Best Thanksgiving apps for iPhone: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, SportsCenter, OpenTable, and more!

The best apps for iPhone to help you celebrate Thanksgiving whether traveling, watching football, or eating lots of turkey!

Whether you're hosting Thanksgiving, traveling to be with friends or family, or looking for alternatives, the App Store is filled with ways to help make your holiday traditions easier, funner, and tastier! Whether you're a football fan, a cook, or a traveler, or just looking for something great to do, there's a Thanksgiving app for you! Here are my favorites!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Best Thanksgiving apps for iPhone Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

If you're a parent, there's nothing wrong with wanting Thanksgiving to be a slightly educational occasion too. Classic books are a great way to do it and the Charlie Brown series definitely falls into that category. Loud Crow Interactive has done an amazing job of re-creating A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with all the original dialogues and sound effects we grew up with. Most of the scenes are even interactive, which is sure to keep small children entertained during holiday traffic.

If you can't catch the original TV short this year or will be traveling with small children, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a must have.

ESPN SportsCenter

Best Thanksgiving apps for iPhone ESPN SportsCenter

Some people get just as excited about football on Thanksgiving as they do about turkey and stuffing. ESPN SportsCenter is a fantastic way to keep up with all the sports you'd like with up to the minute scores and recaps. Anyone who has ever tried watching an American football game with kids running around knows that it isn't the easiest task to perform.

If you can't catch the game or just want to make sure you didn't miss anything in the chaos that is Thanksgiving, ESPN SportsCenter is a great backup plan.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2013

Best Thanksgiving apps for iPhone Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2013 is a must have if you want to keep up with the parade and can't be in New York to experience it live. Aside from up to date coverage including Twitter posts, there are also mini games such as the Elf-O-Matic that uses augmented reality and your iPhone's camera to create your own elf balloon.

If you don't want to miss any parade coverage, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2013 has you covered. The mini games are sure to keep the kids entertained too!

Foodie Recipes

Foodie Recipes is a great recipe app for iPhone that focuses more on the seasons than general recipes. That means as the holiday and time of year changes, so does Foodie. As you probably could have guessed, Foodie Recipes currently is featuring lots of amazing Thanksgiving recipes. The thing I love about Foodie is that is trips away all the extras and strictly focuses on seasonal food.

If you've found yourself scrambling to find ideas for side dishes or desserts, Foodie Recipes is sure to have a new and unique recipe your family will love.

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Best Thanksgiving apps for iPhone TABLETOPICS Seasons

For some people the Thanksgiving holiday means time with the in-laws and relatives you may not see that often. To say the least, it can make dinner conversation somewhat awkward. If this sounds like your family, TABLETOPICS Seasons can give you some help by recommending topics that you can bring up during dinner. You can even create your own cards if you think of interesting topics and save them for later.

If Thanksgiving dinner can get quite and awkward at times, have TABLETOPICS Seasons loaded up on your iPhone ahead of time.

Google Maps

Best Thanksgiving apps for iPhone Google Maps

If you're traveling this Thanksgiving, you're probably already aware that this is one of the craziest times of the year to travel. If you're on a time table, which most of us always are, knowing what traffic is like ahead of time is a huge advantage. Google Maps has, in my experience, provided the best and most up to date traffic information including road closing, congestion, and more. Just type in your route and check out the traffic section.

If part of your Thanksgiving holiday involves traveling by car, Google Maps is a must have.


Best Thanksgiving apps for iPhone OpenTable

If for some reason you aren't meeting up with family or friends on Thanksgiving or just don't want to cook, that doesn't mean you shouldn't get to partake in the fun. OpenTable can help you find a restaurant of your choosing and make reservations in just a few taps. It's even integrated with Siri so just ask and you shall receive.

Whether you can't cook due to work commitments, you're alone, or your group would rather go out, OpenTable can help you find a place to eat for Thanksgiving that everyone can enjoy.

Your picks?

These are my favorite apps for celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with loved ones. As usual, we know you guys are great at finding your own favorites. Be sure to let us know of any other good ones you've found in the comments below!