Zone channel live. If you're into fantasy football, you can also track your favorite players as the season progresses.

If you own an iPhone or iPad and subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket, stop what you're doing and download the Sunday Ticket app right now.

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Your vote for best NFL apps for iPhone?

If you're a die hard football fan, what apps do you use to keep up with your favorite teams and players throughout the season? Let me know in the comments!

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Best NFL apps for iPhone: Play by play coverage of your favorite teams!


If Your a NFL fan that lives outside the USA there is NFL Game Pass. Its a lot like sunday ticket they offer every game including pre season right to the Super Bowl as well as NFL Red Zone and NFL Network all in HD depending on you what package you subscribe to. There are 3 to help you find the one that suits you best. I have been using the app for the last 3 seasons and love it. It plus airplay to my Apple TV works like a charm. Being from Canada I actually have the option to purchase sunday ticket from my TV provider but pass and i have gone this route because it ends up cheaper for me. I know its available in the UK and Australia as well maybe more places too check it out in the app store.

I've become rather partial to Yahoo Sports. Granted I've never tried any of the apps you list, but I'm familiar with all the ins and outs of Yahoo Sports and it serves me well for tracking my favorite teams, standings, play-by-play, team schedules, and the next game of the teams I follow. It will also show all the current scores within a given league such as the NFL. Betting lines too, and picks shown by a map of the USA for who things which team will win a given game as picked by other users of the app. It serves me well.

I'm not dissing the article at all, but I think you should have included Yahoo Sports in the mix. Hmmm, I seem to have done that now. Fixed!

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