Best private messaging and photo sharing apps for iPhone: Snapchat, Sicher, Slingshot, and more!

These are the best private photo sharing apps for iPhone

From self destructing pictures to secure and encrypted messaging, these are the best private messaging and photo sharing apps for iPhone!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to let you share photos and send messages both privately and securely? Whether you'd like to send photos that you don't want to come back to haunt you or you just value your privacy, there are lots of apps in the App Store that can prevent people from taking screenshots or saving the photos you send. A lot of private photo sharing apps can even make photos self destruct after the intended recipient views them. So what private photo and messaging apps for iPhone are the absolute best?


Best private messaging and photo sharing apps for iPhone: Snapchat

Snapchat was one of the first private photo sharing apps available for iPhone and it's still one of the most widely used. With Snapchat you can take photos or videos and then choose how long you'd like the recipient to be able to view them for. The recipient then holds their finger down in order to view the photo. Once the time is up, they won't be able to view it anymore. You can also use the My Story feature of Snapchat to share continuous snaps that all your friends can view. You can type on photo and draw on them before sharing too. Snapchat now supports sending messages as well. However, keep in mind there are many apps like SnapKeep available in the App Store that let folks save Snapchats indefinitely with very little effort and will also bypass Snapchat's screenshot detection. So keep that in mind and consider what you're sending.

If you want a photo sharing app that is more social and entertaining than it is private, Snapchat is one of the most widely used.


Best private messaging and photo sharing apps for iPhone: Sicher

Sicher is a brand new private messaging app by SHAPE, the same developers of the popular instant messaging app IM+. Even though Sicher is a completely encrypted messaging app at its core, it does support file transfer for many different formats including photos, videos, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and more. Sicher boasts that it features true end-to-end encryption, private push notifications, group chats, password protection, and self destruction options for both messages and files sent.

If you want a messaging and photo sharing app that features true encryption along with support for many file types, you want Sicher.


Best private messaging and photo sharing apps for iPhone: Slingshot

Slingshot is a new photo sharing app from Facebook that does things a little differently. Instead of simply sending a photo to a recipient, in order to view a photo someone has sent, you'll need to send a photo back. Slingshot supports both photo and video as well as options for drawing and writing on photos before sending them off. Once photos or videos are swiped away, they'll no longer be viewable in the Slingshot app. Since Slingshot encourages you to send to more than one person at a time, it's not meant to be a completely private option, but more of a social one that's exclusive only to your Facebook friends.

If you want a way to keep photo sharing action alive and well between yourself and another person, Slingshot is the way to go.


Best private messaging and photo sharing apps for iPhone: Confide

Confide is a private messaging app that only lets you read messages by dragging your finger across the screen to read each line. Once you've read the entire messages, the words fall away and aren't accessible again. Not only does Confide feature end-to-end encryption much like Sicher, it is also screenshot proof on the recipient end due to the nature of how Confide works. You can send messages to any of your existing contacts or to anyone you have on Facebook. However, there isn't currently support for image and file attachments in Confide.

For screenshot proof private messages that are encrypted on both ends, give Confide a try.

Cyber Dust

Best private messaging and photo sharing apps for iPhone: Cyber Dust

Cyber Dust is a chat and photo sharing replacement app that automatically self destructs messages and photos after 30 seconds. For the most part, Cyber Dust works the way any other chat app would with inline images and messages, complete with read and sent receipts. Cyber Dust also lets you add text to your images as well as share emojis and stickers. As for privacy, Cyber Dust in encrypted and while it can't prevent screenshots, it does offer screenshot detection so you know if someone is saving your conversations. Cyber Dust has stated that group photo and video messaging is coming soon as well.

For a more chat like experience complete with encryption and screenshot detection, take Cyber Dust for a spin.

Your picks for best private photo sharing apps?

If you share a lot of private photos, we aren't here to judge, what apps do you prefer and why? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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DarlaMack says:

PhotoVault by Legendary Software Labs is pretty good. Just import the pics from your Camera Roll into an album. Then you can delete them from your camera roll and photo stream.

DrSavant says:

It's not a private sharing app. It is a private gallery app, with an option to send files openly.

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DrSavant says:

It's not a private sharing app. It is a private gallery app, with an option to send files openly.

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qtrim says:

Avacado is good for two people.

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akarpo says:

Thank you for the recommendation! This was exactly what I was looking for - an app to send messages that does not take photos/videos to the camera roll ;)

kerlue says:

Stinger messenger is pretty cool. i just started using it. private massages also!!